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Last updated: 20th February, 2024


Daikin Sensira Air Conditioning Unit Review

Daikin Sensira Air Conditioning Unit Review

Key takeaways

  • Daikin Sensira units combine comfort and energy efficiency in a versatile range.
  • Quiet operation and technological advancements enhance user experience.
  • Sensira offers valuable climate control with both cooling and heating capabilities.

The Daikin Sensira air conditioning unit boasts a blend of compact design with top-notch features, from its wall-mounted installation to its advanced control systems and heat pump technology.

In the competitive market of air conditioning, the Daikin Sensira stands out as a unit worth considering for both residential and commercial settings. It brings together the promise of comfort and efficiency, heavily influenced by Daikin's commitment to technological innovation. 

With options ranging from 2.5kW to 7.1kW, Sensira models cater to various room sizes and consumer needs, highlighting versatility in the company's product line-up. 

Consumers are placing increased emphasis on the value for money, and the Sensira unit's energy efficiency does provide a compelling argument when matched against running costs and the convenience of features on offer.

Navigation through the specifics of the Sensira range reveals a focus on user experience. The range melds the benefits of discrete design with user-friendly controls, often managed remotely via key technological integrations. 

This air conditioning unit is designed to maintain quiet operation, which enhances the overall comfort without adding intrusive noise to the living or work environment. An additional feature that adds to the versatility is the unit's ability to also provide heating, which makes it a comprehensive climate control solution for year-round use.

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Daikin Sensira Air Con - Design and Key Features

The Daikin Sensira air conditioning unit boasts a blend of compact design with top-notch features, from its wall-mounted installation to its advanced control systems and heat pump technology.

Compact and Discreet Design

Daikin's Sensira model is designed with discretion in mind. It features a space-saving design that ensures the unit integrates seamlessly into any space without dominating it. Its indoor unit has dimensions of 770x225x285 mm for certain models, striking a balance between functionality and compactness.

Wall-Mounted Indoor Unit

The indoor unit of the Sensira air conditioner is wall-mounted, making it less obtrusive and ideal for a variety of living spaces. Its flat, stylish front panel not only complements interior décors but also simplifies cleaning. Additionally, the unit operates quietly, producing sound levels as low as 20 dBA, ensuring a tranquil indoor atmosphere.

Innovative Control System

Sensira's control system offers convenience through multiple options, including the Infrared Remote Control and Online Controller. Integration with a Wi-Fi Network allows users to manage their indoor climate via the Online Controller accessible on a smartphone. This flexibility ensures users can adjust settings for optimal comfort from anywhere with internet access.

Heat Pump Technology

Employing heat pump technology, the Daikin Sensira functions efficiently by transferring heat from one environment to another. This not only provides heating and cooling capacities up to 8.2 kW / 7.1 kW but also achieves excellent energy efficiency ratings, with heating up to A+ and cooling up to A++. Heat pumps like the Daikin Sensira are environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional heating systems, reducing the overall carbon footprint.

Daikin Sensira 2.5, 3.5, 5 & 7.1kW - Which Should I Pick?

Selecting the appropriate Daikin Sensira unit depends on several factors including room size, desired energy efficiency, and sound requirements. The Sensira lineup offers a range of capacities suitable for various settings.

  • 2.5kW Units: Ideal for small rooms, these units are super compact and operate quietly, making them perfect for bedrooms or home offices. They offer a balance between performance and energy consumption, with an energy label of up to A++ in cooling mode.

  • 3.5kW Models: These are suited for medium-sized spaces. They maintain energy efficiency without compromising on the ability to cool or heat swiftly. These models can incorporate an Econo mode to reduce power consumption further.

  • 5kW Systems: These cater to larger rooms or open-plan areas. They present a higher capacity while still prioritising efficiency, retaining their A+ heating and A++ cooling energy labels.

  • 7.1kW Units: The most robust in the Sensira series, these are designed for expansive areas demanding significant heating and cooling. They maintain quiet operation despite their high output and may require a 20 amp power supply at installation.

kW Rating

Room Size

Energy Efficiency

Sound Level

Special Features



Up to A++ (Cooling)


Compact; 5-Step Fan Speed



Up to A++ (Cooling)


Econo Mode



Up to A++ (Cooling)


Enhanced Capacity



Up to A++ (Cooling)

Low Sound Impact

Powerful; Requires 20 Amp Supply

When choosing, consider not only the immediate environment but also potential energy costs, as models equipped with Econo mode and standby features can reduce electricity consumption significantly. Each model's design leans towards unobtrusiveness, merging seamlessly with various interior decors.

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Daikin Sensira Air Con Performance

The Daikin Sensira air conditioning units stand out for their effectiveness in both cooling and heating. They harness advanced technologies to optimise energy use while striving to minimise environmental impact.

