07th February, 2022

How Much Does Moving a Boiler Cost?

How Much Does Moving a Boiler Cost?

The location of your boiler in your home can sometimes be awkward and inconvenient, taking up lots of room, making annoying noises or being hard to access. This is why so many homeowners make the decision to relocate their boilers. If you find yourself in the same predicament, you may be wondering how much it costs to have your boiler moved and if it’s really worth it.

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That’s why we have created this boiler relocation cost guide to help you to calculate the price of your boiler move, as well as weighing up the pros and cons of doing so.

The cost of moving your boiler depends on a number of factors such as the type of boiler you’re moving, whether you’re relocating an old or new boiler and how far away from its original spot you decide to move it.

Moving an Existing Boiler

Whilst it is possible to relocate an existing unit, if your boiler is older than 15 years, it will likely need replacing in the next few years.

In such cases, it would be more financially viable to wait until you have your new boiler installed in your desired location, as opposed to spending money on relocating a boiler that will only need to be replaced soon after.

However, if your current boiler is only a few years old, and is still under warranty then there is no need to purchase a new model and your current one can be relocated.

This will likely cost you anywhere between £500 - £800, depending on whether a new flue, pipework and any other materials are needed.

Here are the average costs of materials required to relocate an existing boiler:

Material(s) Average Cost
Pipework £300 - £600
Flue £70 - £120
Extension Flue Pipe/Flue Bend £40/metre
Controls £70 - £650

It is also worth mentioning that oil boilers are much heavier than gas and LPG and can sometimes require the strength of two engineers, increasing the cost of labour.

Moving a New Boiler

If you have made the decision to buy a new boiler to be installed in a different location, this will increase the overall cost of the job.

At iHeat, we only install and move new combi boilers. Not only is a new combi boiler a more energy efficient option, but it can also guarantee that you’ll have all the correct parts for the relocation, such as the flue parts that can often be discontinued for older models.

We offer fixed price quotes on new A-rated efficient combi boilers that could save you up to £315 a year on fuel bills according to the Energy Saving Trust. To view our fantastic range of models and get a free quote, click here.

Below are our fixed boiler relocation prices.*

Boiler Type New Location iHeat Cost
New Combi Same Room £250
New Combi Garage £400
New Combi Kitchen £400
New Combi Loft/Attic £400
New Combi Utility Room £400
New Combi Airing Cupboard £400
New Combi Bedroom £400

*Excluding boiler + installation cost

Where Can I Move my Boiler To?

Where you can relocate your boiler to, depends on the type of boiler you have as system and conventional boilers require more room for hot water cylinders or storage tanks, whereas a combination boiler is far more compact due to its self contained components.

Below are the most common places for boiler relocations:

- Loft/Attic
- Airing Cupboard
- Kitchen
- Garage
- Bedroom
- Bathroom
- Utility Room

The Pros and Cons of Moving Your Boiler


Moving your boiler may free up space in a room that could otherwise be used for valuable storage purposes.

If your boiler currently produces noises that disturb you during the day or night, relocating it to another room could certainly help with reducing the amount of noise you hear.

Few people consider boilers to be a stylish part of their interior, particularly if you have exposed pipework around it.

Moving your boiler could improve the aesthetics and comfort of the room it is currently in.

Relocating your boiler could make it more accessible to engineers for annual services and maintenance checks in the future, which are both essential for ensuring your boiler is running safely and efficiently as well as complying with most boiler warranty standards.

Moving your boiler could improve the speed of hot water to the taps and showers if the distance between the two becomes shorter.

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Relocating your boiler can be an expensive home improvement, especially if you’re hoping to completely relocate it and more pipework and labour is required in order to do so.

You may have to uplift your carpet and floorboards or have surface pipework if your current pipes run underneath tiles in order to move the pipework as well as drilling a hole in the wall for the new flue.

Unless you’re purchasing a new boiler, relocating your old boiler may not be worth the money, particularly if you have to fork out for new materials.

For more information regarding the relocation of a new boiler, get in touch with us today.

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