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    How much does a new boiler cost?
    The cost of boilers can vary with each manufacturer and the warranties they offer to find out how much a new boiler costs just head back to the homepage and follow a few questions using our online survey and get your fixed boiler prices in few minutes.
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    Are your installers Gas Safe registered?
    All our engineers are gas safe registered and verified with the gas safe register. To check an engineer for peace of mind please visit www.gassaferegister.co.uk
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    Do you do boiler cover?
    All the boilers we offer are covered by the manufacturers warranty. If your boiler does have an issue, please contact the manufacturer to book a visit by one of their engineers. All the paperwork on how to do this will be explained at the time of the install and left with the end user.
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    What do I need to do prior to my install?
    Nothing really. We just ask that the location where the boiler is being installed is clear for our engineers to work in.
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    What is a Combi boiler?
    A combi or combination boiler is a unit that provides both heating at hot water to your home. The central heating can be controlled usually using a thermostat (which iHeat supply with a new install). The hot water is on demand when you open a hot tap.
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    What is a flue?
    A boilers flue is the pipe usually on top of the boiler going outside, usually round but can be square in some cases.
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    Will you flush my system?
    All boilers fit by iHeat get a chemical flush free of charge. This is not to be confused with a “power flush”.

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