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Last updated: 13th March, 2023


What Is A MagnaCleanse?

What Is A MagnaCleanse?

The heating system in your home is a valuable tool that is used on a regular basis, most likelydaily during the winter season.

However, as with other essential tools inside of your home, general maintenance is periodically necessary and can ensure that you receive the best performance possible from your heating system.

Both MagnaCleanse and powerflush are methods used to clean the central heating system, but they differ in their approach and effectiveness.

MagnaCleanse is a magnetic filtration system that uses a combination of magnets and a cleaning solution to remove debris, sludge, and other contaminants from the heating system.

The cleaning solution is circulated around the system to loosen the debris and then it is trapped and removed by the magnet.

MagnaCleanse is a less invasive and less time-consuming process than a powerflush, and it is suitable for newer systems or systems with less severe blockages.

Power flushes and chemical flushes are far harsher on your central heating system, and should be carefully weighed up before any commitments are made.

MagnaCleanse complete solution kit can perform a deep clean of your full heating system, the perfect balance between a power and chemical flush, improving water quality and removing residue.

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What Is A Power Flush?

The aim of a power flush is to intensely clean the entirety of your heating system, from the boiler to the radiators. Any sludge is washed away, preventing the eventual damage to parts of your heating system that could result in higher future costs.

When Will Your system Need a Power Flush?

Ideally, every heating system will need a power flush every 6 years, although this will vary depending on the condition of your heating system.

For example, there may be performance issues that you have noticed with your radiators that can signal that a power flush is required and would benefit your heating system.

Examples include spotting cold areas on your radiators or noticing that your radiators remain fully cold, despite the pipes feeling hot. Or, you may notice leaks, particularly with discoloured water, or it may take a while for the radiator to feel as hot as it should be.

What is MagnaCleanse?

The ADEY MagnaCleanse complete solution kit can flush through your heating system, being able to remove black iron oxide sludge from your central heating system pipes. It even shifts hardened debris!

For the ultimate cleanse, the ADEY MagnaCleanse complete solution kit provides you with a rapidflush filter 1 x, vibraclean agitator combination.

When using the rapidflush filter and vibraclean agitator MagnaCleanse system, flushing removes system debris, and even shifts hardened debris, reducing sludge and blockages and improving heating performance.

The benefits of using Adey MagnaCleanse to your central heating system are vast, eliminating debris, reducing the need to bleed your radiators, and reducing the amount of energy needed to heat your home.

On average, you may save up to 6% per year on your energy bills when your central heating system is functioning fully. This percentage additionally impacts the carbon footprint of your household, providing around 200 - 300 kg fewer emissions across each year.

Creating additional protection provides effective ongoing protection through the use of the filter, preventing future blockages from forming.

You may expect a reduced amount of problems occurring in your heating system, such as boiler damage, benefitting from around 30% fewer instances of breakdowns.

In a complete kit, you will receive 1 x RapidFlush filter,1 x VibraClean agitator, 1 x hose-to-valve connectors, 2 x hose lengths, 4 x Supra clamps, 4 xfemale cam locks, 1 x drain valve.

How Does MagnaCleanse Work?

Your MagnaCleanse product will completely clean the system throughout the process of flushing, as an increase in the heating's performance and efficiency extends the life of the system.

ADEY has developed the MagnaCleanse process to tackle debris and black iron oxide within the system throughout the pipes, from the boiler to the radiators.

The professional who performs the flushing of your heating system will firstly turn on the central heating, positioning the magnet in the 'swill chamber', allowing the water to swirl around while the magnet attracts the black iron oxide debris as the cleanser remains heated and concentrated within the system.

The professional will then place an agitator separately on each radiator, vibrating the radiator to loosen the debris for around 20 seconds. The debris will eventually travel to the swill chamber, where it will be attracted by the magnet.

Flushing can be completed in as little as 2 hours, as the MagnaCleanse system improves the central heating's performance and making heating your home faster and more effective.

However, this process can take a lot longer if your central heating system is very old. The filter will then be fitted and will prevent debris from gathering in the system again. You may wish to get another cleanse to flush through the system many, many years later.

What are the Advantages of Using ADEY MagnaCleanse?

Installing MagnaCleanse really can prolong the life of the system, preventing debris from gathering in the pipes of your central heating system.

As well as gaining longevity from your boiler, you will also experience radiators that heat up quicker and that heat up fully, being faster and more effective, reducing the amount of energy required to heat your home, all in as little as 2 hours.

This will result in around 6% less energy required across a full year, reducing your energy costs and also lowering the carbon footprint of your household by between 200 - 300 kg per year.

What Is Included In Your MagnaCleanse Purchase?

The MagnaClean filter is included and is permanently fitted close to the boiler in your home, filtering the sludge in the system before it impacts the pipes.

In addition, the MagnaCleanse magnet is temporarily fitted and works in conjunction with an agitator called the vibraclean. To combat the system debris, the precision agitator shakes the radiators for sludge in 20 seconds to loosen the sludge where the Magna Cleanse will capture it.

This will remove more sludge and debris than can be extracted in 30 minutes without an agitator. When faced with debris, the precision agitator removes more sludge than you can imagine!

Furthermore, there is no need to remove radiators to completely clean away the debris as the Adey MagnaCleanse complete solution will do all of the work for you with no mess! The full kit contains 1 x VibraClean agitator, 1 x RapidFlush filter, 1 x hose-to-valve connectors, 4 x Supra clamps, 2 x hose lengths, 1 x drain valve, and 4 x female cam locks.

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