10th May, 2022

What Is A MagnaClean?

You may have heard of MagnaClean (sometimes accidentally called Magna Clean) before, but what exactly is it?

What Is A MagnaClean?

When it comes to clearing out your central heating system and boiler, there are not a lot of products that can do the job well without taking up all of your free time. Is MagnaClean any different?

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About MagnaClean

The product is a magnetic filter that is designed to fit onto almost any boiler's pipework, clearing out debris and sludge before it can build up and block the system or leak into the water supply.

Like any filter, MagnaClean stops you from having to flush the systems constantly every time they clog up with rust.

The product comes from ADEY, and over 5 million homes in the UK have a MagnaClean product installed as they are available to suit a range of different sized heating systems.

The website makes it clear that they are meant to be easy to install and available to anybody who needs them, making them products that can suit almost any central heating system.

How Does MagnaClean Work?

Unlike most products designed to clean out central heating systems, MagnaClean filter technology is supposed to be very easy to understand even before they are set up.

The installation process is meant to be simple, and once installed and fitted, the filter/magnet design will start to catch rust and sludge as it passes through the pipe while still letting pure water through.

In a way, it is a more advanced filter that is easier to fit onto the pipes. It does not stop water from getting to your radiator and does not reduce the output of your new boiler but will get sludge, rust, debris, and other blocking objects out of the way.

Once all of this debris is gone, the remaining water is free to move around the central heating system unimpeded.


Installing a full MagnaClean filter is easy, and you do not need much information to get it working, even with gas boilers. Unlike other filters, though, the magnet can grab things like metal rust, using the magnetic force to trap it on the filter.

The actual filter itself also helps stop sludge from passing through, which can massively improve your heating efficiency.

What are the Benefits of the ADEY MagnaClean?

MagnaClean is great for a heating system, but what does the magnetic filter offer that makes it so useful around the home?

Cleaner Water

Filtering out sludge and other blockages gives you clean water without chemical waste or contamination. Clean water also does not put as much pressure on the heating system or fill your brand new boiler with a chemical mess that you will have to flush out later.

Better Efficiency

Cleaner water leads to better heating, whether you are using a gas boiler or an electric central heating system. Even over a period of only three days, this can improve your heating system dramatically.

Less Maintenance

Filtering out debris means that you do not have to flush or bleed the radiators in a long time and also prevents damage to the boiler. If you have an ADEY MagnaClean installed for multiple years, you could cut down maintenance for your boilers by a huge amount.

Fewer Breakdowns

Blocked pipes lead to breakdowns that can be costly or annoying, even with a warranty. No blocked pipes, fewer breakdowns to deal with! A full installation could extend the lifespan of older gas boilers and brand new boilers with equal effectiveness.

This extends to radiators, too: your radiators will not need a clean as often and will not wear down in a matter of days as a result of being filled full of sludge.

Lower Energy Bills

Better heating efficiency leads to lower energy bills from your heating system since you have more water available and fewer blockages to slow the process down.

Faster Heating

Not only does your central heating become more efficient, but your radiators will often heat up faster, giving you the best level of performance possible with your current system design.

How Much Does the ADEY MagnaClean Cost?

The price of an ADEY MagnaClean changes depending on the size that you are getting fitted, as well as the model that you are using. For example, the MagnaClean Professional 2XP at a size of 22mm can cost between £75 to £110 depending on where it is being bought from.

Remember that the product makes installation very easy, so many people will not need to pay for it to be installed. This price range also does not take into account the savings that you will make from having the magnetic filter fitted since it will reduce your fuel or energy costs.

Choosing the Right Magnetic Filter

If you are planning to buy one of these magnetic filter products, make sure that you get the right size.

The best way to check is to measure the pipes you are planning to attach the magnetic filter to since some homes will have a heating system with more than one pipe size. A 22mm pipe should have a 22mm ADEY MagnaClean, not a 28mm, for example.

With A New Central Heating System

If you want to use a MagnaClean properly and get the best possible results, then you need to be sure that the product will fit.

If you are going to apply it to a new boiler, build up the basics of the boiler first so that you understand which pipes you will have to work with. If you are stuck, you can always get help from a professional or more information from ADEY themselves.

Getting It Installed

If you do not want to risk installing the product onto your new boiler or just do not have the skills to install the MagnaClean model you bought, then see if you can get a pro installation instead.

You may have to pay more, even if VAT is not added, but it also means that the work is done for you. Some places may even offer to install it for free, available under certain conditions.


The warranty on most of these magnetic boiler and radiator system filters vary depending on what you buy, just like the price and VAT. The MagnaClean Pro 2 and Micro 2 have a warranty of 10 years - every other ADEY MagnaClean filter product is only 2 years as standard.

These available warranties are based on the relative lifespan of the models. A lower warranty does not make the design worse, so the 10-year warranty will not always be the best available option for your system.

What Else Should I Know?

Finding Magnetic Filters

If you want to find a specific ADEY MagnaClean product, then search for it! You may have to read up on some of the top models that you find, but it is never a waste of time to hunt for something you will use. It is better to buy magnetic filters that suit your boiler than choose a magnet product based purely on reviews.

Are MagnaClean Filters Good?

Many reviews give MagnaClean magnetic filters 5 stars, with a lot of those 5 stars being given for functionality.

Some of the ones below 5 stars are knocked down due to delivery issues or having trouble with a fitting guide, and others are below 5 stars because the product became slightly less effective after the warranty period of two years expired.

However, most of these reviews give 5 stars because of the great benefits they could add to the system. Some reviews at 5 stars also praise the delivery times, although this could vary by a few days depending on where you live, so it is hard to know how much the delivery impacted the final rating.

How Long Do The Filters Last?

These boiler system filters are available to use in almost any home or office space, and they should not get damaged during delivery - even if it takes them a few extra days for the delivery to be fully complete. However, you should still maintain them if possible.

Most of these filters will last at least two years on your boiler system, and some up to 10 years.

Be sure to read any materials that come with your filter before setting it up on your boiler system since you do not want to install it incorrectly and reduce the lifespan of 2 years through a simple and avoidable mistake.

How Often Should I Clean My MagnaClean Filter?

A lot of maintenance advice is available online, including the details and costs of a full repair job if something happens to your system. Read up on a maintenance guide if you find one, and be sure to try the simple solutions first.

Most importantly, read up on the top ways of preventing damage to your system since the warranty will not usually cover damage that they can plainly see was your own fault.

As long as you check the filter every thirty days or so (more if you are worried about potential damage), you should be able to avoid the costs of needing repair work because you missed a major problem or fault.

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