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Last updated: 9th April, 2024


Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Review

Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Review

Key takeaways

  • The Vaillant ecoFIT Pure is A rated with 94% efficiency.
  • This Vaillant boiler can reduce a home's emissions by 30%.
  • The Vaillant ecoFIT Pure is extremely well designed and compact.

At iHeat we stock only the best boilers to efficiently heat your home, and save you money. That’s why we’ve partnered up with Vaillant UK to offer homeowners the chance to upgrade to their award winning range of boilers.

In this blog we’ll be reviewing the Vaillant ecoFIT PURE combi boiler, including its many key benefits, its technical specification and its price.

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Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant is a renowned international boiler manufacturer with over 140 years of heritage, beginning in Germany in 1874. 

Vaillant is still operating successfully around the world today as one of Europe's most prominent family businesses, constantly striving to combine energy efficiency with heating functionality in their products.

What is a Combi Boiler?

A combi (combination) boiler is a type of domestic boiler that ‘combines’ a home’s central heating and hot water production into one succinct unit.

A combi takes water directly from the mains and heats it upon usage. After detecting a hot water request, the combi begins to burn gas in a combustion chamber. 

The hot gases rise and move through a series of pipes and into a component called a heat exchanger, the hot gas running through the exchanger then heats the surrounding cold water.

In a conventional boiler system, this process is done according to a programme and the water is stored in a separate cylinder until it’s needed. 

A combi only starts this cycle upon request (initiating the heating or turning on a hot water outlet), therefore the hot water is almost instant.

Vaillant ecoTEC/FIT

Vaillant boilers are designed to be environmentally friendly, with sustainability being a key aspect of their ethos and range. 

Vaillant boilers are totally committed to working toward climate protection targets and are recognised as one of the world's leading manufacturers of eco-friendly heating and cooling technology.

By installing one of Vaillant's high-efficiency boilers, customers can save more than 30% energy and reduce property CO2 emissions by a further 30%. 

The ecoTEC/FIT range of boilers is at the forefront of their green revolution, offering premium, powerful, and environmentally conscious heating solutions that are designed to last and provide a good return on investment.


Vaillant ecoFIT Pure

Technical specifications

Efficiency rating


Efficiency class


kW output

30kW, 35kW

Flow rate (Litres/min)

12.2, 14.1


700mm (H) x 390mm (W) x 295mm (D)

Key Features

  • The Vaillant ecoFIT pure is a highly efficient wall-mounted boiler suitable for most homes. It features a standard control panel and small display, making it easy to operate. 

  • The compact design allows for installation on a wall or in most standard cupboards, including an airing cupboard.

  • The ecoFIT pure provides improved hot water flow rates compared to other boilers, making it suitable for most size homes. This means that you will have a reliable supply of hot water, even during peak usage periods. 

  • The ecoFIT pure holds an ‘A’ energy efficiency rating, which is the highest rating available, and is 94% efficient for heat and hot water. This means that it will help to reduce your energy bills and is kinder to the environment.

  • The ecoFIT pure includes load and weather compensation, which means that it can detect the temperature and adjust its performance accordingly. This feature helps to optimise the efficiency of the boiler, ensuring that it operates at its best at all times. 

  • The load compensation feature also allows the boiler to adjust its output based on the demand for heat, providing further energy savings.

  • The ecoFIT pure is compatible with smart technology, including Vaillant’s vSMART™ app. This app allows you to control your boiler remotely, so you can adjust the temperature, set schedules, and view energy usage from anywhere. This feature provides convenience and flexibility, allowing you to manage your heating system with ease.

Overall, the Vaillant ecoFIT pure is a reliable and efficient boiler that provides a range of features to help you manage your heating system with ease. 

Vaillant ecoFIT Price

Vaillant are a premium boiler brand, renowned for their products’ capabilities, therefore a new Vaillant may cost slightly more than a cheaper, budget alternative, however you get what you pay for with a Vaillant, reliability and excellence.

