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16th June, 2022

Hydrogen-Ready Boiler Costs

A hydrogen-ready boiler is a boiler type that has the capabilities of burning both hydrogen and natural gas in order to provide a home’s heating and hot water. But just how much do they cost?

Hydrogen-Ready Boiler Costs
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What Is A Hydrogen-Ready Boiler?

A hydrogen-ready boiler has the capabilities of burning both hydrogen and natural gas in order to provide a home’s heating and hot water.

Created specifically to lower carbon emissions, when the UK’s gas network is ready to switch from methane (natural gas) to hydrogen, any owners of a hydrogen-ready boiler wont need to get a new heating system.

Hydrogen production is a form of renewable energy generation, this applied to the heating industry could help reduce a huge proportion of carbon emissions from residential properties.

With the 2025 gas boiler ban on new homes looming, the UK government has high hydrogen hopes in terms of its positive effect on greenhouse gases.

However the viability of this approach is not fully confirmed, with constant research such as HyDeploy and National Grid Hydrogen Project being undertaken by a number of appropriate institutes.

No boiler manufacturers currently produce a fully hydrogen boiler hence the ‘ready’ part of hydrogen-ready. 

Hydrogen-ready boilers use a 20% hydrogen blend with 80% natural gas, which would help reduce the owner’s carbon footprint…as well as their energy bills.

With Combi boilers being one of the more recent boiler types, a lot of modern combi boilers are hydrogen-ready.

Hydrogen Ready Boiler In Home

How Much Do Hydrogen-Ready Boilers Cost?

The price of a new hydrogen-ready combi boiler does not differ too much from that of new standard gas boilers, this is down to the fact they contain the same internal set up just with some newer added technological engineering.

This should be music to the ears of potential purchasers, as the only by-product of burning hydrogen gas is water, plus hydrogen costs less to burn as it’s more efficient than gas but the whole water heating process is the exact same.

Hydrogen-Ready Combi Boiler Installation

In terms of installation, hydrogen-ready boilers would cost the same standard rate as conventional boiler types. This depends on brand, model, and specific engineer rates.

Average Region Of New Boiler Cost And Installation Comparison

(Hydrogen-Ready) Combi Boilers


System Boilers


Heat Only Boilers


Oil Boilers


Boiler Installation

Hydrogen-Ready Boiler Conversion

Conversion From Current Natural Gas Boilers To Hydrogen-Ready Boilers

A conversion from regular gas central heating to hydrogen heating would only take an hour or two as only a minimum amount of part changes on the boiler is necessary.

Conversion From Hydrogen-Ready Combi Boilers To Pure Hydrogen Combi Boilers

When the time comes for a full UK shift to hydrogen fuel, the conversion from hydrogen-ready boilers to 100% pure hydrogen boilers will be seamless. This comes as the vast majority of hydrogen-ready boilers would need no alterations to become 100% hydrogen dependent in the event of any changes to the existing gas infrastructure.

Any installation or conversion should only be carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers.

Should I Buy A Hydrogen-Ready Boiler?

In terms of the search for a viable and sustainable carbon free fuel source, hydrogen-ready boilers symbolise progress.

The technology for a fuel hydrogen network switch is still not fully explored but the UK government's trust and backing for a long term project implies a future national heating fuel overhaul.

Hydrogen-ready boilers have been successfully tried and tested by the Health and Safety Executive group with results indicating the flammable gas will be an efficient fuel.

As a carbon-free gas, it only makes sense that eventually, the government will make it the standard option of a low carbon heating system to oppose the current climate situation.

Hydrogen-ready boilers therefore provide an efficient and affordable way of having the best of both worlds, cost effective use of the current system whilst being prepared for any potential switch. 

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