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Last updated: 11th April, 2024


Ideal Logic+ Combi Review

Ideal Logic+ Combi Review

In this guide, we will be reviewing the Ideal Logic+ combi boiler, taking a look at its features, efficiency and accreditations in detail.

A Little Bit About Ideal

To begin with, let’s take a look at the manufacturer, Ideal…

With over 115 years’ experience of providing high quality boilers, Ideal remains at the forefront of the domestic and commercial heating markets, leading the industry in setting new standards and challenging technological boundaries. 

They remain true to their founding principles of quality, innovation and value.

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Ideal Logic Plus Combi Output Sizes

Power Output in kW

Suitable For:

Flow Rate


The Ideal Logic Plus 24kW is best suited for smaller families living in an apartment or bungalow with one to two bedroom(s), one bathroom and up to ten radiators.



The Ideal Logic Plus 30kW is ideal for medium sized families living in a medium terrace, bungalow or semi detached house with three to four bedrooms, one to two bathrooms and up to fifteen radiators.



The Ideal Logic Plus 35kW is perfect for large families with a high demand for hot water living in a large semi-detached or detached house with over four bedrooms, over two bathrooms and up to twenty radiators.


The Ideal Logic+ Combi Features

The Logic+ is Ideal’s most popular boiler thanks to its compact dimensions and powerful, yet efficient, heating and hot water abilities, making it ideal (😎) for medium sized homes. 

Here are some of the boiler’s key features:

  • Aluminium heat exchanger

  • A-Rated for efficiency

  • Hot water flow rate 9.9/12.4 / 14.5 litres per minute

  • Compact dimensions W 395mm D 278mm H 700mm

  • Easy-to-use fully backlit LCD

  • Frost protection

  • Quiet Mark Certified

  • Warranty: 7 years standard, 10 years with iHeat

The Features in More Detail

Power Output and Hot Water Flow Rate

At iHeat, the Ideal Logic+ Combi is available in two power outputs: 30kW and 35kW.

The Ideal Logic+ 30kW is best for mid-range homes with between 3-4 bedrooms, 1-2 bathrooms and a lower demand for hot water. 

This boiler has a high hot water flow rate of 12.4l/m, sending plenty of hot water to your taps and showers.

The Ideal Logic+ 35kW is better suited to larger homes with 4+ bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a higher demand for hot water. 

With an impressive hot water flow rate of 14.5l/m, you can get instantaneous hot water on demand.

Ideal Logic Plus Power Outputs

Ideal Logic + Uses an Aluminium Heat Exchanger

When shopping for a boiler, many people assume that the parts inside are generally the same, however, the materials used and quality of the components can greatly impact the way in which your boiler functions and whether or not it will stand the test of time.

The Ideal Logic+ uses an aluminium heat exchanger, which has been used in millions of boilers across Europe since the 1970s. 

Heat Exchangers

The benefits of an aluminium heat exchanger include:

Very High Thermal Conductivity

Aluminium has a very high thermal conductivity (237W/m²/K), meaning it has a strong ability to transfer heat.

Because of this high thermal conductivity, the heat exchanger itself requires less surface area, meaning the boiler can be more lightweight and compact.

Quiet Operation

Thanks to the large waterways in an aluminium heat exchanger, the water velocity can be reduced, in turn reducing the amount of noise. 

Ideal Quiet Mark

This boiler was even awarded the Quiet Mark for such low noise levels.

Corrosion Resistance

On contact with water or oxygen, a non-porous protective layer of aluminium oxide is formed naturally, called alumina (or the passivation layer). 

This chemical reaction contributes to the heat exchangers being highly resistant to the corrosion effects of condensate during operation.

A key thing to note, however, is that stainless steel heat exchangers are more desirable than aluminium due to their better corrosion resistance, durability and reliability. 

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Ideal Logic+ Efficiency

Thanks to its A-rated 89% energy efficiency, you can make incredible savings on your heating bills whilst reducing your carbon footprint, all without changing your consumption. 

The Logic+ is part of Ideal’s ErP range which means it has been designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Ideal Logic Efficiency Rating

Ideal Logic+ is a Compact Combi

When shopping for a boiler, an important consideration is the dimensions of it so you can be sure it will fit in the location you want to have it installed.

Fortunately, the Ideal Logic+ combi has incredibly compact dimensions of W 395mm, D 279mm, H 700mm and is designed to fit inside a standard kitchen cupboard, helping you to save space elsewhere in your home.

Compact Ideal Logic Plus

Fully Backlit LCD Display

The Logic+ comes with an innovative and easy-to-use LCD display which is fully backlit, making it a lot easier to read. 

This means quick fixes such as topping up your boiler pressure are made a lot simpler.

Frost Protection

The Ideal Logic+ comes with built-in frost protection, helping to reduce the risk of your boiler freezing during the colder months.

Ideal Logic+ Warranty

The standard warranty for the Ideal Logic+ is 7 years, however, with iHeat you can get a huge 10 year warranty on parts and labour, so you can rest easy knowing you’re covered in the unlikely event of something going wrong.