Cheap budget boilers may be initially low cost, but you may end up paying out more in the long run in maintenance or repair costs.

A brand new Vaillant ecoFIT (with Gas Safe engineer installtion) from iHeat will be priced around £2,445 for the 30kW size and £2,645 for 35kW, a very reasonable price for the caliber of boiler you’ll be upgrading to.

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Signs You Should Upgrade

Apart from the obvious complete breakdown, there are several signs to keep on the lookout for that may be warning you that your boiler is on its way out.

Leaks can be fixed depending on their severity, but should always be treated as a priority issue that if sizable or fast flowing can be a major problem, and needs rectifying ASAP.

Repeated error codes can also be a cause for heating concern especially if they result in a boiler being ‘locked out’ (system forced shut down) for damage limitation purposes.

If your boiler regularly needs some kind of maintenance, or performs sub-optimally most of the time there may be serious component issues.



At iHeat we aim to make the quote process and subsequent installation of your new Vaillant boiler as easy as possible, that’s why all of our quotes are free, fixed price and take no more than 60 seconds!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Any Good?

The Vaillant ecoFIT Pure is widely regarded as a high-quality and efficient boiler option. It's designed for those seeking a compact, energy-efficient heating solution with the reliability that Vaillant is known for. Its high-efficiency ratings, user-friendly interface, and quiet operation make it a popular choice among homeowners. Additionally, its compatibility with Vaillant’s range of smart thermostats adds convenience and potential for further energy savings.

What Type of Boiler is Vaillant ecoFIT Pure?

The Vaillant ecoFIT Pure is a condensing boiler available in both combi and system models. The combi version provides heating and hot water from a single unit without the need for a separate hot water tank, making it ideal for smaller homes with limited space. The system version is designed to work with a separate cylinder, suited for homes with higher hot water demands.

What is the Difference Between Ecotec and ecoFIT?

The main difference between Vaillant's Ecotec and ecoFIT ranges lies in their design and intended installation spaces. Ecotec models are Vaillant's premium range, offering a wide variety of heating outputs and options, suitable for a broad range of homes and needs. They are known for their robustness and versatility. In contrast, the ecoFIT range is designed with space efficiency in mind, ideal for installations in tighter spaces, like kitchen cabinets. Although slightly more compact, ecoFIT boilers still offer high efficiency and reliability but may have fewer features or options compared to some Ecotec models.

How Do I Reset My Vaillant ecoFIT Pure Boiler?

To reset your Vaillant ecoFIT Pure boiler, you typically need to locate the reset button on the boiler's control panel. This button is usually marked with a circular arrow symbol or simply says "reset." Press and hold this button for a few seconds until the boiler restarts. If your boiler continues to experience issues after a reset, it may indicate a more significant problem that requires professional attention.

Where is the Reset Button on Vaillant ecoFIT Pure?

The reset button on the Vaillant ecoFIT Pure boiler is located on the front control panel of the boiler. The exact position can vary slightly by model, but it is usually clearly marked with a reset label or a circular arrow symbol. Refer to your boiler's user manual for precise location and instructions.

Why is My Vaillant Boiler Not Firing Up?

A Vaillant boiler may not fire up due to several reasons, including low water pressure, issues with the thermostat, electrical problems, or a fault within the ignition system. First, check the boiler's display for any fault codes, as these can help diagnose the issue. Ensure the boiler's pressure is within the recommended range and that electrical connections are secure. If the problem persists, it may require professional diagnosis and repair.

How Do You Reignite a Vaillant Boiler?

To reignite a Vaillant boiler, you'll generally start by ensuring the boiler is reset correctly, as described previously. If the boiler has a pilot light (which is less common in newer models that use electronic ignition systems), reigniting may involve following specific instructions for lighting the pilot. However, most modern Vaillant boilers, including the ecoFIT Pure series, use electronic ignition systems that automatically reignite the boiler as needed. If your boiler is not igniting automatically as it should, it's advisable to consult the user manual or contact a professional technician for assistance.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.