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Last updated: 20th March, 2024


Alpha E-Tec S - System Boiler Review

Alpha E-Tec S - System Boiler Review

Key takeaways

  • As a system boiler, the E-Tec S can cope with a high water demand for multiple bathrooms.
  • System boilers are often compatible with solar panels, a clean, alternative energy source.
  • The E-Tec S can be controlled wirelessly from up to 30 metres away.

Here we will review the Alpha E-Tec S boiler and whether or not this is the right boiler for you.

Here we will review the Alpha E-Tec S boiler, specifically in its 35kW capacity and whether or not this is the right boiler for you.

Alpha Heating Innovation

With more than 50 years of experience and an ‘Excellent’ rating on Trustpilot, the Alpha brand is assured to deliver high end products that fuse technological innovation with proven traditional quality to ensure top class home heating, whatever the situation.

What Is Alpha E-Tec?

The Alpha E-Tec range is one of our most popular boiler collections, due to not only its quality as we will highlight throughout this informative guide, but also its fantastic price value.

E-Tec S Technical Specifications


10 Years on parts and labour

Boiler type



‘A’ rating @ 93%

Max output



W 440mm, D 255mm, H 712mm

Key Features Of The Alpha E-Tec S

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger 

  • High efficiency Grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly 

  • Single electrode

  • Easy-access dry-change NTCs

  • Combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection

  • Zinc plated expansion vessel to prevent corrosion

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

This component in particular provides the E-Tec S with an advantage over its competitors, as stainless steel is a far more robust metal than the aluminium alternatives often used by other boiler brands for their heat exchangers.

Alpha wants to maximise the longevity of your new heating system, ensuring your toastiness for years to come.

What Is A System Boiler?

A system boiler links with a hot water storage cylinder to provide a home with central heating and hot water.

It does this by taking cold water directly from the mains (instead of a cold water storage tank) and heating it via an internal heat exchanger, this transfers gas energy to water.

The hot water is then moved to the hot water cylinder for storage.

Unlike some regular boilers, such as oil or heat only, that use bulky external components, with a system boiler the majority of components are integrated within the appliance.

The only external part is the aforementioned hot water storage cylinder; This is a much smaller unit than some of the other hot water storage tank systems used by regular boilers, these tend to eat up an excessive amount of loft space.

Benefits Of System Boilers

System boilers can often be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer faster than many other boiler types.

System boilers can cope with the demand of several outlets i.e multiple taps needing hot water at the same time. This makes a system boiler suitable for servicing larger properties with more than one bathroom.

System boilers are often compatible with solar panels, a clean alternative energy source that reduces carbon emissions and saves money. Also due to their energy efficient multiple outlet capabilities at one time, system set ups are considered more eco-friendly.

Due to an internal pump, and a banked body of hot water, system boilers can produce a stream of hot water on demand quicker than heat only boilers for example.

The brainy bunch over at Alpha have created a unique smart tech modulating remote, designed specifically to sync and control the E-Tec system range with ease.

The Comfort 2 Channel radio frequency controller, wirelessly provides thermostat regulation from up to 30 metres away, meaning the Comfort 2 channel and E-Tec boiler are a dream team for universal heating control or adjustment. 

How Much Does The Alpha E-Tec S Cost?

At iHeat, prices for the Alpha E-Tec S (including installation from one of our expert heating engineers) start from

System boilers, especially with the pedigree of an E-Tec model carry great value due to their superior functionality and excellent design.

Should I Buy An Alpha E-Tec S Boiler?

The E-Tec S 35kw would definitely be a great option for properties with multiple bathrooms or a high water demand, due to its numerous outlet serviceability.

The E-Tec S’ economic yet powerful performance and space saving design combined with our iHeat 10 year warranty period offers sustained and efficient heating for your home.

Get an instant free quote on a fixed price boiler today here at iHeat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Alpha and Worcester?

Alpha boilers are known for their affordability and solid performance, making them a good mid-range option. Worcester, on the other hand, is considered a premium brand offering a broader range of advanced features.

Are Alpha boilers noisy?

Alpha boilers are generally not known to be noisy, providing a quiet operation that makes them suitable for home use.

Are Alpha boilers efficient?

Yes, Alpha boilers are designed to be efficient, offering a cost-effective heating solution with good energy use.

Are Alpha boilers OK?

Alpha boilers are a reliable choice for those looking for a balance between cost and performance, often receiving positive reviews for their efficiency.

What is the most reliable boiler brand?

Reliability varies, but brands like Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, and Vaillant are often cited among the most reliable in the industry.

What are the top 5 combi boilers?

The top 5 combi boilers typically include models from leading brands such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Vaillant, Baxi, and Ideal, each known for their efficiency, reliability, and advanced heating technology.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.