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Last updated: 4th November, 2022


When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

When Should You Replace Your Boiler?

It can cost a lot to get the right boiler installed into your home, which is why a lot of people put off replacing it.

However, your boiler does need to be replaced after around a decade of use in order to keep your home warm and safe.

This means that you need to keep track of your boiler and pay attention to any kind of issues that come up during its lifetime.

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At one point or another, it will be more expensive to get repairs done to your out-of-date boiler compared to getting it replaced. We understand that keeping care of your boiler is something that most homes struggle with, which is why we have created this guide.

Together, we can make the process of replacing your boiler easy and relatively pain-free.

What Is The Average Life Of A Boiler?

In most cases, boilers can last around 15 years. This is the case if you have a good quality model in your home that has been through the necessary repairs throughout its lifespan.

No matter what kind of boiler you have and how much you spent on it, there will come a time when the cost of repair is more expensive than getting it replaced.

This will normally come around 15 years but speak to the engineer of your boiler as they will be able to let you know of any changes to your particular model.

8 Signs That Your Boiler Needs To Be Replaced

There are various different factors, alongside the age of your boiler, that can be a sign that it needs to be replaced. As we have already mentioned, there will come a time in the life of your boiler when it will no longer be cost-effective to get it repaired. Instead, you will need to replace your boiler.

It is important that you try to get your boiler replaced as soon as possible if you notice any of the following issues to keep your home safe.

Without further ado, here are the eight most common signs that your boilers need to be replaced:

The Energy Efficiency Rating Is Lower Than 'A'

All boilers are rated for energy efficiency on a scale of A to G, with A being the highest possible rating. A is a rating of 90% efficiency, and G is 70% efficiency.

Older boiler models are likely to have a low-efficiency rating which can be a sign that your boiler needs to be replaced.

If your boiler has an energy efficiency rating that is lower than A, then you will want to consider getting it replaced as this will save you money on your energy bill.

The Flame Is Now Yellow

Gas boilers will have a flame that you can see through a small viewing window. This is most common on older boiler models, which you may still have in your home.

If the flame in your boiler has changed from blue to yellow, this could be a sign of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous and does not have a scent, so it can be quite hard to detect in your home. It can also be fatal. This is why if you notice that your boiler now has a yellow frame, you need to call out an engineer immediately.

It is also a good idea to have a carbon monoxide detector installed into your home that will be able to alert you of any issues you may be having. This is essential to keep your home and family safe.

It Takes Too Long To Heat Up

Over time, it is expected that any kind of appliance in your home will start to wear out. This means that it will no longer work as well as it used to and can start running slow.

This is also the case for boilers, and it can be a sign that it needs to be replaced.

Boilers that are in the correct working order will be able to heat up within seconds. If you find yourself waiting several minutes for your home to heat up – and you’ve already been through several repairs – then it’s time to get a new boiler.

It Needs To Be Repaired Too Often

It is normal for your boiler to require some kind of maintenance from time to time. However, it can also be a sign that it needs replacing.

If you find that you are calling out an engineer to check out and repair your boiler more often than you used to then it is time to get a new model installed instead. This will save you money in the long run and ensure that your home is safe for everyone inside.

Heat Is Not Being Shared Around The Home

Your boiler may need to be replaced if you find that some of your rooms or hotter or cooler than other areas of the home.

This is a sign that your boiler is no longer working the way it should be, and it will be cheaper to get it replaced rather than repaired. If certain rooms are too hot or cold, this is a sign that the controls on your boiler are not working properly, which will be expensive or may not even be possible to repair.

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The Cost Of Running Is Rising

Over time, there is likely going to be some kind of increase in your energy bills from your fuel company.

However, a constantly rising price in fuel and energy is normally a sign that your boiler is no longer efficient. This means that it will need to be replaced in order to save you money and reduce the fuel that is being wasted.

A drop in efficiency, as we have already mentioned, isn't something that can really be repaired, so your best option is replacing your boiler entirely.

It Is Leaking

There are various different causes of a leaking boiler, but in most cases, this is a definitive sign that it has come to the end of its lifespan.

A leak is often an indicator that a seal or valve is broken and this can cost a lot to be replaced. Flooding from a boiler can cost a lot to repair, and it can cause various different issues in your home, so you need to act as fast as possible. A leaking boiler can also result in a dangerous electrical short circuit, so call out an engineer as soon as you notice this issue.

Parts Are No Longer Available

When you call out an engineer to repair your boiler, they will have a whole catalogue of parts that can be used to fix any problem you may be dealing with.

However, if you have an old boiler, it may be more difficult to locate the right parts. If engineers struggle to get the right parts for your boiler, it will be cheaper and safer to replace it.

This is because, without the right parts, the issues you are having with your boiler will not be able to be repaired. They will be very expensive to locate or make, which is how it will be better for your home if you simply replace your boiler with a newer model.

How Much Does A Boiler Cost To Replace?

Many people put off getting their boiler repaired and replaced because they think they will not be able to afford it. The cost of getting your boiler replaced can vary greatly based on the company you go through, the brand and type of boiler you choose, as well as how old your current model is.

This will determine how easy it will be to replace your boiler and ensure that everything is connected safely. On average, the cost of purchasing and getting a new boiler installed into your home can cost anything from £1,500 - £3,500 or more.

It is very important that you get various different quotes before choosing a boiler engineer to replace your model. This will allow you to find the best deal for your home and budget, so you can keep your house safe without breaking the bank.

Do Boilers Become Less Efficient Over Time?

This should come as no surprise to any homeowner, but as boilers age, they do become less efficient.

This is why they need to be replaced every 15 years or so in order to fit modern needs and remain efficient.

Older boiler models will be made with older parts and technology, which will age quickly. This is why it can often cost more to get your old boiler repaired rather than just getting it replaced.

All modern boilers are made to have a high energy efficiency rating of A, whereas older models will have lower ratings. This means they will become more expensive to run over time, and it can cost you far too much to keep using your old boiler, instead of paying the fees to get it replaced.

Final Notes

There are various different signs that your boiler needs to be replaced.

If you want to keep your home warm and safe for everyone inside, then you should replace your boiler should you experience any of these factors.

In most cases, it will be cheaper to replace your old boiler instead of trying to get it repaired. This refers to both the installation costs and the costs of running the appliance for long periods of time.

Replacing your old boiler does not have to be a stressful or expensive experience if you know where to look.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.