August 30, 2021

Can a Boiler Be Installed Upstairs?

When you’re buying a new boiler, one thing to consider is whether you want it installed somewhere different to where your existing boiler is installed.

Can a Boiler Be Installed Upstairs?

There are a number of reasons why someone may wish to change the location of their boiler such as the noise, access difficulties or space issues.

Lots of people wonder if they can have their boiler installed upstairs when it has always been downstairs in the past. The answer to this is yes! In most cases, it is perfectly doable, however, it’s certainly worth weighing up the considerations before going ahead.

What to Consider Before Having a Boiler Installed Upstairs

Is There Enough Space?

Whilst this might seem like an obvious one, not many people think about the space issues that can be caused by installing your boiler upstairs. For example, if you keep all of your towels and laundry in your airing cupboard and want to install your boiler in there, you’re going to need to make enough room for it and potentially find a new place to store your towels.

Similarly, when installing a boiler into a space upstairs, you need to think about what you currently use that space for and whether you can now go without it. If space is an issue but you still want to install your boiler upstairs, you might want to consider opting for a compact sized boiler, such as the Alpha E-Tec which measures just 440mm X 255mm X 712mm.

Will the Noise be Distracting?

Boilers can be noisy, so if you’re a light sleeper it’s important to consider how close to your bedroom you would want to have it installed and whether or not the sounds would be disruptive to your sleep or the sleep of others in your home.

If you’re a light sleeper but still wish to install your boiler upstairs, you might want to consider purchasing a boiler with an exceptionally quiet operation, such as the Viessmann Vitodens 050-W.

Is It Easily Accessible?

Your boiler should undergo a service each year, meaning it must be easily accessible to an engineer. If you’re hoping to have your boiler installed in an awkward location upstairs or somewhere in the loft, it’s important to consider whether it is still easily accessible to allow the engineer to work on it.

Similarly, if you ever experience any issues with your boiler, you’ll want to make sure you can easily access it yourself to carry out simple checks such as the pressure.

Consider the Risk of Water Damage

One thing to think about is the risk of much more water damage the higher up in your home you install your boiler should there ever be a leak or burst pipe. Water damage is a huge cost to repair and can also be dangerous where there are electrics involved, so limiting the number of floors and ceilings it could affect may be wise.

There May be Damage to Your Home in the Process

If your boiler is being installed somewhere completely new, the engineer will need to wire it all up and get it connected to a gas pipe outside which will likely mean damage will be done to your walls/ceiling in the process. If you’ve just had your home decorated, or don’t want to have it fixed up anytime soon, it may not be worth having it relocated.

Is It Worth the Cost?

Having your boiler installed in a new location will cost you more as it is more complex due to the additional work and materials required, so you may want to consider whether it’s really worth it to have it relocated.

How Much Will It Cost to Move my Boiler?

The cost of moving your boiler can range anywhere between £250 to £800 depending on the type of boiler you’re having installed, whether you’re relocating an old or new boiler and how far away from the original spot you’ve decided to move it to.

If you’re hoping to relocate your boiler just a short distance, such as on the same wall then you should only expect to pay around the £250 mark, however, if you want to move your boiler upstairs then significantly more work and materials such as pipework is required, meaning you’ll generally be looking at paying around £500.

At iHeat, we offer same room boiler relocations for just £250 and relocations to any other room in your home for just £400! Get a free fixed quote here.

(There may also be additional costs for parts such as extension pipes, thermostats, flues and additional fixtures. Click here to see our helpful boiler relocation cost guide.)

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