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Last updated: 5th April, 2023


Top 10 Benefits of Combi Boilers

Top 10 Benefits of Combi Boilers

It’s no secret that combi boilers are the most popular type of boiler in the UK, but here we are going to discuss some of the key benefits to owning a modern, energy efficient combi.

What Is A Combi Boiler?

Just in case you aren't 100% sure what a combi boiler is, or how it functions -

Unlike conventional boilers, combi (combination) boilers link a home’s central heating system and water heating. 

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A combi takes water directly from the mains and heats it upon usage. After detecting a hot water request, the combi begins to burn gas in a combustion chamber. Take a look at some of the best combi boilers available in a recent article.

The hot gases rise and move through a series of pipes and into a component called a heat exchanger, the hot gas running through the exchanger then heats the surrounding cold water.

In a conventional boiler system, this process is done according to a programme and the water is stored in a separate cylinder until it’s needed. A combi only starts this cycle upon request (initiating the heating or turning on a hot water outlet), therefore the hot water is instant.

Benefits Of A Combi Boiler

Compact Size

The most noticeable difference between a combi and regular boiler is the fact that combis, as discussed above, fuse central heating and hot water production into one succinct unit.

This allows combi boilers to be extremely compact in size, due to their integrated component design functionality.

Most modern combi boilers can fit easily into a standard kitchen cupboard, there's no need for a separate space eating storage tank or cylinder.


Modern Combi boilers are extremely efficient in terms of converting the energy they use into heat for your property.

Naturally, the newer a central heating system, the more efficient it is due to engineering and design progression. Outdated or failing systems could be the reason for your shock when seeing your monthly energy bills.

Most combi boilers, especially when manufactured by reputable boiler brands, have an energy efficiency rating (ErP) of ‘A’.

Water Pressure

Combi boilers take their water supply directly from the mains, meaning that it retains a lot of the mains pressure for normal water pressure.

A traditional heating system will often rely on gravity to collect water, whereas a combi’s flow is much stronger and reduces the likelihood of water becoming stuck or ‘pooling’ in curved pipe due to the extra force behind the flow.


A combi boiler can produce instantaneous hot water, which is obviously beneficial for any property. Home’s with multiple bathrooms and an old heating system may have to accommodate slower water heating rates, thus increasing energy wastage.


Water produced from new combi boilers is clean and safe to drink, as it hasn’t been stored in a tank for any amount of time. This reduces the potential of sludge, rust or debris build up contaminating the water supply for a home.

Easy To Install

Due to the internal set-up being less complex than traditional heating systems, combi boilers are quick and easy for a Gas Safe engineer to add to your home, keeping installation costs down.

Easy To Repair

Combi boilers are relatively easy to repair due to the fact their components are integrated within the system meaning there are no complicated external parts that could malfunction or break.

Even if your combi has a problem, thanks to the sheer popularity of combi’s, their superior availability means that there is always an abundance of replacement combi boiler parts that are cheap and easy to source.

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Often with an old heating system, water has to be heated in advance or scheduled to a programme that requires updating upon schedule or routine changes so as not to lose heat and waste energy.

With A combi boiler water is heated on demand, meaning you can live your life without worrying about adhering to your boiler.

Smart Tech Compatibility 

Due to their modernity and consumer convenience base design, many combi boilers can be synced with and remotely controlled by technology, such as smart thermostats or apps via a smartphone or tablet.

This allows for wireless temperature regulation and control on the move, with some apps even being able to detect component faults and automatically notify an engineer. 

They Can Save You Money!

Many of the previous points indicate individual money saving opportunities, so when combined together all point to the fact a combi boiler can be a great way of saving you money.

This is especially relevant amid current energy price rises as part of the ongoing cost of living crisis in the UK.

Do You Need A New Combi Boiler?

At iHeat we stock a massive range of powerful and sleek new combi boilers, designed to save space and perform at the highest level. With sizes to fit any property, now might be the perfect time to replace an old boiler and upgrade to an efficient combi. We have some of the best boiler brands working with us offering exclusive extended warranties.

Get a free instant fixed price quote on our combi range, with next day Gas Safe installation available, getting a new boiler has never been so easy.

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Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.