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Last updated: 28th February, 2024


Hive Alfen Eve S Line EV Charger Review

Hive Alfen Eve S Line EV Charger Review

Key takeaways

  • The Hive Alfen Eve S-Line is a smart and compatible EV home charger with a 7.4 kW charging capacity.
  • It provides an efficient overnight charging solution, competing well with public chargers in terms of convenience and cost.
  • Features such as app connectivity and the option for extended cable length cater to diverse user requirements, enhancing the overall charging experience.

The Hive Alfen Eve S-Line EV Charger emerges as a reliable solution for home charging, marrying robust functionality with weatherproof design.

Electric vehicle (EV) ownership is on the rise, and a vital aspect of this transition is the accessibility of reliable home charging solutions. Among the options available is the Hive Alfen Eve S-Line EV Charger, a product catering to the needs of EV drivers looking for a convenient and efficient way to charge their vehicles at home.

This charger offers a 7.4 kW charging capacity, adequate to fully charge an average electric car battery overnight, ensuring your vehicle is ready to go when you are.

With the increasing preference for home chargers over public charging stations, for reasons of cost and convenience, the Hive Alfen Eve S-Line presents itself as an affordable and smart option.

Its compatibility with a wide range of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, combined with the ability to manage charging schedules via a smartphone app, positions it as a competitive player in the home charger market. In addition, the charger's compact design does not compromise its performance, providing a sturdy and reliable charge every time.

While the charger is traditionally available with a tethered Type 2 charging cable of 5m, extending the cable to 7.5m is possible for an additional fee, illustrating the flexibility offered to meet different user needs.

The device's functionality extends beyond simple charging, with features designed to enhance the user experience through improved energy efficiency and integration with home energy systems.

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Overview of the Hive Alfen Eve S-Line EV Charger

The Hive Alfen Eve S-Line EV Charger emerges as a reliable solution for home charging, marrying robust functionality with weatherproof design. This section uncovers its key features and delves into its charging speed and capacity.

Key Features

  • Colour: The charger is available in a crisp white finish, complementary to most exteriors and interiors.

  • Durability: Weatherproof materials render the unit suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, safeguarded against the elements with an IP55 rating, indicating protection from dust ingress and low-pressure water jets from any direction.

  • Smart Connectivity: Automatic over-the-air updates ensure the charger is always at the forefront of smart charging technology.

  • Warranty: Users gain peace of mind with a 3-year warranty provided by British Gas approved engineers, reduced to 2 years when the charger is purchased sans installation.

Charging Speed and Capacity

  • Efficiency: An average electric vehicle (EV) battery can be fully charged from depleted to full in less than eight hours, showcasing the charger's capability for overnight charging.

  • Power Output: The unit boasts a 7.4kW output, optimising the balance between home electrical capacity and timely charging.

Installation Process

The installation of the Hive Alfen Eve S-line EV charger involves crucial considerations including the type of unit, its electrical prerequisites, and the necessity for professional fitting by a licensed electrician to ensure compliance with building regulations.

Choosing Between Tethered and Untethered Units

Buyers must decide between a tethered and an untethered unit. A tethered unit comes with a fixed cable that connects directly to the electric vehicle, while an untethered unit provides flexibility, allowing the use of a separate charging cable that suits different electric vehicles. The choice depends on the user's preference and the types of vehicles they intend to charge.

Electrical Requirements

Prior to installation, it is imperative to assess the home's electrical system capacity. The Hive Alfen Eve S-line charger typically necessitates a dedicated 240V circuit and a certain amperage rating, which should be verified by a qualified electrician. The installation will also require a check of the main fuse and electricity meter to ensure compatibility.

Professional Installation by a Qualified Electrician

The fitting of an EV charger is not a do-it-yourself task; it requires installation by a certified electrician. The process includes mounting the charger on a building's exterior, connecting it to the home's electrical system, and ensuring it is operational and safe for use. The electrician will also guide homeowners through the functionality of the charger and advise on any building regulations that must be adhered to.


The Alfen Hive Eve S-Line charger exemplifies the efficiency and prowess of modern EV charging solutions. Its functionality extends beyond basic charging to include an array of smart features and connectivity that enhance the user's control and convenience.

Smart Charging Capabilities

The Hive Alfen Eve S-Line charger is equipped with intelligent charging features that allow owners to auto-schedule charging sessions. This ensures that the electric vehicle charges at the most convenient times, possibly taking advantage of off-peak energy tariffs. Furthermore, the charger has the ability to manage power distribution, prioritising charging during times when home energy usage is low.

