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Last updated: 11th March, 2024


Navien Boiler Reviews

Navien Boiler Reviews

Key takeaways

  • Navien's 2024 boilers stand out for their advanced technology and energy efficiency.
  • Reviews are key for consumers to understand Navien's product range and service.
  • The brand's market position in the UK is strengthened by its reliability and customer support.

Navien, a revered boiler manufacturer, has established a reputation for innovation and reliability in the heating sector.

Navien boilers, recognised for their innovation in the heating industry, have become a popular choice for homeowners seeking efficient and reliable heating solutions. Originating from South Korea, Navien has quickly risen to prominence since entering the UK market. 

The company's 2024 range of boilers continues to feature state-of-the-art technology, focusing on energy efficiency and user-friendly operation. As the demand for environmentally conscious and cost-effective heating options increases, Navien's offerings appear well-positioned to meet these needs.

Accurate and comprehensive reviews of Navien's latest boiler series are essential for consumers to make informed decisions. They typically cover aspects such as performance and efficiency, installation nuances, maintenance requirements, and overall user experience. 

Durability, operational reliability, and the availability of customer service support also form part of the discourse. As consumers navigate the complexities of choosing the right boiler, these reviews are invaluable, providing potential buyers with a clearer perspective on how Navien's range stands against the incumbents in the highly competitive UK heating sector.

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Navien, a revered boiler manufacturer, has established a reputation for innovation and reliability in the heating sector. This section sheds light on the background, brand ethos, and the company's impact on the UK market.

History of KyungDong Navien

KyungDong Navien, commonly known as Navien, started its journey in 1978. It began making strides in the boiler industry by prioritising energy efficiency and customer satisfaction. This forward-thinking approach propelled Navien to become a leading figure in the domain of home comfort solutions.

Brand Values and Trust

Navien's ethos revolves around trust and delivering value. The manufacturer's commitment to creating high-performance boilers with longevity and safety has fortified its brand trust among customers. Navien's dedication to service excellence and dependable products solidifies its standing as a trustworthy entity.

Market Presence in the UK

Despite being a relative newcomer to the UK, having expanded its operations in 2014, Navien has quickly made its mark. It's now seen as an integral player in the UK heating market, offering a range of boilers that cater to the diverse needs of British homes. With a blend of advanced technology and customer-focused solutions, Navien continues to grow its presence in the UK heating industry.

2024 Range of Navien Boilers

The 2024 line-up of Navien Boilers features advanced and efficient heating solutions. Each boiler range caters to distinct requirements, from combi to system and oil boilers, ensuring there is a match for every household.

Navien Combi Boilers

Navien offers combi boilers that serve as both high-efficiency water heaters and central heating boilers in a single compact unit. The Navien NCB series has been praised for its integration with smart technology and its ErP 'A' rating indicating high energy efficiency. These boilers are ideal for homes looking to maximise space without sacrificing performance.

Navien System Boilers

System boilers from Navien are designed for larger homes with higher water demand. Available in a variety of outputs ranging from 20kW to 33kW, these boilers boast a 7-year manufacturer-backed warranty. Notable for their gas-powered models, they also provide the option to use LPG, making them versatile in terms of fuel compatibility.

Navien Oil Boilers

For properties that are not connected to the gas grid, Navien's oil boilers offer an efficient alternative. These units are renowned for their build quality, making use of stainless steel and composite materials that lend to their longevity. All models come with substantial warranty coverage, offering peace of mind and a reflection of the confidence Navien has in its product durability.

Key Features and Technologies

Navien's 2024 range of boilers showcases a commitment to innovation, integrating advanced features and technologies designed to enhance efficiency and performance. These boilers employ robust materials and sophisticated control systems to meet the varied demands of modern households.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

Navien boilers are equipped with stainless steel heat exchangers, offering superior resistance to corrosion and ensuring a prolonged lifespan. Stainless steel is renowned for its thermal conductivity and resilience, making it an ideal choice for this critical component.

Extended Venting Options

The flexibility in venting is a significant advantage. With options for longer vent lengths, the installation process accommodates a variety of property layouts, reducing the complexity and potential cost of fitting the boiler in different scenarios.

