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Last updated: 10th May, 2024


Ideal Boilers Reviews

Ideal Boilers Reviews

Key takeaways

  • Ideal Boilers continues to be a leader in the UK heating market with its 2024 range.
  • The Logic and Vogue models offer options for cost efficiency and high-end performance.
  • Thorough comparison and understanding the needs for installation are essential for selecting the right boiler.

Ideal Boilers, with over a century of operation, has solidified its position as a venerable name in the heating sector.

Ideal Boilers, a well-established UK manufacturer, has been at the forefront of the heating industry, offering a variety of boilers to suit a wide range of needs.

The 2024 model range promises to uphold the brand's reputation for quality and reliability, building upon years of engineering expertise. With a strong focus on innovation, Ideal Boilers aims to provide energy-efficient heating solutions that meet modern demands while also prioritising user convenience and safety.

Their latest product range, including the Logic and Vogue models, has been met with industry anticipation, showing potential for both domestic and commercial applications. The Logic range is known for its cost-effectiveness and practicality, while the Vogue models offer premium performance with cutting-edge technology. 

Prospective buyers can navigate the new line-up, balancing considerations of fuel efficiency, installation complexity, and long-term value. As with any significant household investment, the blend of performance, cost, and compatibility with existing systems is integral to an informed boiler selection process.

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Overview of Ideal Boilers

In assessing Ideal Boilers, it is important to consider the company's long-standing reputation, the diverse range of products offered, and cutting-edge technological advancements. The following subsections provide detailed insights into these fundamental aspects of the brand.

Brand History and Reputation

Ideal Boilers, with over a century of operation, has solidified its position as a venerable name in the heating sector. Customer sentiment, as captured on platforms like Trustpilot, signals a brand that has earned trust through reliable, long-lasting products. Historically, Ideal has been synonymous with innovation and quality in the UK boiler market, resonating with both engineers and homeowners alike.

Range of Ideal Boilers

The brand's catalogue showcases a variety of models, spanning several boiler types to cater to diverse customer needs:

  • Combi Boilers: Ideal's Combi boilers are celebrated for their efficiency and compact size, making them suitable for homes with limited space.

  • System Boilers: For properties with higher hot water demand, their system boilers integrate easily with hot water cylinders.

  • Heat-Only Boilers: Ideal also presents heat-only boilers, which are often opted for in traditional central heating systems requiring a separate hot water storage tank.

Models like the Logic, Logic+, and Vogue feature prominently in Ideal's range, with professional recommendations testifying to their robustness and efficiency.

Technological Innovations

Ideal Boilers is at the forefront of integrating technology into their products. The boilers often come equipped with features such as:

  • Frost Protection: To safeguard the system during cold spells, ensuring reliability throughout the year.

  • Digital Display: A user-friendly interface is standard on many models, offering seamless interaction and control.

Innovation remains a hallmark of the brand, with a strong focus on utilising technology to enhance energy efficiency, comfort, and user experience. The introduction of innovative features reflects Ideal's commitment to evolving alongside modern household demands.

Boilers Performance and Efficiency

Assessing Ideal Boilers' 2024 offerings, performance and efficiency emerge as defining factors for consumers and the environment alike.

Efficiency Ratings

Ideal Boilers has consistently aimed to proffer an ensemble of energy-efficient heating solutions. The latest range boasts A-rated boilers, a testament to their commitment to eco-conscious heating. A focal point is the 94% efficiency rating, placing these models at the vanguard of energy-efficient domestic heating options. Such ratings ensure that homeowners can capitalise on reduced energy consumption, thereby curtailing utility bills and carbon footprints in equal measure.

Heating Output Variability

The disparate heating requirements of homes necessitate a breadth of heating output options. Ideal Boilers addresses this by offering a spectrum of kilowatts (kW) outputs. Whether the quaint flat or the sprawling abode, the company's combi boilers can deliver specific heating output needs, from less than 24kW to far greater, satisfying an array of domestic environments. Ranging from smaller heat-only units to more robust models, the variance in output ensures a compatible match for both the space available and the thermal demands of consumers' habitats.

