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Last updated: 4th April, 2024


10 Myths About The Gas Boiler Ban

10 Myths About The Gas Boiler Ban

With the looming ‘gas boiler ban’ confirmed by the government to take effect in 2025, boiler confusion and heating hysteria has ensued.

We want to separate fact from fiction, giving you a breakdown of some of the most common misconceptions regarding the government initiative.

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What Is The Gas Boiler Ban?

The supposed ‘ban’ on gas boilers was initially announced back in 2019 with plans to take effect as of 2025. The reasoning behind the ban is to help the UK reach its goals of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

Some misinformed members of the public have already needlessly replaced their gas boilers due to the nature of panic purchasing.

Gas Boiler Ban Myths

Gas Boilers Are Banned

This is untrue, you can still purchase a new gas boiler, there is no current legislation banning the buying or installation of gas boilers. The plan actually states no new properties will be built with a gas or oil boiler past 2025.

You Must Dispose Of/ Replace Your Current Gas Boiler

This is simply not true, you’re well within your rights to continue to use your current gas boiler, even beyond 2025, as the gas boiler ban only concerns new builds, existing properties are still free to use and install gas boilers.

You Can’t Buy Gas Boilers Anymore

This statement is incorrect, due to the relatively low restrictions of the ‘gas boiler ban’, there has been no halt or slowing down in the production of new, efficient gas boilers from trusted British manufacturers and globally recognised brands alike.

Gas Boilers Need To Be Replaced With Air Source Heat Pumps

No, there is no current law requiring that gas boilers must be replaced with heat pumps. The UK government has figures of over half a million heat pumps it wants to sell to the public, every year!

However, heat pumps often do not ensure the amount of prescribed savings many would hope they do.

Heat Pumps Are Superior To Gas Fuel Boilers In Any Home

Heat pumps, although more efficient to run, and are capable of potential long term savings, are not the ideal solution to many home’s heating requirements.

Potential issues surrounding air source heat pumps-

  • High installation costs of up to £15,000 in some cases!

  • Heat pumps run on electricity, a considerably more expensive fuel than gas

  • Heat pumps often require additional free space

  • Many UK properties do not have the sufficient insulation conditions to accommodate optimum heat pump functionality

  • The yield will decline in colder weather

There Is A Financial Penalty For Having A Gas Boiler Beyond 2025

The International Energy Agency (IEA) have recommended that all fossil fuel burning appliances should be completely phased out by 2040, and while there is no current legislation in place for this the UK government is considering the IEA’s recommendations. Many people are fearful they will incur fines of up to five figures for non compliance and keeping a gas boiler.

This is not true, we can’t guarantee fines won’t be implemented in the future, but for now there is no fining legislation in place.

You Must Replace Your Gas Boiler With A New Electric Boiler

Although electric boilers are in some cases a good option, due to the fact that they don’t release harmful waste gases, electricity as mentioned above is an extremely expensive fuel compared to gas (one of the most affordable fuels). 

Tariff or provider dependant, electricity can cost as much as three times the rate of gas as a heating system fuel!

You Must Replace Your Gas Boiler With A New Biomass Boiler

Biomass boilers burn renewable fuel sources and are an eco-friendly heating system, however they can cost into the high four-figures just for the unit, not including installation.

They also require regular manual upkeep and maintenance, can eat up a lot of space and renewable fuel sources such as wood pellets can be an unexpected high expenditure.

Gas Boiler Upgrades Are Expensive

False, upgrading an existing gas boiler to a newer model can be far cheaper than you think, especially compared to some of the more expensive alternative heating system options as discussed throughout this blog.

With iHeat’s price match guarantee, up to 10 year warranties and 10 year finance options, we’ve made upgrading your heating system as efficient as possible.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.