Energy Saving Innovations

Navien's 2024 boiler range includes a suite of energy-saving innovations. These technologies not only minimise energy consumption but also contribute to a reduction in monthly utility bills. High efficiency is a hallmark of these models, evidenced by premium ErP ratings that underscore their green credentials.

Turndown Ratio and Modulating

Navien places emphasis on the turndown ratio and modulating capabilities of its boilers. A high turndown ratio means that the boiler can reduce its power output without shutting off, leading to fewer cycles, less wear on components, and greater efficiency. Modulating technology enables the boiler to adjust its heat production more precisely, tailoring output to the current demand for heat within the home.

Performance and Efficiency

Navien's 2024 range of boilers includes the NCB-CE system boiler and the LCB700 boiler, both renowned for their efficiency and performance. The NCB-CE system boiler caters effectively to larger homes with a significant demand for hot water. Boasting power outputs ranging from 20kW to 33kW, this boiler maintains consistent hot water with minimal temperature fluctuations, a standout feature for residential comfort.

The LCB700 model, alongside the NCB series including the NCB700 ON, NCB500 ON, and NCB300, embodies the zenith of Navien's heating technology. These boilers lay claim to optimised energy use with their next-generation technology. In particular, the NCB300 is a combi-boiler that marries heating and hot water provisioning with a 93% energy efficiency rating—impressive for such units.

Boiler Series

Efficiency Rating


NCB Series

Up to 93%

Hot Water without Temperature Fluctuations



Next-Gen Heating Technology

For central heating needs, these boilers exhibit outstanding performance, marked by their ability to heat homes evenly and sustainably. The systems utilise a durable stainless steel heat exchanger, ensuring longevity and consistent heat delivery.

These units are not only adept at central heating and sustaining comfortable hot water levels, but they also exhibit a commitment to energy conservation. Navien's efficient sizing of its boilers plays a pivotal role in this dynamic, enabling a reduction in wasteful energy expenditure while simultaneously ensuring that consumer needs are seamlessly met.

Installation and Operation

In the ever-progressing world of boiler technology, the Navien 2024 range stands out for its installer-friendly design and advanced control systems. The following insights provide a deeper look into the installation process, control mechanisms, and service offerings specifically related to this range.

Ease of Installation

Navien boilers are renowned for their straightforward installation process. Notably, the Navien NCB series has been engineered to facilitate ease of installation, with features such as compact dimensions and built-in hardware simplifying the process for Gas Safe registered engineers. The ease with which these boilers can be fitted into a home makes them a favoured choice for both installers and homeowners.

User Interface and Controls

Modern Navien boilers offer intuitive user interfaces. Easy-to-read displays and accessible control panels ensure users can effortlessly adjust their heating and hot water settings. Boilers in the 2024 range include enhancements to their interfaces, making operation and time setting adjustments straightforward for end users.

Boiler Installation Services

For those considering a new boiler, services are available that encompass a full installation at competitive rates. Options include all-inclusive packages with fixed monthly payments that cover not only installation by Gas Safe engineers but also encompass ongoing maintenance and repairs. These services aim to offer peace of mind and financial predictability over the long-term use of the boiler.

Wireless Thermostats Compatibility

Wireless thermostats are an intrinsic part of modern heating systems, and the Navien 2024 models are fully compatible with these devices. A wireless thermostat offers the flexibility to control heating remotely – a feature that aligns with contemporary expectations for home automation and energy efficiency. When paired with a Navien boiler, users can expect a responsive and seamless integration.

Durability and Reliability

Navien boilers are renowned for their robust build and reliable operation. Discerning customers appreciate the meticulous attention to detail in the materials used and the comprehensive warranties offered by the manufacturer.

Build Quality and Materials

Navien's commitment to quality is evident in the use of stainless steel and composite materials in their boiler construction. This choice of materials is intended to enhance the longevity of the boilers and resist wear and tear. Stainless steel, in particular, is known for its corrosion resistance and durability, which contributes significantly to the unit's overall reliability.