Ideal boilers Product Range 2024

The 2024 Ideal boilers range offers advanced options for every type of home, featuring high efficiency and innovative features across their combi, system, and regular boiler lines.

Ideal Combi Boilers range and key features

Ideal's combi boilers, designed to efficiently provide heating and hot water without a separate water tank, remain a popular choice for homes with limited space. The Logic Combi 30 and Logic Combi 24 models are notable for their energy efficiency, compact design, and user-friendly interfaces. These boilers suit various household sizes, with the Logic Combi 30 being ideal for medium-sized properties, while the Logic Combi 24 serves smaller spaces effectively.

  • Logic Combi 30:

    • Capacity: Ideal for medium-sized homes

    • Key Feature: High energy efficiency

  • Logic Combi 24:

    • Capacity: Suitable for smaller properties

    • Key Feature: Compact design, easy to fit in a kitchen cupboard

Ideal system boilers range and key features

The system boilers by Ideal are known for their reliability and are a superb option for homes with multiple bathrooms. They work with a separate cylinder for storing hot water, ensuring a constant supply when needed. The Ideal system boiler range includes models that are compatible with solar thermal systems, which can contribute to lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

  • Ideal system boilers:

    • Compatibility: Can be integrated with solar thermal systems

    • Advantage: Consistent hot water supply and efficient for larger homes

Ideal regular (heat only) boilers range and key features

For traditional heating systems with a separate cold water tank and hot water cylinder, Ideal's regular, or heat-only boilers, are a go-to choice. The Mexico HE is a prime example of this range, renowned for its sturdy floor-standing design and suitability for larger properties with higher hot water demands. Despite a heftier size, the Mexico HE maintains high energy efficiency and is backed by a solid warranty.

  • Mexico HE:

    • Design: Floor-standing, robust and ideal for spacious homes

    • Warranty: 2 years, providing peace of mind with a reliable heating solution

Ideal Logic Range in Depth

The Ideal Logic range is renowned for its combination of high efficiency and affordability. Launched in 2009, this series has cemented its reputation within the UK market.

Models within the Logic series, such as the Logic+ and Logic Max, are available in system, regular, and combi versions. They come with frost protection and are presented with lengthy warranties, indicative of Ideal's faith in their product longevity.

Key Features:

  • Frost Protection: Ideal Logic boilers are equipped with built-in frost protection, mitigating the risk of freezing during colder months.

  • Warranty: Logic+ models typically come with a 7-year warranty, reassuring owners of their investment.

Pricing and Efficiency:

  • Price Range: Starting from £1,145 for the combi variety, these boilers provide cost-effective heating solutions.

  • Energy Rating: Most models within the Logic range boast an 'A' rating for energy efficiency. This translates into lower energy bills and reduced environmental impact.

Owners of the Logic range find the series to be a reliable choice. The boilers' enduring popularity in the UK is partially attributed to Ideal's commitment to customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability. The addition of advanced controls and easy-to-read displays simplifies the operation, appealing to a wide demographic.

In summary, the Ideal Logic range offers practical and economical heating solutions without compromising on quality. Its continuous positive reception marks it as a solid choice for household installation.

Ideal Vogue Range In Depth

The Ideal Vogue range has established a reputation for reliability and efficiency within the UK’s heating market. With their Vogue Gen2 and Vogue Max models, they cater to varied home heating demands, allowing homeowners to find a fitting solution for their unique circumstances.

Vogue Gen2 models are celebrated for their compact design, which seamlessly integrates into tight spaces, such as a kitchen cupboard. The dimensions display the consideration given to modern living conditions where space is at a premium. Vogue Gen2 combi boilers, for instance, are notably lightweight at 30.7 kg, optimising installation and servicing processes.





