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Last updated: 6th September, 2023


Ideal F2 Error Code - How to Fix

Ideal F2 Error Code - How to Fix

Key takeaways

  • The Ideal F2 error code indicates a flame loss issue in the boiler.
  • Potential causes include malfunctioning gas valves, faulty fans, and flue obstructions.
  • Troubleshooting and fixing the error requires a Gas Safe certified engineer for safety reasons.

If you're experiencing the Ideal F2 error code on your boiler, our guide can help. We explain the common causes of the F2 error code and provide step-by-step instructions on how to fix it. We compare advice from reputable sources like Boiler Central, Heatable, and Easy Boilers to help you get your boiler up and running again.

An Ideal F2 error code is something many boiler owners may encounter at some point. When this troublesome fault code appears, it indicates an issue with the boiler that requires immediate attention.

 In this article, we will explore the meaning behind the Ideal F2 error code, its common causes, and recommendations on how to resolve it.

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The Ideal F2 error code signifies that the boiler has experienced flame loss during operation. This problem can arise from a variety of factors, such as malfunctioning gas valves, faulty fans, flue obstructions, or issues with the mains gas supply. 

Regardless of the cause, it's crucial to take prompt action to address the issue to ensure your boiler operates efficiently and safely.

Attempting to fix the Ideal F2 fault code on your own can be challenging and potentially dangerous for those who are not Gas Safe certified engineers. We will provide guidance on when professional help should be sought and general boiler maintenance tips that can help prevent such issues.

By better understanding the Ideal F2 error code, you can feel confident in recognising the problem and navigating the appropriate steps toward a resolution.

What Is Ideal F2 Error Code

The Ideal F2 error code is a common issue faced by users of Ideal boilers, indicating a problem related to the boiler flame loss or ignition lockout. It often arises when the boiler's flame needed to heat the water cannot do so due to various reasons, ultimately causing the boiler to lock out.

Gas supply issues, faulty fans, and flue obstructions are known to contribute to the occurrence of the Ideal F2 fault code. For instance, if there's no proper airway for flue gases to escape, the boiler might extinguish the flame and display the F2 error code. Vertical flues that lack a flue guard are especially prone to this issue.


When experiencing the Ideal Logic F2 fault code on your boiler, it is essential to address the problem promptly. However, fixing this issue might be challenging for the average homeowner since it typically involves gas-related technicalities. Hence, it is crucial to consult a registered Gas Safe engineer to inspect and diagnose the issue in your Ideal boiler.

While attempting to resolve this problem, be mindful not to tamper with any part of your boiler that could potentially cause further complications or even a gas leak. Always rely on professional expertise to ensure a safe and lasting solution for your Ideal boiler's F2 fault code. Remember, maintaining the health of your boiler is a responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Causes of Ideal F2 Error Code

Flue Obstruction

One possible cause of the Ideal F2 error code is a flue obstruction. The flue pipe, which releases flue gases produced during combustion, can sometimes become blocked by debris, leading to a hazardous buildup of these gases within the boiler. This, in turn, ensures the boiler's safety systems detect the issue and display the F2 error code. Inspecting and clearing any obstructions within the flue pipe could potentially resolve the error.

Low Gas Pressure

Another possible reason for the F2 fault code is low gas pressure within the boiler. The mains gas supply problem may be due to issues with the gas meter, the overall gas supply, or simply temporary fluctuations in pressure. A Gas Safe engineer should be contacted to accurately diagnose and address any problems related to low gas pressure.

Malfunctioning Gas Valve

A malfunctioning gas valve can also contribute to the Ideal F2 error code. If the gas valve is not opening correctly or at all, the boiler may not receive the necessary gas supply to initiate combustion. A Gas Safe engineer should assess the gas valve and replace it if necessary.

Loose or Damaged Wiring

The Ideal F2 fault code may be triggered by issues with the boiler's internal wiring. Loose connections or damaged wiring can interfere with electrical signals required for proper boiler operation, leading to the F2 error code being displayed. Engaging a professional to diagnose and rectify wiring issues is essential for safe and efficient boiler functionality.

Boiler Fan Problems

Finally, the boiler fan might be another factor in the F2 error code manifestation. The fan is responsible for drawing oxygen into the combustion chamber and ensuring that draught is present in the chamber.

If the fan is malfunctioning or is not working at all, the boiler may have difficulty initiating combustion, and the F2 fault code can be displayed as a result. A Gas Safe engineer should be contacted to investigate and repair boiler fan problems.

Call a Heating Engineer

It's important to know when to call a heating engineer for your Ideal boiler F2 fault code. One should not attempt to repair the boiler personally, as doing so may lead to accidents or void warranties.

If you notice that the Ideal boiler displays an F2 error code consistently, it is time to call a Gas Safe engineer. These engineers have the necessary knowledge to diagnose and fix the problem while ensuring safe operation of your home heating system.


A professional boiler service is essential for maintaining your Ideal boiler in top condition. It's advisable to schedule an Ideal boiler service with a Gas Safe boiler engineer annually. Regular servicing helps extend the functionality and life of your boiler while reducing the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

There are several factors that could cause the F2 error, such as a malfunctioning gas valve, faulty fan, flue obstruction, or a problem with the mains gas supply. A Gas Safe heating engineer is equipped to identify and address these issues.

In conclusion, when facing an Ideal boiler F2 fault code, it's crucial to contact a heating engineer without delay. Allowing a Gas Safe engineer to handle the problem ensures that the boiler operates safely and efficiently, thus preventing further complications and maintaining a comfortable home environment.