Boiler Durability

Durability is a hallmark of Navien's boiler range; feedback often highlights their boilers' ability to withstand the rigours of daily use. The design takes into account the need for a boiler that maintains its integrity over time, thus ensuring consistent performance and fewer breakdowns. This durability equates to Navien boilers being a wise choice for households prioritising long-term dependability.

Manufacturer Warranty

Navien's confidence in their product is backed by a 7- to 10-year manufacturer warranty. This warranty is a testament to their belief in the reliability of their boilers and offers customers peace of mind. The provision of such a warranty indicates that Navien stands behind the quality and endurance of their heating solutions.

Servicing and Maintenance

Routine servicing is an integral part of owning a Navien boiler to ensure it operates effectively. Navien recommends an annual service conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer to keep the boiler in optimal condition. This service typically includes checking the boiler pump, inspecting the internal components, and ensuring the system is free from obstructions and leaks. Customers should expect the attending engineer to perform a series of diagnostics, ensuring no underlying issues are present.

Customer service experiences may vary, with some finding the process straightforward, while others report challenges in arranging engineer visits. In such instances, communication with Navien's customer service team is vital to resolve issues and facilitate timely maintenance.

Those who choose Navien often have the option of subscribing to a boiler care plan, which can offer peace of mind through comprehensive cover. These plans, available at different price points, often encompass all servicing, annual maintenance checks, and any necessary repairs. Some examples of these plans include costs such as £11 per month or £30 monthly subscriptions for more extensive coverages.

  • Basic Service Checklist:

    • Safety inspection

    • Cleaning of crucial components

    • Performance efficiency tests

    • Carbon monoxide leak testing

    • Validation of pressure levels and adjustments if needed

Upon completion of the service, the engineer should issue a report detailing the work carried out, ensuring the owner is informed of their boiler's status. It's essential for homeowners to note that maintaining an up-to-date service record is indispensable, particularly for warranty validity, as some users have noted the necessity of warranty service within reviews.

User Experience

When exploring the dynamics of user experience with Navien boilers in 2024, the focus often gravitates towards customer service feedback and technical troubleshooting.

Common Issues and Solutions

Consumers have noted certain common issues with Navien boilers, which typically include fluctuations in temperature and occasional leaks.

  • Temperature inconsistencies: Should users detect irregular heating, the first corrective action is to assess the thermostat settings and verify the pressure levels within the boiler.

  • Leaks: If leakage is noticed, the immediate step is to shut off the water supply and request professional assistance. Routine maintenance is recommended to pre-empt such occurrences.

Service quality forms the backbone of user satisfaction, with customer feedback highlighting responsiveness as a cornerstone of trust.

Error Code Troubleshooting

Navigating error codes requires attention to the user manual's detailed guidance. Below are procedures for addressing prevalent error codes:

  • E003: This indicates ignition failure. Users are encouraged to check the gas supply and ensure that the boiler is properly ventilated.

  • E012: Signifying a flame loss, this error prompts users to inspect the flue and air intake for obstructions and review the condensate pipe for blockages.

Customer service experiences shared online reflect a spectrum of satisfaction levels, with instances of efficiency in handling queries contrasting with reports of delays in engineer dispatch. Trustpilot reviews and direct feedback underscore the critical role of service reliability and error resolution in shaping the user experience with Navien boilers.

Product Range Specifics

Navien's 2024 offerings reflect a commitment to efficiency and versatility across their varied product range. Their boilers cater to diverse household needs, incorporating both combi and system solutions with varied power outputs.

Navien NCB Series

The Navien NCB Series exemplifies advanced heating technology with a range of combi boilers designed for efficiency and reliability. Key features of the series include:

  • Energy Efficiency: Adhering to the latest standards for low emissions and energy use.

  • Power Outputs: The range includes models starting from 21kW to a formidable 54kW, making it suitable for small to large-sized homes.

The NCB 300 model, in particular, stands out for medium-sized dwellings, balancing performance with energy conservation.


Power Output

Suitable for

NCB 300

Medium kW

Medium-sized homes

Other NCBs

21kW to 54kW

Varies per property

Navien LCB700 Series

Moving on to the Navien LCB700 Series, these boilers offer an exceptional combination of heating and hot water provision. It is characterised by:

  • User-friendly Operations: The interface is designed with the user's convenience in mind.

