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Last updated: 4th April, 2024


Gas Boiler vs Electric Boiler: Which Is Best?

Gas Boiler vs Electric Boiler: Which Is Best?

The cost of running an electric boiler can be high, especially if you live in the UK. Let's find out if a gas boiler is still more cost effective.

Amid the current cost of living crisis, it’s important that you are kept in the know and well informed on how best to manage your outgoing expenditures, such as monthly energy and heating bills.

Here at iHeat we’re experts in everything related to boilers, and in this blog we will be exploring if gas is a better fuel for your boiler than electricity.

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Is There A Ban On Gas Boilers?

NO! The supposed ‘ban’ on gas boilers was initially announced back in 2019 with plans to take effect as of 2025.

The reasoning behind the ban is to help the UK reach its goals of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

Some misinformed members of the public have already needlessly replaced their gas boilers due to the nature of panic purchasing.

In reality, the following is actually TRUE when it comes to the ‘ban’-

  • The ‘ban’ actually states no new build properties can be built with a gas boiler installed past 2025

  • It is still legal to buy and install gas boilers in any home currently, and to continue to do so in older properties (anything that isn’t a new build) beyond the 2025 deadline

  • There is no legal requirement, financial penalties or general onus to remove and replace your existing gas boiler before or after 2025

Does Electricity Have Any Benefits As A Fuel?

Yes, undoubtedly electricity does have certain plus points as a home heating system fuel and is mentioned far more now than in decades past as a relevant alternative fuel type.

Pros Of Electricity

Cons Of Electricity

Electric boilers tend to have a quieter operational volume 

Electricity is a very expensive fuel, costing up to three times the price of gas

Electric boilers release no emissions

The electricity production process involves some burning of fossil fuels

Electric boilers don’t run on fossil fuels

Power issues may result in decreased or no hot water and heating

Electric boilers don’t require a flue or chimney

Electric boilers may not be able to cope with the heating demands of a larger property

No risk of carbon monoxide leaks

Electric boiler unit costs tend to be more pricey than gas alternatives

Benefits Of Gas As A Boiler Fuel

Pros Of Gas

Cons Of Gas

Gas boilers are far cheaper to run when compared with electric boilers

Not all homes are securely connected to the gas network

Gas boilers can meet a larger properties heating demands

Can require an annual service to maintain operational functionality

The popularity of gas fuelled boilers means there are a wider array of options on the market

Gas boilers are often a larger install than electric boilers

Newer gas boilers are very energy efficient

More moving parts mean there could be an increased likelihood of a fault

Gas boiler replacement is easy and convenient due to their greater availability

Exterior flue is required on the install site

Gas boilers are often cheaper per unit

Should I Buy A New Gas Boiler?

While it’s evident that electric boilers are very efficient and can save money in the long term, If immediate saving and high efficiency are top of your list for a new boiler then yes, a gas boiler properly sourced can be the best option for cutting down your energy bills.

Gas boilers’ enduring popularity with millions of UK homeowners signals the fuel type’s trusted status in the modern heating industry and most of the best boiler brands are still producing these en masses.

Buying A Gas Boiler From iHeat

Here at iHeat we want our customers to receive the highest quality products, that's why we stock a wide range of gas boilers.

With next day installation available, up to 10 year warranty, and a price match guarantee, get a free instant quote on our website today!

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.