Ideal Logic Plus Awards and Accreditations

The Queen’s Award for Enterprise

In 2013, the Ideal Logic+ boiler was awarded the Queen’s award for Enterprise and Innovation.

The award recognises Ideal’s “outstanding innovation, resulting in improvements to the business’ performance and commercial success.”

Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended

The Ideal Logic, Logic+ and Vogue boiler ranges also received the Housekeeping Reader Recommended Status in 2013, 2017, 2019 and again in 2020!

Ideal Good Housekeeping

Quiet Mark

As mentioned earlier, this model received the Quiet Mark, a certification that assesses products for their solutions to unwanted noise.

Product of the Year

The Logic+ won the coveted prize for the Household Boiler category for Product of the Year after 11,941 members of the public took part in research conducted by leading market information group TNS. 

Consumers were particularly impressed with the Logic+ because it “helps to reduce energy bills”, has “high efficiency and is simple to run” and needs “minimal maintenance and is eco-friendly”.

Logic Combi + Price Review

The Logic Combi+ is an affordable boiler that doesn’t compromise on quality. 

Sure, it isn’t the flashiest of boilers like the Worcester Bosch Style 8000, but if all you’re looking for is a reliable boiler that delivers effective and efficient heating, the Ideal Logic+ is a great choice.

Ideal Logic Prices

If you purchase an Ideal Logic+ through iHeat, you can get a fixed price for both the boiler itself plus installation by our Gas Safe installers. 

Prices for the Ideal Logic+ Combi boiler range plus installation begin at £1,895 and are available with a number of finance options to help you spread the cost.

Included in our prices is a fantastic 10 year warranty that we offer exclusively with all of our boilers here at iHeat.

Our Overall Thoughts?

The Ideal Logic+ combi is a fantastic boiler with a range of highly efficient features for an affordable price, helping you to make savings all around. 

As the winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, Product of the Year and Good Housekeeping Reader Recommended, there’s no doubt this boiler can provide you with an effective and reliable heating solution.

Get a free fixed quote on a brand new Ideal Logic+ Combi plus installation from a Gas Safe engineer today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Ideal Logic Combi Boiler Any Good?

The Ideal Logic combi boiler series is highly regarded in the heating industry for its efficiency, reliability, and value for money. It's designed to meet the needs of a wide range of domestic installations, offering compact sizes that fit easily into standard kitchen cupboards. With a good warranty period and user-friendly controls, it's a popular choice among homeowners looking for a cost-effective heating solution. Its performance and efficiency have made it a preferred option for both new installations and boiler replacements.

What are the Common Faults with Ideal Logic Boiler?

Like any boiler, the Ideal Logic series can experience issues, some of the more common faults include:

  • Pressure Loss: Often indicated by fault codes such as F1, this can be due to leaks or the need to repressurise the system.
  • Ignition Failures: Sometimes shown as fault code L2, indicating the boiler is attempting to ignite but fails.
  • Blocked Condensate Pipe: Especially in cold weather, this can cause the boiler to shutdown.
  • Electrical Issues: Including problems with the PCB (Printed Circuit Board), which may lead to various fault codes and operational issues.

What is the Life Expectancy of an Ideal Logic Boiler?

The life expectancy of an Ideal Logic boiler is typically around 15 years, with proper installation and regular maintenance. Annual servicing by a qualified professional can help extend its lifespan and ensure it operates efficiently and safely throughout its service life.

How Do I Reset My Ideal Logic Boiler?

To reset an Ideal Logic boiler, locate the reset button on the boiler's control panel. This button is often marked clearly, sometimes with a flame or reset icon. Press and hold this button for a few seconds until the boiler resets. This can clear some fault codes and minor issues, but if problems persist, further investigation or professional assistance may be necessary.

Why is My Ideal Boiler Not Firing Up?

If your Ideal boiler is not firing up, it could be due to several reasons, such as low water pressure, a fault in the ignition system, a blocked condensate pipe, or electrical issues. Check the boiler's display for any fault codes, which can help diagnose the problem. Ensuring the boiler has power and checking the gas supply are also good initial steps.

Should I Press the Reset Button on My Boiler?

Pressing the reset button on your boiler can help clear minor faults and restart the boiler's operation. It's a recommended first step when troubleshooting some issues. However, if the boiler continues to display fault codes or doesn't operate properly after resetting, it may indicate a more serious issue that requires professional diagnosis and repair.

How Do You Manually Reset a Boiler?

To manually reset a boiler:

  1. Find the Reset Button: This is usually located on the boiler's control panel and may be marked with a reset symbol or text.
  2. Press the Button: Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds. Some boilers may require a quick press, while others need the button to be held for up to 10 seconds.
  3. Wait: After pressing the reset button, wait a few moments for the boiler to restart. It may go through a startup sequence before resuming normal operation.

Always refer to your boiler's user manual for specific instructions on resetting, as procedures can vary between models.

Stephen Day profile photo
Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.