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Last updated: 26th January, 2023


Busting Boiler Myths

Busting Boiler Myths
Table of Contents

Key takeaways

  • By upgrading to a modern boiler you can make huge annual savings of up to £840.
  • Modern boilers are not only extremely efficient but also very safe and quiet.
  • A lower budget boiler while cheaper initially, can end up costing you more money in the long run.

We understand that not everyone is a boiler expert, and despite the at times confusing appliance market, of course you want your property to be heated as efficiently and as cost effectively as possible.

At iHeat, we are boiler experts, and aim to clear up any misconceptions and dispel any myths surrounding boilers so you can have the peace of mind in the knowledge you’ve taken all the right steps to keep your home heated as thoroughly as can be.

Common Boiler MYTHS

MYTH 1 - Boilers are inefficient and expensive to run

In the past, this may have been correct, but nowadays modern combi and system boilers are designed to be extremely energy efficient, many being rated ‘A’ 90% or above in terms of their ErP efficiency classification.

By upgrading an older, antiquated model to a modern boiler, you could be saving up to £840 a year! 

Age of Boiler

Efficiency Percentage

Efficiency Rating (ErP)

0+ Years

90% +


10+ Years

85% +


15+ Years

80% +


20+ Years

70% +


25+ Years

60% +


The direct correlation between a boiler's age and its efficiency is clear to see in the newer systems’ ErP.

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MYTH 2 - Boilers are difficult to maintain

Modern, A rated boilers have been meticulously designed to be robust as well as user friendly, meaning they’re built to last with quality components and expert craftsmanship.

It’s wise and really simple to have your boiler serviced annually by a qualified, Gas Safe registered engineer. These inspections can go a long way in boiler preventative maintenance and the early detection of problems.

MYTH 3 - Boilers are noisy

Boiler manufacturers take into account operational volume for their products and often excel in minimising any sound output, with most top of the line boilers being silent when switched on.

Premium boiler brands often receive Quiet Mark awards for their success in acoustical consideration and volume reduction.

MYTH 4 - Boilers are unsafe

All modern boilers must adhere to strict safety compliance design measures as well as containing safety features. All boilers are scrutinised in stringent tests and analysis before being available for consumer purchase.

Another reason arranging a boiler service can be beneficial is to put your mind at ease by making sure your boiler is in top condition.

National Gas Emergencies number - 0800 111 999

MYTH 5 - Boiler installations are difficult

This is untrue on both the part of the customer and engineer. The only undertaking a customer has to do is make sure the space where the boiler is being installed/removed or any location of a radiator is clean and debris free before the engineer arrives.

Expert Gas Safe engineers can safely and simply install a boiler (specifics dependant) usually within 1-2 days.

MYTH 6 - Boilers are expensive

False, premium boilers are more expensive than lower standard appliances, however, you get what you pay for in this instance and will be often pleasantly surprised in terms of price when considering the money you will be saving with a new, efficient boiler. 

As mentioned earlier in this blog, with a sleek and powerful new boiler, you could save up to £840 a year in heating bill reductions due to their superior efficiency.

Buying a low budget boiler may end up costing more in the long run in accelerated or increased repair or maintenance fees.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.