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16th June, 2022

What is a CP12 Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?

If you're a landlord, you may have heard of a CP12 - but what exactly is it? Let us explain...

What is a CP12 Landlord Gas Safety Certificate?
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Gas Safety Certificate/CP12

A Landlord gas safety certificate or CP12 as it’s often still known, is essentially a safety compliance report.

A CP12 is issued in acknowledgment that an annual safety check has been carried out by a gas safe registered engineer on a premises’ gas devices, and provided satisfactory findings.

Who Needs A CP12?

It is a legal requirement in the UK that landlords or any commercial property owners require gas safety inspections on their premises every twelve months in order to receive a valid gas safety certificate. 

A Landlord gas safety/Corgi Proforma ‘CP’12 certificate must be kept by a landlord for up to two years for potential auditing. Also any current tenants must be issued with a copy of the documentation within 28 days of its issuing.

Any new tenants of rental properties must be provided a copy of a CP12 for the location upon the start of their residency.

What is a Landlord Safety Certificate

How Long Does A CP12 Last?

A CP12 certificate is valid for up to one year after the date of its issue (not date of inspection). Re-inspection must be carried out annually as per UK regulatory requirements.

How Much Does A CP12 Cost For Gas Appliances?

The price of this mandatory health and safety check can vary depending on numerous contributing factors to the cost.

Gas engineer prices can vary from £35-£200 and often depend on individual discretion; this provides a good opportunity to compare quotes before agreeing a price.

Any sub-optimal findings will result in inspection failure, with repairs required before a gas safety certificate can be issued. It is the landlord's legal obligation to arrange and pay for a property's scheduled gas safety check.

Gas Safe Registered Engineer

The Gas Safe Register is the appointed representative of the safety regulatory group- Health and Safety Executive. By Law, any potential safety check must be completed properly by a gas safe registered engineer.

This is a fully trained and qualified gas engineer who is legally licensed under the published Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR).

All registered gas safe engineers should carry and be able to present official accreditation and have a verified and unique ID number. 

CP12 Check

Whats happens during a CP12 check?

CP12 checks generally consist of the following:

  • Gas tightness check

  • Check the standing and working gas pressure (if test points are available)

  • Check the burner pressure/gas pressure against the manufacturer’s data plate

  • Necessary ventilation and adequate air supply check

  • Test the flue flow to ensure the removal of products of combustion

  • Check that all safety devices are working properly

  • Check for user error or misuse of gas equipment

If any of the above checks cause warrant for concern or dissatisfactory results, a landlord must pay for these issues to be amended before gas safety certificates can be issued.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on why gas safety matters in the home or workplace.

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