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Last updated: 17th August, 2023


Alpha E-Tec Plus Boiler Review

Alpha E-Tec Plus Boiler Review

The Alpha E-Tec Plus Boiler is proving extermely popular, read through our expert opinion on the E-Tec Plus boilers below.

Alpha Heating Innovation

With more than 50 years of experience and an ‘Excellent’ rating on trust pilot, the Alpha brand is assured to deliver high-end products that merge technological innovation with proven traditional quality to ensure first-class home heating, whatever the situation.

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What is The Alpha E-Tec Range?

The Alpha E-Tec range is one of our most popular combi boiler types due to not only its quality, which we will highlight throughout this informative guide but also its fantastic price point.

The E-Tec Plus is the largest of the E-Tec family (in terms of the physical size of the unit), however, this model does boast several unique benefits that we will cover throughout this article.

Alpha E-Tec Plus Key Features:

  • Stainless steel heat exchanger

  • High efficiency grundfos pump and hydroblock assembly

  • Easy-access dry-change NTCs

  • Combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection

  • Zinc plated expansion vessel to prevent corrosion

  • Rated A (93%) for energy efficiency

  • W 440mm, D 255mm, H 712mm

  • Three available outputs: 28kW, 33kW, 38kW

  • 12.1-15.9 litres/minute

  • Copper pipe tails with isolation valves

  • Integrated filling loop

  • Control panel and bottom cover

Is The Alpha E-Tec Plus Efficient?

With an ErP A rating of 93% energy efficiency, the E-Tec Plus is the most efficient model in the Alpha E-Tec range. An integrated filling loop also improves efficiency, as any low-pressure issues can be fixed without having to purchase/attach an external coiled filling loop. These features combined with the zinc plated expansion vessel and grundfos pump all make the E-Tec as powerful as it is dependable.

Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

Another impressive E-Tec Plus feature is a brand new stainless steel heat exchanger to prevent corrosion and ensure longevity whilst maintaining robustness.

Alpha A Rated

What Sizes Does The Alpha E-Tec Plus Come In?

The E-Tec Plus is available in three different sizes in terms of power output (kW) and flow rate (litre/min):


12.1 litres/minute


14.1 litres/minute


15.9 litres/minute

These substantial flow rates mean the E-Tec Plus is best suited to large & medium sized homes.

Combi Boilers

Benefits of combi boilers

Combi boilers are a popular choice for a number of reasons. Unlike conventional boilers, combi (combination) boilers link a home’s central heating system and water heating; no separate hot water tank is needed which is cleaner as it avoids potential rust or debris build up. Combi systems are also easier to service or for boiler replacement due to their popularity, meaning greater availability.

Negatives of combi boilers

Some potential drawbacks of a combi boiler system include its reliance on a strong mains pressure, also combi’s can't be linked with power showers due to this reason.

A combi also provides limited use meaning they cant service more than one water output i.e. shower or bath at any one time, an obvious drawback for larger homes.

The brainy bunch over at Alpha have created a unique ‘Climatic’ smart tech modulating remote, designed specifically to sync and control the E-Tec range with ease. With a BUS transfer system and integrated thermostat the climatic smart remote and E-Tec boiler are a dream team for universal heating control or adjustment. 

Alpha Thermostat

How Much Does The Alpha E-Tec Plus Cost?

The price of these boilers varies depending on what kW size model you are interested in.
The prices below include boiler and gas safe installation cost:







Should I Buy An Alpha E-Tec Plus Boiler?

The E-Tec plus is definitely a high end boiler, with a lot of great features to enhance your home's heating. This modern combi boiler is definitely cost effective especially when purchased for larger properties with multiple bathrooms; however if your aim is to heat a smaller home this is probably a boiler you won’t make full use of.

If you think an E-Tec Plus boiler would be perfect for you, get a free quote at iHeat today.

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Stephen Day profile photo
Article by
Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.