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Last updated: 22nd December, 2022


Ground Source Heat Pump Costs

Ground Source Heat Pump Costs

Heat pumps are an extremely popular topic of conversation amongst homeowners and heating industry experts alike, hailed as the future of heating by some, and disregarded by others.

In this blog we will be exploring ground source heat pumps, how they operate and some of their prices.

What Is A Ground Source Heat Pump?

In case you’re not completely sure, a ground source heat pump (sometimes called a ground to water heat pump), transfers heat from the ground outside of a property to heat the radiators and underfloor heating within a property.

How Does A Ground Source Heat Pump Work?

These types of heat pumps work by utilising a pipe loop in the garden (either long or coiled in trenches) that contains TTF (thermal transfer fluid) to absorb heat from the ground, which is then passed through a heat exchanger and into the heat pump, the temperature of the fluid is raised and the heat is then transferred to the properties circulation of water supply.

Costs Of A Ground Source Heat Pump

The unit cost and installation fees for a ground source heat pump can vary widely and are often dependent on a number of factors including

  • The brand, model and size of the ground source heat pump you wish yo install

  • Access to the ground and whether you choose the trenching option or a borehole to lay the ground loop

  • The size of the property and its heating demands

  • Whether the property is a new-build or existing home structure

  • The heat pump’s efficiency, or if the radiators/underfloor heating choices are being installed for the first time

Often, ground source heat pumps can cost around £24,000 for a ground loop buried in trenches, and up to £49,000 if your installation site requires a borehole!

While these prices seem incredibly steep, we strongly advise attaining numerous work quotes for this type of job before committing to any one price.

Will A Ground Source Heat Pump Save Me Money?

The potential for savings to be made with the utilisation of a ground source heat pump according to the data can be fruitful, however would also depend on the design and functionality of the heat pump itself while being compared to the heating system it is replacing. Other factors that can determine the amount of money you could potentially save include:

  • What current fuel you use and how much it costs

  • How much your electricity tariff costs

  • The efficiency of the new pump

  • Layout of current central heating system

  • Your location and its average air or ground temperature

While a heat pump requires a compressor which needs electricity to function, they use less than the amount of heat they move from outside to the inside.

Unless particular attention is paid to the efficiency of any new installation, traditional gas fuel users could end up paying marginally more to operate a ground source heat pump than LPG users.

We predict that the costs of heat pumps in terms of fuel usage will become the cheapest over time as well as the lowest carbon form of heating on the market.

Are There Any Initiatives That Can Help Cut The Costs Of A Heat Pump?

Yes, as of April 2022, the government introduced the boiler upgrade scheme, this £450million initiative comes as part of the Heat and Buildings Strategy that offers a £6,000 reduction of the supply and installation of a ground source heat pump for property owners in England and Wales.

Another grant is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which imposes a legal obligation on energy suppliers to promote and enable energy efficient actions such as the installation of ground source heat pumps.

The final way you could get a cost reduction on a heat pump is via the VAT charges, if you’re over 60 or receive income or disability benefits, you could receive a 5% tax reduction for either the whole product or installation.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.