Cooling and Heating Efficiency

The Daikin Sensira air conditioners are known for their proficient performance in regulating indoor temperatures. The units are capable of achieving seasonal efficiencies up to A++ in cooling mode, which signifies they are highly efficient in terms of energy use for cooling spaces. Similarly, in heating mode, users can expect reliable and effective heating, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment year-round.

Energy Consumption

One of the defining characteristics of the Daikin Sensira is its low energy consumption. Users can benefit from a wall-mounted unit that not only provides comfortable airflow but does so with an eye on energy efficiency. By utilising features like a 5-step fan speed adjustment, the unit allows for fine-tuned control over energy use, leading to potential savings on electricity bills.

Environmental Impact of R-32 Refrigerant

The Sensira range utilises R-32 refrigerant, which has a lower environmental impact compared to some other refrigerants used in air conditioning systems. R-32 has a global warming potential that is significantly lower than that of refrigerants like R-410A, representing Daikin's commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of their products.

Advanced Functions for Optimal Comfort

Daikin's Sensira models come with advanced functions designed to enhance user comfort. With the optional Onecta app, users have the convenience of controlling their indoor climate from outside their homes. Whisper-quiet operation can be as low as 20 dBA, ensuring that the units operate with minimal noise disturbance. These features, coupled with air filtration capabilities, ensure that the Sensira units not only cool and heat effectively but also contribute to overall improved air quality.

Daikin Sensira Air Con Technology and Innovation

Daikin's Sensira model stands out with its state-of-the-art features designed to provide optimal cooling and heating with enhanced energy efficiency. The incorporation of innovative technologies in Sensira ensures that comfort and convenience are at the forefront.

Turbo and Powerful Mode

The Turbo Mode in Sensira air conditioners accelerates the cooling or heating to reach the desired temperature swiftly, providing immediate respite from extreme weather conditions. In contrast, Powerful Mode unleashes full capacity, delivering maximum airflow for periods when a rapid environment change is necessary.

Vertical Auto Swing and Auto Fan Speed

The Vertical Auto Swing feature ensures uniform air distribution throughout the room by automatically moving the discharge louvres up and down, which enhances the comfort levels. Additionally, the Auto Fan Speed function intelligently adjusts the airflow rate based on the temperature difference between the room and the set point, thus promoting a balanced and pleasant atmosphere.

Standby Mode Energy Saving

To bolster its energy-saving capabilities, the Sensira utilises a unique Standby Mode. This mode significantly reduces energy consumption when the unit is not actively cooling or heating, contributing to a more sustainable operation and lower energy bills without compromising user comfort.

Intelligent Air and Temperature Distribution

The unit's advanced sensors monitor room conditions to distribute air evenly and maintain consistent temperatures. This intelligent air and temperature distribution system adapts to the occupancy and usage patterns, ensuring optimal comfort with minimal manual adjustments.

User Experience

Daikin's Sensira Air Conditioning Units are heralded for their user-centric design that focuses on ease of use, accessibility through remote and smart devices, and a quiet operation that enhances the comfort of any interior space.

Ease of Use

The Sensira model is lauded for its straightforward interface. Users benefit from an intuitive infrared remote that simplifies adjustments and setting temperature schedules. This facilitates a seamless experience even for individuals who may not be technically inclined.

Remote Access and Customisation

Daikin's Sensira supports remote access via a smartphone with the optional Onecta app. Users can connect to their unit through a Wi-Fi network, empowering them to control their indoor environment from virtually anywhere. The app's interface allows for customisation of settings such as fan speed and temperature, tailoring the climate to individual preferences with just a few taps on their device.

Sound Pressure for Quiet Operation

Engineering excellence shines through in the Sensira's quiet operation. With sound pressure levels that can be whisper-quiet down to 20 dBA, the unit maintains a non-intrusive presence. This feature is particularly notable in settings where quiet operation is paramount, allowing users to enjoy a peaceful and comfortable environment without the distraction of a noisy appliance.

Economic Factors

In the evaluation of the Daikin Sensira air conditioning units, economic considerations such as energy efficiency and overall value are paramount. Buyers are looking for cost-effective and environmentally friendly options.

Energy Efficiency Ratings and Cost Savings

The Sensira range stands out with its A+ rating in heating and A++ rating in cooling, which corresponds to significant cost savings and energy efficiency. This efficiency is attributed to the unit's use of R32 refrigerant, known for having a lower environmental impact compared to traditional refrigerants.

Energy Efficiency Table:

  • Cooling Energy Efficiency: A++

  • Heating Energy Efficiency: A+

  • Refrigerant Type: R32

Over time, the high energy efficiency ratings translate into lower energy bills for consumers. The Sensira model operates with a sound pressure as low as 20 dBA, ensuring efficient performance without intrusive noise.