Hive App Integration

Integration with the Hive smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android, puts real-time management at the fingertips of the user. Through the app, the user can monitor the charger's status, receive notifications, and adjust settings remotely. This ensures that the user is always informed and retains full control over the charging process, exemplified by the Type 2 charging cable that links the vehicle to the charger effortlessly.

Energy Tariff Management

With its smart capabilities, the Hive Alfen Eve S-Line can manage energy tariffs by scheduling charging times in harmony with the most cost-effective energy rates. Users are able to input their specific tariff information into the app, enabling the system to automatically operate when it is most economical. This not only optimises the charging schedule but also assists in reducing the cost of charging an EV at home.

Benefits of Home EV Chargers vs Public Chargers

When considering the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) charger, homeowners often weigh the advantages of home units against public charging stations. One clear benefit is convenience. Home chargers allow EV owners to plug in their vehicle overnight, enabling them to start their day with a fully charged battery. This sidesteps the need to find and wait for public charging points, which can be sparse depending on location.

Moreover, the cost efficiency of charging at home is typically better. While public chargers often operate on a pay-per-use basis, home charging utilises the household electricity tariff, which is generally less expensive, especially when used in conjunction with overnight low-rate tariffs.

The speed of charging at home can be more predictable. For example, a dedicated home charging unit like the Hive Alfen eve S line can replenish a battery in as few as six hours, subject to the vehicle's capacity. In contrast, the speed at public chargers can vary based on the charger type, current demand, and network performance.

Safety and security also come to the fore with home chargers. EV owners can charge their vehicles within the safety of their own garage or driveway, reducing potential risks associated with public charging stations.

Lastly, there is the question of availability. A home charger is always available for the homeowner's use, whereas a public charger may not be, due to higher demand or malfunction. This ensures that EV owners who charge at home aren't subject to the inconvenience of occupied or out-of-service public chargers.

In summary, home EV chargers offer several benefits over public chargers, including convenience, cost savings, speed, security, and guaranteed availability, making them an increasingly popular choice for EV owners in the UK.

Compatibility and Connectivity:

The Hive Alfen Eve S-line charger is designed with broad vehicle compatibility and straightforward connectivity options, ensuring it meets the needs of most electric and plug-in hybrid vehicle owners.

Vehicle Compatibility

The Alfen Eve Single S-line charger is compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that support the Type 2 charging standard, which is widely adopted across various models. This standardisation allows the charger to be a suitable option for a diverse range of vehicles, providing the versatility required by many users.

Connectivity Options

Despite the lack of Wi-Fi connectivity, the unit maintains internet connection through GPRS, which is a standard for wireless communications. This allows for remote access and control of the charging session, although it may not be as fast as a Wi-Fi connection. Owners should be aware that while GPRS is generally reliable, it is dependent on mobile network coverage and may affect the functionality of smart features in areas with poor signal.

Performance and Reliability

The hive Alfen Eve S-Line charger boasts both robust performance and unwavering reliability, traits paramount for any EV owner relying on their home charging unit. These aspects are central to user experience and directly impact the daily operation of electric vehicles.

Charging Range and Efficiency

The charger's efficiency is evident by its capability to fully charge an average EV battery in under eight hours. Owners can expect the following:

  • Charging Speed: A 7.4kW output that ensures swift and reliable charging.

  • Range: On a single charge, the capacity to prepare most vehicles for an extensive journey, typically around 200 miles, depending on the vehicle's battery.

We also understand the importance of having consistent access to this level of efficiency. Thus, the product comes with a 3-Year Warranty, ensuring peace of mind for the consumer.

Safety Features

When it comes to safety, the Alfen Eve S-Line is engineered with several features that firmly place security at the forefront:

  • A weatherproof white casing protects against the elements.

  • The unit boasts automatic over-the-air updates, keeping the charger's software current and secure.

Safety doesn't end with product features. It's supported by 24/7 customer support, ensuring any concerns or issues can be addressed at any time. Reliability isn't just about the frequency of maintenance but also about how effectively support can be accessed and utilised when needed.

Economic and Environmental Impact

Understanding the economic and environmental implications is crucial for any prospective buyer considering the Hive Alfen Eve Single S-Line EV charger. It is imperative to examine both the cost-effectiveness of home charging and the contribution such a charger makes towards sustainable energy use.

Cost-Effectiveness of Home Charging

When considering the Hive Alfen Eve Single S-Line as a home charging solution, the initial costs include the purchase and standard installation. For electric vehicle (EV) owners, the long-term economic benefit lies in the potential savings on their energy bills. Utilising electricity tariffs designed for EV owners, such as off-peak rates, enhances these savings. Although individual mileage and electricity prices will vary, the ability to charge an EV overnight, coupled with a smart charging feature, allows for efficient energy use and cost management.

