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Last updated: 25th March, 2024


Alpha E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump

Alpha E-Tec Hybrid Heat Pump

Key takeaways

  • The E-Tec Hybrid operates around 40 degrees C for the majority of the year via heat pump then switches to traditional gas boiler in the colder months.
  • The E-Tec Hybrid can be fully synchronised with and controlled by a smart temperature dial.

You may have heard of a heat pump, you probably have heard of a boiler, you probably have not heard of a hybrid heat pump. This fusion of functionalities provides a concise and efficient heating solution for your property.

In this blog we’ll be exploring what a hybrid heat pump is, how they work and their benefits.

What Is A Hybrid Heat Pump?

A hybrid heat pump is an appliance that conjoins a heat pump (often air source) with another method of traditional heating, such as a gas boiler.

The boiler in question could be either a current boiler or you could upgrade to a new boiler as part of the installation.


How Does A Hybrid Heat Pump Work?

Most air source heat pumps operate at lower temperatures than gas boilers, usually functioning at 40-45 degrees C compared to a boiler which operates 65-75 degrees C.

Many existing properties do not have sufficient insulation or radiator upsizing for a low temperature air source heat pump to work as effectively as it could, therefore a lot of the heat goes to waste, resulting in a colder house and more financial outgoings.

There have been high temperature heat pumps created for domestic use but these often are less efficient.

The solution is a hybrid system which allows a heat pump to operate optimally around 40 degrees C for the majority of the year, and lets a gas boiler take over the task of central heating and hot water production when outside temperatures drop in colder months.

wed 1

The synergy of both appliances means they share the demands of the property while factoring in accurate temperature changes. 

The seamless transition from heat pump to boiler means you can be confident your home will always be taken care of.


Alpha E-TEC Hybrid Heat Pump

The Alpha E-Tec Hybrid heat pump is a heating solution that its manufacturers claim to be both a gateway into renewable heating, while never compromising on the reliability provided from a traditional gas boiler.

Key Features

This boiler is a highly efficient and modern combi and can run off traditional mains gas or LPG (ideal for off-grid properties).

Alpha have designed this boiler to be installed without the requirement of an airing cupboard for housing, making this type of install extremely simple for a Gas Safe registered engineer.

An Alpha E-Tec Hybrid can be fully synchronised with modern and convenient smart tech controls, allowing for instant and efficient temperature regulation. 

A small temperature control dial is included with the installation, simple to use and portable to a bedside table, kitchen side top or coffee table next to a sofa, meaning you can warm up your home from wherever you like.

micro dial

The E-Tec boiler uses a feature called ‘outdoor temperature and demand’ to monitor and adjust flow temperature. Sensors on the outdoor heat pump will detect low temperatures and switch your heating on to combat the cold, including radiators in any room you require!

The heat pump will switch on at a certain temperature removing unnecessary strain from your boiler, a highly cost effective route as energy and gas tariffs are analysed in order to ascertain the most efficient and financially responsible way to heat your home.

Your current energy consumption data is put into the Alpha software and smartphone app to produce the best possible heating strategy for you, and any time your needs or bills change you can filter in new data to re-calibrate your plan.

Alpha studied annual energy usage and have determined 60% of the year the heat pump will be the most financially viable heating option, allowing for huge potential savings on your gas bill as heat pumps run on electricity.

heat pump

The Hybrid heat pump also has anti-freeze protection in order to ensure fantastic performance when you and your property need it the most!

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.