  • Performance: Significant emphasis on high-efficiency performance, with capabilities to power multiple showers and taps simultaneously in larger homes.

The LCB700 serves as a robust solution by providing uninterrupted heating and hot water, maintaining comfort in substantial properties.



Notable Feature

LCB700 Series

Combi Boiler

High power capacity

Each series aims to provide a bespoke heating solution that aligns with contemporary energy efficiency standards, reinforcing Navien's position in the heating market with solid performance and adaptable power outputs.

Comparative Analysis

The comparative analysis offers insights into how Navien boilers stack up against their competitors and examines their cost-effectiveness. The focus will be on aspects crucial to consumers – such as efficiency, durability, and warranty – that influence their purchasing decisions.

Navien vs Competitors

Navien's entry into the UK heating market has created a buzz, marking its presence with an array of system and combi boilers. While known for pioneering technology in their native South Korea, they now rival traditional British manufacturers. A standout feature for Navien boilers is their integration with smart technology, making them compatible with leading smart home systems.

Competitors often offer similar efficiencies, but Navien sets itself apart with its commitment to durability and customer support, as evidenced by the manufacturer-backed warranties. Their investment in producing energy-efficient models, with 'A' ratings for efficiency under the Energy-related Products (ErP) Directive, positions them favorably in a market that increasingly values environmental consideration and reduced energy costs.

Pricing and Value for Money

When evaluating the financial aspect, the Navien NCB 300 model emerges as an affordable combi boiler option. Priced around £570, this boiler becomes attractive to budget-conscious households. Installation costs may aggregate to approximately £1,650, aligning with the market rates for budget condensing boilers. Navien solidifies its value proposition with extended warranty periods, fostering trust and assurance in their products – the NCB500 model carries a 10-year warranty, while the NCB700 offers an even longer 12-year coverage.

Informed buyers considering Navien will find the pricing competitive, especially when examining the long-term benefits derived from the boilers' energy efficiency and warranty offers. The balance between upfront costs and the prospective reduction in energy bills underscores the brand's dedication to yielding value for consumers.

Accessibility Features

Navien's 2024 range of boilers emphasises enhanced user accessibility, fostering inclusivity for disabled users and streamlining integration with smart home systems.

Considerations for Disabled Users

Navien recognises the importance of user independence and has incorporated design features to assist those with disabilities. User Interface and Controls have been refined, ensuring that the boiler's functionality is within reach for all users. This comprises tactile buttons with clear labelling and easily navigable control panels, designed to aid individuals who may have visual or motor impairments.

Smart Home Integrations

Integration with smart home technology, such as Nest, has become more streamlined in Navien's latest boiler offerings. These Smart Home Integrations allow users to control their heating systems via a smartphone or voice-activated devices. This level of convenience offers a practical solution not only for the general populace but distinctly for disabled users, providing an extra layer of accessibility through remote management and customisable settings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the life expectancy of a Navien combi-boiler?

Typically, a Navien combi-boiler is designed to last between 15 and 20 years when properly maintained. Durability often depends on the model and the conditions under which the boiler operates.

Who makes Navien boiler?

Navien boilers are manufactured by KD Navien, a South Korean company known for its pioneering technology in providing efficient heating solutions.

Are Navien boilers noisy?

Navien boilers are engineered to operate quietly. The use of advanced noise reduction technology ensures they maintain a low decibel level that's barely noticeable in a domestic setting.

How efficient are Navien boilers?

As leaders in boiler efficiency, Navien boilers boast high Annual Fuel Utilisation Efficiency (AFUE) ratings, often exceeding 90%. This means they convert a significant amount of energy into heat.

Why choose Navien?

The choice of Navien is popular among consumers for their boilers' efficiency, reliability, and advanced features, like easy-to-use smart controls and eco-friendly technology that align with current environmental standards.

How does the Navien heat the house?

Navien boilers employ a combination of condensing technology and innovative heat exchangers. These boilers heat water quickly and distribute it through the home's heating system, delivering consistent and comfortable warmth.

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Stephen Day | Co-founder
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