07th February, 2022

Should You Convert to a Combi Boiler?

If your boiler is over 15 years old or in need of a replacement, you should consider replacing it with a combi boiler.

Should You Convert to a Combi Boiler?

Your Current Boiler

Combi boilers are a brilliant replacement for when you want to increase efficiency and space in your home. Keep reading to find out what exactly a combi boiler is, and why our expert team at iHeat would recommend making the change.

Broken boiler?

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First, let’s look at your current boiler. A ‘conventional system’ refers to a heat-only boiler which has two cold-water tanks in the loft space and a hot water tank which can usually be found in the airing cupboard.

System boilers are very similar to heat-only boilers, however, they don’t require the feed and expansion cold-water tanks in the loft.

What Is a Combi Boiler, & Why Are They Better?

A combi or combination boiler combines a water heating system and central heating unit into a single body, acting as a unified way to handle heating and hot water without needing two separate boilers and produces hot water on demand.

This means there is no need for a separate water tank system and therefore takes up much less space in your home, which is a major benefit for smaller homes.

Another great benefit of a combi boiler is its efficiency. By heating water on demand as opposed to constantly heating stored water, you can save energy and cut costs on your fuel bills. A new combi boiler should be around 90% efficient, so replacing your old boiler could save you up to £380 according to The Energy Saving Trust.

Is It Worth Swapping to a Combi Boiler?

If you have a smaller home and are tight for space, then a combi boiler is a great solution. Although a system conversion costs extra on top of your boiler installation costs, it is worth considering how much you may save in the long run on your heating bills and how a smaller boiler can benefit your home space.

On the other hand, if you are on a tight budget or live in a larger house with a high demand for hot water at any one time, then a combi boiler conversion may not be the right option for you.

When Should I Have My Boiler Replaced?

You can of course change your heating system at any time, however, to avoid disruption and upheaval in your home, especially where there are carpets, the ideal time to have your system changed is during a refurbishment, particularly if you currently have a system or heat-only boiler with tanks.

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