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Last updated: 16th January, 2023


EPH Combi Pack 4 Thermostat

EPH Combi Pack 4 Thermostat

Key takeaways

  • Smart Thermostats allow flexible and money saving temperature adjustment and regulation.
  • The EHP Combi Pack 4 offers extensive advanced scheduling capabilities.
  • One EHP Combi Pack 4 is provided with every one of our new boiler installations.

A modern and capable thermostat can often be overlooked as a key tool, synchronising with your boiler to ensure your home is efficiently heated.

In this blog we will be taking a look at one of the finest, wireless, smart thermostats available, EPH’s Combi Pack 4, including some of its key features, benefits of use and price.

What Is A Smart Thermostat?

Thermostats are designed to record and regulate temperature within a particular area, smart thermostats as their name suggests, are ‘intelligent’ and capable of being of great assistance in matters where traditional thermostats are simply not advanced enough.

EPH Combi pack 4 Key Features

With over two decades of experience, EPH knows a thing or two about heating controls, with a focus on quality products, the Combi Pack 4 carries on the lineage of design and functionality.

Some of the Combi Pack 4’s key talking points include:

Programming performance

The advanced timer and scheduling capabilities with the Combi Pack 4 allow a homeowner all the traditional programming options while also providing the options for:

  • 1 Week schedule - allowing the occupant to set boiler preferences over a full 7 days.

  • Full day - craft boiler activity unique to an individual 24 hour period (up to 6 changes)

  • Holiday setting - allows an occupant to conserve energy when away from the property, can input several dates at one time, boiler will turn off until you return or just before to pre-heat your home for a welcome back

OpenTherm Compatibility

OpenTherm is a digital language that keeps a boiler and a smart thermostat in constant communication for more tailored temperature regulation, as opposed to simply ‘on’ or ‘off’,  the benefits of this feature include:

  • Save money on energy bills due to a more efficient heating process

  • Home will feel more comfortable in terms of temperature

  • Reduces some potential boiler malfunction issues

  • Smartphone compatible

User Centric Interface And Display

User friendliness is a major part of the Combi Pack 4’s appeal, a large, backlit LCD screen combined with an ergonomically designed control pad craft a superior ease of use, even when operating in areas with low lighting.

In terms of aesthetics, the Combi Pack 4 is compact and minimalistic in an all white design, guaranteed not to detract from any type of interior.


TPI or Time Proportional and Integral, is a handy feature as the Combi Pack 4 will learn how long it takes to heat a designated room within your property and switch off your boiler just before this temperature is reached, allowing radiators to carry out the final part of the heating process, avoiding unnecessary energy wastage.

How Much Does The EHP Combi pack 4 Cost?

As an elite heat regulation tool, this smart thermostat can warrant a higher end price tag in terms of boiler accessories.

You can expect to pay around £65 for the Combi Pack 4 wireless thermostat, with prices jumping to over £100 when supplemented with certain add ons

FREE Combi pack 4 With Every iHeat Combi Boiler Installation

As part of every new combi installation, as carried out by one of our expert Gas Safe registered engineers, each customer is provided with an EHP Combi Pack 4 as part of their install bundle (also includes - magnetic filter, system chemical flush and standard flue kit).

This means you can avoid the premium prices this premium thermostat usually warrants when you have a new, efficient boiler installed on your property with iHeat, at no extra cost!

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Stephen Day profile photo
Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.