F2 Fault Code Fixes

Resetting the Boiler

Firstly, attempt to reset your boiler by turning off the mode control knob, waiting a few moments, then switching it back on. This may resolve the issue if it's a minor glitch. However, remember that it's essential to call a Gas Safe engineer if the problem persists or you're unsure.

Checking Gas Supply

It's crucial to check if there's a gas supply issue, which could cause the F2 fault code. Make sure your other gas appliances are functioning correctly. If they're not, contact your gas supplier. If they're working, but the boiler isn't, a Gas Safe engineer should be called to inspect the issue.

Resetting the Gas Valve

Resetting the gas valve may resolve the F2 fault in some cases. A Gas Safe boiler engineer can safely do this. However, attempting it without proper certification and knowledge may lead to consequential hazards, such as gas leaks or explosions.

Repairing or Replacing the Fan

The boiler fan plays an essential role in maintaining correct pressure and preventing dangerous fumes buildup. A faulty fan can result in the F2 fault code. A thorough boiler service by a boiler service engineer can determine if the fan needs repair or replacement.

Checking the Flue and Mains Supply

Inspect the flue for any blockages or obstructions that could encumber the escape of flue gases. A vertical flue through the roof without adequate flue guard may lead to the F2 fault. Additionally, examine the mains supply, as interruptions could trigger the F2 code. A Gas Safe engineer can address these issues if they arise.

Replacing Faulty Wiring

Lastly, faulty wiring within the printed circuit board (PCB) might cause the F2 fault code. Replacing the wiring or the entire PCB is often best left to a Gas Safe engineer to avoid further damage. If a new boiler becomes necessary, consult your engineer for boiler replacement and installation options.

Ideal Boiler Maintenance Tips

Regular boiler maintenance is crucial in ensuring the efficiency and longevity of your heating system. It can help you prevent the occurrence of the F2 fault code on your Ideal boiler. Here are some useful tips for maintaining your Ideal boiler in top shape:

During the winter months, it's essential to regularly check your central heating system. Ensuring your boiler is functioning correctly can help prevent boiler fan problems, such as frozen condensate pipes. Whenever possible, insulate any exposed condensate pipes to minimise the risk of freezing.

One of the main components of your Ideal boiler is the printed circuit board (PCB). It's responsible for regulating the overall performance of your heating system, including the boiler fan. This piece of equipment must be handled with care to avoid causing further issues. If you're unsure about handling the PCB, contacting a professional is advisable.

A vital part of maintaining your Ideal boiler is carrying out an annual boiler service. A qualified heating engineer will check the boiler's components, including the boiler fan and central heating system, ensuring everything works efficiently. Additionally, an Ideal boiler service can help identify any potential issues early, preventing more severe problems in the future.

When taking care of your central heating system, pay attention to the boiler fan. The fan is responsible for ensuring proper gas combustion and removing harmful fumes from your home. Regularly cleaning and inspecting the fan can prevent associated problems, such as operational difficulties or the F2 fault code's appearance.

Finally, keep in mind that a well-maintained central heating system is essential for your home's comfort and safety.

By following these maintenance tips and carrying out regular Ideal boiler services, you can ensure the peak performance of your heating system, while minimising the risk of encountering the F2 fault code.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does F2 mean on an Ideal boiler?

F2 fault code on an Ideal boiler indicates a problem with the boiler's ignition or flame detection. This can be caused by various issues such as a malfunctioning gas valve, a faulty fan, flue obstruction, or a mains gas supply problem.

How do you fix a F2 fault on an Ideal boiler?

Fixing an F2 fault on an Ideal boiler requires a Gas Safe engineer to inspect the issue. Attempting to fix it without the necessary qualifications can be dangerous. The engineer will diagnose the exact cause of the F2 fault, which can include checking the gas valve, fan, flue, and gas supply, and then perform the necessary repairs.

How do you fix the L2 fault code on an Ideal boiler?

An L2 fault code on an Ideal boiler signifies a flame loss during operation. The most common causes of this error are low gas pressure, blocked or restricted flue, or a defective ignition lead or electrode. A qualified Gas Safe engineer should be called to diagnose and fix the issue.

How do you fix the ignition lockout on an Ideal boiler?

Fixing an ignition lockout on an Ideal boiler involves identifying the cause of the lockout, which can include issues like a contaminated or defective ignition electrode, a failed gas valve, or low gas pressure. A Gas Safe engineer should be consulted for assessing and repairing the problem.

What causes an ignition lockout fault?

Ignition lockout faults are typically caused by a problem in the ignition system of the boiler or issues related to gas supply. Some common causes include a damaged ignition electrode, a failed gas valve, low gas pressure, or faulty wiring.

How do I get my boiler out of lockout?

To get a boiler out of lockout, first ensure that the cause of the lockout has been fixed or resolved. This typically requires the assistance of a Gas Safe engineer who can diagnose and repair the issue. Once the problem is resolved, resetting the boiler by following the manufacturer's instructions should bring it out of lockout.

How does a boiler get air locked?

A boiler gets air locked when air becomes trapped within the heating system, preventing proper water circulation. This can occur if there is a build-up of air due to leaks, a lack of adequate venting, improper system filling, or poor maintenance of expansion tanks and radiators.

Will an airlock eventually clear itself?

In some cases, an airlock may clear itself as the trapped air works its way through the system and is eventually released through a vent or radiator bleed valve. However, if the airlock persists, it may require manual intervention, such as bleeding radiators, using a radiator key, or consulting a heating engineer to resolve the issue.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.