November 3, 2020

Homes in London are More Likely to Experience a Boiler Breakdown

A recent study revealed that residents in London are more likely to experience a boiler breakdown than the rest of the UK.

Homes in London are More Likely to Experience a Boiler Breakdown

National boiler repair service, Boiler Guide conducted a study in March 2019 on boiler repairs across the country.

By using the data they had collected and stored over the last ten years, they determined when and where boilers are most likely to be ‘on the blink’, hence the title of the study ‘Boilers on the Blink’.

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The study found that 6.08% of boilers in London required repairs, the highest percentage in the UK. The second location to experience the most breakdowns was the West Midlands, with a percentage of 6.04%.

London Boiler Breakdown

Why Are Boilers More Likely to Break Down in London?

It is worth noting that when conducting the study, Boiler Guide took into account the difference in population density and recalculated the numbers to get more accurate results, so this wasn’t the reason behind the greater percentage in London.

It could be down to the number of older properties in London and therefore older heating systems. The older the system, the more likely it is to develop faults.

Old Boiler System

However, it could also be down to the fact that the south experiences warmer temperatures than the north, therefore using their boilers less frequently.

When boilers have been inactive for a while, the system can become stagnant and develop blockages, leading to issues and breakdowns.

The number of rental properties in London could also be a factor. You may be wondering how this makes a difference. Well, any boiler repairs or replacements are the responsibility of the landlord, not the tenant.

In order to stay on good terms, the tenant may be less likely to tell their landlord about problems they are experiencing with their boiler until it fully stops working.

Where in the UK Had the Fewest Boiler Breakdowns?

Yorkshire was reported to have had the least number of boiler breakdowns, with just 4.27%. This was followed by Scotland (4.38%) and the North West (4.79%).

This could be down to the fact that Yorkshire has significantly more homeowners than London (though not the highest percentage) or it could be down to the difference in income.

Perhaps the results don’t represent the number of households that experienced a boiler breakdown, but rather those who could afford to repair a boiler.

The south of the country has much higher wages than those in the north, so it isn't entirely out of the question that they are more likely to pay for a repair than those in the north, where wages are much lower.

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