Vogue Gen2

Approx. 91%


10 years

Vogue Max

Approx. 91%


Up to 12 years

Efficiency standards of the Vogue range are largely impressive, with the C40 and C26 models from the Vogue Gen2 series boasting about 91.1% efficiency. Likewise, the C32 model maintains a similar benchmark with 91% efficiency. This aligns the range with the industry's energy efficiency grade of A and confirms their ErP compliance.

In terms of warranty, the Vogue Gen2 offers substantial coverage with a 10-year warranty, while the Vogue Max extends this support, with some models providing warranties of up to 12 years, indicative of their quality and the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Pricing is competitive, commencing from £1,266 for certain models and ascending as functionality expands. Moreover, the Vogue Max has presented itself as an effective wall-mounted, condensing boiler option, available in both combi and system configurations.

The boilers' internal components are robust, with the Vogue range including quality brass fittings and large, user-friendly displays. These features underscore the range's focus on long-term performance and ease of use.

Whilst these characteristics signal notable advantages, potential buyers are recommended to compare quotes and consider all aspects, such as installation costs and after-care services, to make an enlightened choice that caters to their specific heating requirements.

Installation and Costs

In the expanding range of Ideal Boilers for 2024, installation and costs are essential components worth understanding. This section dissects the typical installation process, analyses the costs and discusses the warranty and maintenance schemes offered.

Boiler Installation Process

The boiler installation process must be conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer to ensure safety and compliance with legal standards. Initially, the engineer assesses the site to determine the appropriate boiler type and installation requirements. On the installation day, they remove the old boiler, prepare the system for the new unit, and complete the fitting, which includes connecting the boiler to gas and water lines and installing controls.

Cost Analysis

Boiler costs vary depending on the model and its capabilities. Ideal combi boiler prices range from £1,065 to £1,620 for supply only; installation increases the price further. Labour costs are typically £300 to £500 daily, varying by the engineer's expertise and installation complexity. The total new boiler cost, inclusive of supply and fitting, therefore generally spans between £1,365 and £2,120.

Boiler Model

Supply Cost

Installation Cost Est.

Total Cost

Combi Boiler

£1,065 - £1,620

£300 - £500/day

£1,365 - £2,120

Heat-Only Boiler

£969 - £1,330



On top of these, homeowners should consider any additional costs for modifications to existing systems.

Warranty and Maintenance Schemes

Ideal Boilers offer warranties that can extend up to a 10-year warranty, depending on the model and registration of the boiler within the stipulated time. This coverage ensures repair or replacement of parts. Maintenance is vital for the longevity of the boiler, and the brand usually provides servicing plans to support the units' efficient operation throughout their lifespan. Regular servicing helps prevent breakdowns and maintain the terms of the warranty.

Comparison with Other Brands

Assessing Ideal Boilers in relation to other brands demands a thorough look at the specificities of the market. Aspects such as pricing, customer satisfaction, and overall performance come into sharp focus.

Boiler Brand Comparison

When placed beside competitors like Worcester Bosch, Ideal Boilers stands out in various respects. Worcester Bosch is often noted for its range of high-quality boilers, which can be more expensive. Ideal offers a cost-effective alternative without substantial compromise on quality. The price range for Ideal's boilers, particularly the smaller kW output models, is competitive, providing consumers with a balance between efficiency and affordability.

Worcester Bosch:

  • Renowned for quality

  • Generally priced higher

Ideal Boilers:

  • Cost-effective

  • Maintains a high standard of quality

Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

Customer service is a significant indicator of brand reliability. Ideal Boilers' commitment to customer satisfaction can be compared with other boiler brands through Trustpilot reviews and customer scores. While specific Trustpilot scores for Ideal Boilers were not provided, customer surveys suggest that the brand has garnered appreciable satisfaction rates that are competitive with the other industry players.