Assessing Value for Money

When assessing the value for money of the Sensira air conditioning unit, factors such as initial cost, maintenance, and operational efficiency must be considered. The initial purchase price is offset by the long-term savings incurred from the high energy efficiency ratings. 

With its seasonal efficiency values ranging from A to A++ in cooling and A to A+ in heating, users can anticipate reduced operational costs throughout the product's lifespan. The Sensira's compact design further enhances its value proposition by providing versatility in both residential and commercial settings.

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Remember: Air Con Units can Heat as Well as Cool

Many are unaware that air conditioners like the Daikin Sensira are not just for cooling. They're quite capable of heating spaces efficiently during colder months.

Benefits of AC Warm Air Production

The Sensira air-to-air heat pump by Daikin is an example of modern air conditioning units that have embraced the ability to produce warm air. These systems are versatile, providing both heating and cooling solutions to residential and commercial settings. Here are a few specific benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency: Air conditioning units with heating capabilities use heat pump technology. This is known for being more energy-efficient than traditional heating methods, such as radiators and electric heaters.

  • All-Year Comfort: These units can maintain a consistent indoor temperature throughout the year, ensuring comfort regardless of the season.

  • Space-Saving: With an air conditioner that also heats, there's no need for separate systems. This saves space and is particularly beneficial for smaller properties or conservatories.

  • Cost-Effective: Over time, the reduced energy consumption can lead to significant savings on energy bills. Efficient models like the Sensira can be particularly cost-effective due to their design focused on low energy consumption.

  • Ease of Use: Systems often come with user-friendly controls and programmable settings, allowing users to switch between heating and cooling modes seamlessly.

The Sensira model boasts dimensions of 770x225x285 mm (for 20-42 class), indicating a compact form which is unobtrusive in indoor environments. This thoughtful design, combined with discreet sound levels, contributes to the unit's minimal impact on the aesthetics and ambience of a room.

In summary, modern air conditioning units like the Daikin Sensira offer a dual function. They are not just a source of cool air in summer but serve as efficient heating devices when winter arrives. With considerations for cost, ease of use, and space, these units are an effective year-round solution for climate control.

Conclusion - AC installation with iHeat

When selecting the Daikin Sensira for your home, you are choosing a unit renowned for its efficiency and performance. iHeat's installation service enhances the appeal of this air conditioning system, offering a streamlined process tailored to the needs of residential properties.

Daikin Sensira's features at a glance:

  • Seasonal Efficiency: Achieves A to A++ ratings in cooling and A to A+ in heating, indicating superior energy performance.

  • User Control: Optional Onecta app compatibility allows for remote operation.

  • Quiet Operation: Noise levels can be as low as 20 dBA, ensuring minimal disruption.

iHeat - fast, easy and safe

  • Answer a few simple questions about your home (don’t worry, it only takes 60 seconds).

  • Choose from our range of ac units to cool and heat your home.

  • Pop the kettle on, we’ll take it from here. Our expert engineers will install your new ac unit. Thanks to our fully inclusive after care, you won't have to worry about a thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Daikin Sensira good?

The Daikin Sensira receives positive reviews for its performance, offering features like whisper-quiet operation and energy-efficient modes. It is appreciated for providing a comfortable airflow and is equipped with options for cooling and heating, suiting various user needs.

What is the common problem of Daikin air conditioner?

Common issues with Daikin air conditioners, when they do occur, may include refrigerant leaks, electrical faults, or drainage troubles. However, the Sensira model is designed with reliability in mind, and such problems are not frequently reported.

How do I set my Daikin air conditioner to cool?

To set the Daikin Sensira air conditioner to cool, use the remote control to choose the 'Cooling' mode. You can then adjust the temperature settings to your preferred comfort level using the temperature control buttons.

How user-friendly is the Daikin Sensira's control interface?

The control interface of the Sensira unit, with optional features such as the Onecta app, is known to be user-friendly. It allows users to manage their indoor climate from outside their property and provides simple navigation through its settings and modes.

Does Daikin AC save electricity?

Daikin air conditioners are designed to be energy efficient, with the Sensira model offering seasonal efficiencies up to A++ in cooling. Various modes, such as Econo Mode, enable reduced power consumption, adding to its electricity-saving benefits.

Is Daikin a good brand for AC?

Daikin is recognised as a reputable brand in the air conditioning industry and is known for producing high-quality, durable, and technology-advanced AC units. The brand's focus on innovation and efficiency makes it a favoured choice among consumers.

Is Daikin AC energy efficient?

Daikin air conditioners, including the Sensira model, boast high energy efficiency. Features like the Econo Mode and the use of R-32 refrigerant underline the company's commitment to energy-saving performance and reduced environmental impact.

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