  • Electricity Tariff: Opting for EV-friendly tariffs for cheaper rates during off-peak hours

  • Smart Charging: Schedule charging sessions to capitalise on lower tariffs

Contribution to Sustainable Energy Use

The environmental aspect of the Hive Alfen charger is underscored by its encouragement of renewable energy integration. By supporting sustainable energy use, the charger helps reduce carbon emissions associated with traditional fossil fuels. Owners who pair their chargers with green energy sources stand to enhance their contribution to environmental conservation significantly.

  • EVs: Reduced reliance on fossil fuels

  • Sustainable Energy: Charger compatibility with renewable energy sources

User Experience

The Hive Alfen Eve Single S-Line EV charger emerges as a user-centric charging solution combining smart functionality with an award-winning design. Users' interactions with the device are marked by simplicity and satisfaction, as mirrored in customer testimonials and industry accolades.

Ease of Use and Accessibility

The Alfen Eve Single S-Line is renowned for its user-friendly interface, allowing easy operation for electric vehicle owners. Its installation process caters to accessibility, and the charger seamlessly integrates into daily routines. The accessibility quotient is significant, offering convenience with a straightforward plug-in-and-charge mechanism.

  • Installation: Simplified with clear instructions.

  • Operation: Intuitive start/stop charging process.

Customer Feedback and Award Recognition

Users express a high level of satisfaction with the Alfen Eve Single S-Line, noting its reliability and the responsiveness of customer service. Their feedback underscores a positive user experience, reinforcing the charger's merit.

  • Reviews: Predominantly positive with occasional mentions of technical issues.

  • Awards: The charger has earned the commendation of 'Best Home Charger 2023' by What Car?, signalling its industry validation for excellence in design and operation.

The combination of user endorsements and formal recognition speaks volumes, placing the Alfen Eve Single S-Line amongst the top-ranked in its category.

Additional Features

The Hive Alfen Eve S-Line EV charger is replete with additional features that elevate the user experience. Key attributes include its capacity for home integration and support for smart technology, alongside robust security measures and regular firmware updates.

Home Integration and Smart Home Compatibility

The Hive Alfen Eve S-Line EV charger integrates seamlessly with home systems. It allows for:

  • Smart management of heating and lighting through Hive app connectivity, enhancing energy efficiency.

  • Compatibility with MAT devices, providing users with a centralised platform to control various home functions.

  • Integration with outdoor sensors to optimise charging schedules according to environmental conditions, like temperature and lighting.

Security and Firmware Updates

Security is of paramount importance for the Hive Alfen Eve S-Line:

  • The device features regular firmware updates to address any potential security vulnerabilities and improve functionality.

  • Encrypted communication protocols ensure that the user's information remains secure and that the device's settings are tamper-proof.

EV Charger Installation with iHeat

When considering the installation of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger in the UK, iHeat offers efficient solutions tailored for private homeowners. 

Answer a few simple questions about your home and current car, (don’t worry, it only takes 60 seconds).

Choose from our range of EV chargers suitable for your home. Then checkout securely online.

Our expert engineers will install your new EV charger, we will also arrange your warranty. Thanks to our fully inclusive after care, you won't have to worry about a thing.

  • We can only install where the cable wouldn't run across public land

  • We install Nationwide

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my Hive EV charger to WIFI?

To connect the Hive EV charger to WIFI, one must follow the detailed instructions provided in the product manual. Typically, this involves using the Hive mobile app to configure the charger's network settings.

Is the Hive Alfen charger any good?

The Hive Alfen charger is a reputable option for electric vehicle owners, known for its user-friendliness and compatibility with most electric vehicle models. Reviews often highlight its reliability and robust build quality.

What is the installation process for the Hive EV charger?

Installation of the Hive EV charger requires a few steps which include sending photographs of one's main fuse and electricity meter, completing a questionnaire about home appliances, and engaging in a video chat for a virtual home check.

Does the Hive EV charger have pen protection?

The Hive Alfen Eve S-Line EV charger includes pen protection, ensuring the device guards against earth faults, which further enhances the unit's safety features.

Can I leave my EV charger plugged in when not in use?

Yes, it is generally safe to leave an EV charger plugged in when not in use. However, it is advisable to refer to the specific model's instructions for any unique guidelines concerning this practice.

Does my EV charger need a surge protector?

While not mandatory, equipping an EV charger with a surge protector can safeguard against voltage spikes. This is an additional step some users may take for the increased protection of their EV charger and vehicle.

Do EV chargers need double pole protection?

Most EV chargers, including the Hive Alfen Eve S-Line, come equipped with necessary safety protections, such as a double pole isolation, which disconnects both the live and neutral connections, providing an extra layer of safety during maintenance or emergencies.

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Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.