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Last updated: 26th October, 2022


How We Choose Our Engineers

How We Choose Our Engineers

During the COVID-19 pandemic, installers will wear the appropriate PPE when working in your home.

At iHeat, providing the highest quality service is our top priority, which means using only the best installers to do the job.

As we have installers all over the country, you may be wondering how we choose them to join our highly skilled team and ensure they are doing their best work.

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Their Application

Before working with us at iHeat, engineers must submit an application form including a number of documents that are required in order to work with us.

This includes their Gas Safe licence, public liability insurance, CCN1 qualifications and DBS certificate.

Why Do We Check?

Unfortunately, in England and Wales there are over 60 deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning every year.

As a result, the government set up the Gas Safe Register, which states that by law, all gas engineers must be registered as Gas Safe.

In order to apply to be on the Gas Safe Register, installers must have completed their CCN1 qualification. We request both their Gas Safe licence and their qualifications as an extra precaution.

This is because we take gas safety very seriously at iHeat and for your peace of mind, we make sure all our installers display their Gas Safe card upon arrival so you know the work will be done diligently and safely.

iHeat Engineer Onboarding

Strict Code of Conduct

At iHeat, we don’t stand for any messing around. All of our installers are given a strict code of conduct which they must follow in order to ensure they get the job done to the best of their abilities.

What we expect from our installers:

Polite and Respectful

We expect our installers to be courteous when completing the job, being respectful towards you and your home. This means being polite and friendly towards you and following any of your household rules as closely as possible.

Be Timely

We expect our installers to arrive on time for the installation. Of course, sometimes there are some things that are out of our control that can cause hold ups, but if this is the case, the installer must make you aware that they are running late and apologise for any inconvenience this may be causing you.

Ensure Your Install is Complete

As mentioned previously, sometimes things come up unexpectedly in life which might mean an installer can no longer complete their assigned job.

If this is the case, we expect them to inform us and we will do our absolute best to reassign another installer to get your new boiler fitted as soon as possible.

Once we have found another installer, we’ll give you a call to let you know who will be showing up to do the job to avoid any issues that may be caused if the person who arrives isn’t who you expected.

Always Identify Themselves

It’s not uncommon to hear about con-artists entering the homes of unsuspecting or vulnerable people under the disguise of a tradesperson in order to steal from their property or con them into handing over money.

This is why we ensure our installers always present their Gas Safe identity card, so you know that the person who has arrived at your door is someone you can trust.

Clean and Tidy

We believe no job is complete until all rubbish is removed and any surfaces that may have become dirty with the installation have been wiped down.

Before starting work, we expect our installers to use protective coverings for your floors or furniture where necessary and once your boiler is installed, they’ll take away any packaging as well as your old boiler, leaving your home just as clean and tidy as it is when they arrive.

Keeping You Informed

We expect our installers to send you a text on the morning of the installation day confirming their estimated time of arrival.

Once they have arrived, they’ll keep you updated on their progress and explain their steps to help keep you at ease whilst working in your home.

After the job is completed, they will ensure you know how the boiler and thermostat work before leaving


During the COVID-19 pandemic, installers will wear the appropriate PPE when working in your home.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.