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Last updated: 18th April, 2024


What Does Boiler ErP mean? - Energy Efficiency Guide

What Does Boiler ErP mean? - Energy Efficiency Guide

Key takeaways

  • ErP is a measurement of how energy efficient a boiler is when providing the heat for a property.
  • Most modern boilers are rated 'A' 90% or above efficient.
  • A modern boiler could save you up to £70 a month on energy bills.

When it comes to buying a new boiler, there can be some unfamiliar terms or phrases that describe a boiler's ability/measure its performance.

One of these potentially tricky, technical terms is ‘ErP’, but don’t worry, in this blog we’re going to be breaking down the meaning of this heating acronym, and why it's important to pay attention to this measurement whenever it’s applied to a boiler you’re interested in purchasing.

ErP Explained 

ErP stands for Energy-Related Products and is a way of measuring an energy consuming appliance, such as a boiler’s, efficiency in converting the energy it uses into the desired product, heat for your property and its water.

ErP was introduced in 2009 by the European Union in order to increase the clarity of an appliance’s function and aid in the sharing of information from manufacturer to consumer, all the while promoting an eco-consciousness for both.

Energy Labelling

This aspect of ErP is to inform consumers with complete transparency, the energy efficiency of the product they are buying, and its subsequent likelihood of affecting their energy bills.

Appliances are rated in energy efficiency classifications from G to A (A+++ for certain types of appliance); the higher the assigned alphabetical number rating, the more efficient the appliance is in terms of its energy usage.

Formerly SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers) were responsible for boiler energy ratings, the ErP directive replaced them in the majority of cases for modern appliances.

Some manufacturers still attach a SEDBUK rating to their products, and operate a similar alphabetical classification system.

Eco Design

All modern appliances must be designed to meet specific criteria in terms of eco-consciousness and environmental friendliness, any appliance that does not meet this prerequisite criteria is prohibited from being sold.

For most homes in the UK, the cost of heating and hot water can be a very pricey expenditure, with the Energy Saving Trust suggesting over half a home's monthly financial outgoings are spent in this area. 

Therefore ensuring your boiler is as efficient as can be could save you money as well as keep you toasty.

 Here are some other tips for lowering your heating bill.

How Boiler Efficiency Can Save You Money

Naturally, the newer a gas boiler system, the more efficient it is due to engineering and design progression. 

Outdated or failing systems could be the reason for your shock when seeing your monthly energy bills

Most UK boilers are running at 80% energy efficiency with some antiquated models operating at 60% or less! These sub optimal levels of output are as avoidable as they are shocking.

Age of Boiler

Efficiency Percentage

Efficiency Rating

0+ Years

90% +


10+ Years

85% +


15+ Years

80% +


20+ Years

70% +


25+ Years

60% +


The direct correlation between boiler age and its efficiency is clear to see in the newer systems’ ErP, so it may be worth upgrading your model to an energy efficient boiler. check out our handy guide on the most energy efficient boilers.

Upgrading To A New Efficient Boiler

By switching to a newer, more efficient model, you could be making potential savings of hundreds of pounds annually.

Our iHeat collection of sleek and efficient boilers can help heat your home while saving you money!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Efficiency of a Boiler ErP?

The Efficiency of a Boiler under the ErP (Energy-related Products Directive) typically refers to its energy efficiency rating, which is expressed in percentages and categorizations from A+++ (most efficient) down to G (least efficient). Most modern boilers must achieve an A rating under this system, indicating that they convert at least 90% of their fuel into heat.

What is ErP Energy Rating?

The ErP energy rating is a system set by the European Union to label products according to their energy efficiency. This rating helps consumers compare the energy efficiency of various appliances, including boilers. The rating scale ranges from A+++ (most efficient) to G (least efficient), encouraging the production and purchase of more energy-efficient products.

What Does ErP Mean on a Boiler?

On a boiler, the ErP label indicates the energy efficiency of the unit according to the standards set by the Energy-related Products Directive. This label provides a clear and standardized way to understand how much energy a boiler will use and how much it might cost to run, aiding consumers in making more informed purchasing decisions.

What is the ErP Regulation for Boilers?

The ErP regulation for boilers is part of the wider Energy-related Products Directive, which aims to improve the energy efficiency of products across the EU. For boilers, this regulation sets minimum requirements for energy efficiency, emissions, and other environmental impact indicators. The goal is to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, promoting products that are both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Is Boiler Checked on EPC?

Yes, the boiler is checked during an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessment. The efficiency of the boiler is a key factor in determining the overall energy efficiency rating of a building. An EPC assessor will look at the boiler's age, type, and ErP rating to help gauge how energy-efficient the building is and what kind of impact the boiler has on the building’s energy performance.

What is the ErP Rating of the Ideal Logic Combi 30?

The Ideal Logic Combi 30 boiler typically has an ErP rating of 'A' for both heating and hot water. This indicates a high level of energy efficiency, generally around 93% or more, meaning it converts the vast majority of the gas it consumes into usable heat.

What is the Energy Efficiency of the Ideal Logic 30?

The energy efficiency of the Ideal Logic 30 combi boiler is rated at approximately 93% under the ErP directive. This places it in the 'A' category for energy efficiency, reflecting its ability to use energy effectively, thus reducing waste and operating costs for the homeowner while minimizing environmental impact.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.