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Alpha E-Tec 15kW Boiler
15kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec 15kW

Starting from £2090

Alpha E-Tec 20kW Boiler
20kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec 20kW

Starting from £2145

Alpha E-Tec 25kW Boiler
25kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec 25kW

Starting from £2245

Alpha E-Tec S 30kW Boiler
30kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec S 30kW

Starting from £1941

Alpha E-Tec S 20kW Boiler
20kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec S 20kW

Starting from £2065

Alpha E-Tec S 35kW Boiler
35kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec S 35kW

Starting from £2057

Alpha E-Tec 28kw Boiler
28kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec 28kw

Starting from £1745

Alpha E-Tec 33kw Boiler
33kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec 33kw

Starting from £1915

Alpha E-Tec Plus 38kw Boiler
38kW 10 year finance

Alpha E-Tec Plus 38kw

Starting from £2370

Alpha Boilers

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With over 50 years’ experience in the heating industry, Alpha combines strong traditional values with an innovative approach to providing the highest quality products and services to its customers.

Alpha offers heating and hot water solutions at an affordable price without compromising on quality, or energy efficiency, allowing customers to stay warm whilst saving on their energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

Alpha Boiler Warranties

At iHeat , like almost all of the boilers we have in stock, the Alpha boilers we have available, come with a ten year warranty. Relax knowing that in the unlikely event anything goes wrong with your new boiler, you’re covered by the manufacturer themselves.

Warranties may differ ever so slightly by individual boilers - don’t panic though, we will let you know exactly how long your warranty is during our online quote process .

*Top Tip* To ensure your boiler warranty remains valid, you will need to have your boiler serviced annually . by a qualified gas safe engineer. Don’t worry, iHeat can help arrange this for you!

Alpha Combi Boilers

The most common type of boiler across homes up and down the country are combi boilers. (If you are unsure as to what a combi boiler is - take a look at our helpful guide here .)

Alpha have a wide range of combi boilers available, with their E-Tec range proving incredibly popular. Take a look at the range of Alpha boilers we can install for you, and feel free to give us a call if you require any more information.

Give the iHeat friendly team a call on 0333 305 6880.

Alpha Heat Only (Regular Boilers)

Combi boiler not for you? Worry not, a heat only, or regular boiler as they are commonly called, may be the perfect solution for you. As discussed in our ‘Best Heat Only Boilers’ blog post, a heat only boiler is:

“Heat only boilers are often also known as regular boilers, open vent, or conventional boilers, as opposed to combi boilers, which are more complex and run your heating and hot water together."

Heat only (or regular) boilers provide the heat that is used in your central heating system range, and hot water stored in large cylindrical water tanks rather than shared heating and hot water. This type of boiler is more commonly found in larger properties.”

Alpha System Boilers

If your home, or office premises, has a high demand for hot water an Alpha system boiler may be your best choice. A system boiler , works by directly providing heat to your central heating and hot water system through a storage cylinder. This kind of boiler works similarly to a conventional or standard boiler, as both types need to store hot water that can be used throughout the house. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Which Homes Are Alpha Boilers Suitable For?

When purchasing a new boiler, it can be difficult to choose exactly what size boiler you require. The size of the boiler you may need can differ considerably depending on the size of home you live in, and your habits with heating & hot water. With several kilowatt options on most of the boilers we stock, we have written the following guides to help you make the most informed decision possible:

Alpha Boiler Installation from iHeat

If you are interested in purchasing a brand new alpha boiler from iHeat, fill out a few details for a free, fixed price boiler quote. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of our friendly team for a quote, give us a call on 0333 305 6880 .

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