Trustpilot reviews:

  • A measure of customer service quality

  • Reflective of real-world experiences

Customer score:

  • Derived from direct customer feedback

  • Indicative of overall satisfaction

Worcester Bosch has fostered a robust reputation for customer service and satisfaction. Nevertheless, Ideal Boilers' performance in this arena is also commendable, given their endeavour to marry affordability with dependable customer support.

Advice on Boiler Selection

When selecting a new boiler for one's home, homeowners must consider the assessment of their heating and hot water needs and choose the appropriate model to meet those requirements efficiently.

Assessing Home Heating and Hot Water Needs

Before investing in a new boiler, one should conduct a thorough assessment of their home's heating and hot water demands. Determining the size of the boiler is essential for efficiency; a model too large will lead to energy wastage, whereas a too small unit may fail to provide sufficient heat and hot water. Consideration of factors such as the number of radiators, bathroom quantity, and occupancy is imperative. It's wise to seek tailored advice through a professional boiler survey, which often includes multiple quotes and checks for Boiler Plus compliance—a set of standards aimed at optimising boiler efficiency.

Choosing the Right Model for Your Home

After an assessment, selecting a suitable model is the next step. Ideal Boilers offer a range of models to fit various home sizes and requirements, from compact boilers that are easy to install to more extensive systems with advanced features. Labour charges for installation can vary; thus, obtaining estimates for both the purchase and fitment is advisable. Opt for a boiler that promises ease of installation to potentially reduce these costs. Remember, the right boiler will provide hot water on demand without excess expenditure, ensuring its operating costs remain manageable.

iHeat New Boiler Costs

Boilers can be a daunting purchase for many people as they’re an appliance with a lot of responsibility, providing heat for you and your family is something you want to get right. Boilers aren’t exactly a quickly disposable item either, potentially lasting you a decade.

Effectively, new boiler cost can be split into two segments: the first is the actual boiler itself (unit price), and the second is the cost of the boiler being installed (set up) in your property by an expert engineer. 

Here at iHeat, we want to remove all of this undue stress and make the decision making process of upgrading to a new central heating system, as easy as possible.

Boiler costs can vary depending on a number of factors including their brand, model, fuel, output, warranty, labour and installation type. Typically a new boiler will cost between £1,845 and £3,500, below is a list of average boiler installations offered by iHeat (guide only).

Installation Type

Price (inc VAT)

Combi to combi swap


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System to combi conversion


Get a quote

New boiler install


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Back boiler to a combi


Get a quote

System to system


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Ideal system boilers any good?

Ideal system boilers are recognised for their reliability and efficiency. Many homeowners find their performance satisfactory, with a robust build and a good track record for longevity.

Which boiler is better: Ideal or Worcester?

The debate between Ideal and Worcester boilers often hinges on individual needs and preferences. While both brands offer high-quality options, Worcester has a longstanding reputation for excellence, whereas Ideal is noted for its competitive pricing and strong customer satisfaction percentages.

What are the issues with Ideal Boilers?

As with any boiler brand, the Ideal range can encounter issues. Common problems highlighted by users include occasional maintenance needs and part replacements. However, most users report these incidents as infrequent and manageable.

Are Ideal Boilers better than Vaillant?

Comparing Ideal to Vaillant, both have their merits. Vaillant is often praised for its innovation and eco-friendly options, while Ideal is commended for its value for money and solid performance. Consumers' choices are typically influenced by brand loyalty, budget, and specific model features.

Who makes the most reliable boiler?

Market research and customer reviews tend to suggest that there isn't a single "most reliable" boiler manufacturer – performance varies by specific models and usage. However, Ideal Boilers frequently appear towards the top of the reliability lists, alongside other industry leaders.

Do Ideal make good boilers?

Feedback suggests that Ideal does produce good boilers. They are well-regarded for steady performance and durability, with several models receiving strong recommendations from homeowners and installers alike for their ease of installation and operation.

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Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.