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Last updated: 7th May, 2024


Vokera Boiler Red Light

Vokera Boiler Red Light

Key takeaways

  • A red light on a Vokera boiler displays that there is a functional issue needing attention.
  • Some issues indicated by the red light can be addressed by the homeowner, while others need professional intervention.
  • Contacting a Gas Safe registered engineer is often necessary to ensure safe and correct repairs.

When a Vokera boiler presents a red light, it often indicates a lockout due to safety mechanisms activating. This may be triggered by a range of faults, detailed by the boiler's error codes.

Encountering a red light on a Vokera boiler can be disconcerting for any homeowner. This light is indicative of an issue within the boiler's functioning, which requires attention.

Vokera boilers, like other central heating systems, are designed with a series of diagnostic lights that help pinpoint problems ranging from pressure irregularities to component failures. Understanding what the red light signifies is crucial to determining the appropriate steps for resolution.

While a green light typically signals normal operation, a red light or a combination of red and green lights on a Vokera boiler can signify various issues. These can include low water pressure, or more complex problems that involve the boiler's internal components.

Homeowners might be able to resolve some of these issues themselves, such as repressurising the boiler or resetting the system. However, more intricate faults will require professional assessment, preferably by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

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What does the Vokera boiler red light mean?

When a Vokera boiler presents a red light, it often indicates a lockout due to safety mechanisms activating. This may be triggered by a range of faults, detailed by the boiler's error codes. If the red light is solid, this typically points towards an internal fault, while a flashing light suggests an irregularity in the boiler's operation.

Additionally, a red light could signal a pilot light not functioning or an internal fault within the boiler system. In the event of a failure to ignite or a lockout, one's first action should be to attempt resetting the boiler according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Error Indication

Possible Cause

Solid Red Light

Lockout, Internal Fault

Flashing Red Light

Ignition Failure, Flame/Fan Issues, Combustion Fault

Before investigating further or undertaking any DIY fixes, it's crucial one consults a Gas Safe-registered engineer to address their Vokera boiler problems. They are qualified to diagnose and rectify issues, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.

Signs of Vokera Boiler Red Light

Identifying issues with a Vokera boiler can often be straightforward when noticing the red light indicators. This warning light is a signal that the boiler has ceased normal operation and requires attention. The red light may manifest in numerous ways, including a steady glow or a flashing signal.

A steady red light usually signifies a lockout condition, indicating that the boiler has identified a fault from which it cannot recover without intervention. If you observe this, initially check the pressure gauge; low water pressure may activate the red light. Adjusting the pressure may rectify this, but if the problem persists, further investigation is necessary.

Contrarily, a flashing red light might denote a myriad of issues, each predicated on the frequency and pattern of the flashes. It frequently indicates more intricate complications such as an extraneous flame within the boiler, an ignition fault, or abnormalities with the fan or flue system.

When a boiler's sensor detects continuous flashing red lights alongside a flashing green light, it suggests a partial functionality where, despite some operation, a specific fault prevents full operation, such as adequate heating or hot water production. This dual-signalling of green and red lights typically underscores a diagnosis that is less obvious at a glance and may require a professional's expertise.

It should be noted, a boiler's ability to maintain consistent heating temperature, produce hot water promptly, and operate without leaks, are all affected by the faults indicated by the red light. Regardless of the type of red light displayed, users are strongly advised to inspect the system or consult with a certified technician for comprehensive diagnosis and repair.

What Causes Vokera Boiler Red Light?

A red light on a Vokera boiler typically indicates a safety lockout, a mechanism that ceases operation when the boiler detects a fault within the system. The causes for this red light activation can vary, including a range of mechanical and system errors:

  • Sensor Issues: The boiler's sensors might detect abnormal temperatures or pressures, prompting a safety shutdown.

  • Ignition Failures: If the boiler's pilot light doesn't ignite, it could lead to a lockout. This may occur due to a faulty ignition system or gas supply issues.

  • Fan Malfunctions: The fan assists in expelling flue gases. Should this component fail to start, a lockout is likely to ensue to prevent dangerous gas build-ups.

Additionally, water pressure problems can also trigger the red light. Boilers are designed to operate within a certain pressure range; thus, both low and high pressures are potential culprits.

Routine maintenance can often prevent these issues, with professional servicing being a crucial aspect of boiler upkeep. In the event of a red light, a certified engineer should be consulted to diagnose and rectify the fault. While the temptation may exist to address the problem without expert help, this action could void warranties and, more importantly, compromise safety.

Can I Fix the Vokera Boiler Red Light Myself?

When a Vokera boiler shows a red light, it often indicates a lockout or a fault that requires attention. DIY repairs carry inherent risks, especially with gas appliances, so caution is paramount. Certain issues might be addressed by homeowners, provided they feel confident and strictly adhere to safety protocols.

First, check for simple fixes:

  • Preheating function: If active, it could simply be an indication, not a fault.

  • Reset button: Pressing this can sometimes resolve a temporary issue.

  • Service mode: Ensure the boiler isn't accidentally set to this function.

If the fan or pump is suspected to be the culprit – for instance, if the boiler doesn't fire up – it might be necessary to call a Gas Safe engineer as these components are complex.

System-specific errors, like a problem with the main zone water thermostat, can require more technical knowledge and possibly replacement parts.

Troubleshooting steps:

  • Resetting the boiler may clear the fault if it’s minor.

  • Fuel supply: Confirm there is no interruption.

  • Flue obstruction: Check externally for blockages.

Persistent red lights, communication lost errors, or suspected issues with the thermistor, such as incorrect temperature readings, will typically need professional evaluation.

When to call for service? If the boiler:

  • Does not respond to resetting

  • Expresses further error codes post-reset

  • Exhibits signs of flue gases leakage

  • Shows evidence of water leaks

In conclusion, simple resets and checks can be done yourselves, yet anything involving internal parts, gas, or persistent faults should prompt a call to a certified professional. Remember, regular maintenance could prevent such issues from even arising.

Do I Need to Contact a Gas Safe Engineer to Fix This issue?

When a red light appears on a Vokèra boiler, it indicates that professional intervention may be required to ensure safety and restore proper function.

Gas Safety Considerations

Gas Safe Engineers are essential for addressing issues with gas appliances, including central heating systems and boilers such as those by Vokèra. Under no circumstances should an unqualified individual attempt repairs on a gas boiler. The cost to rectify the red light issue on a Vokèra boiler varies significantly depending on the specific fault; however, engaging a Gas Safe Engineer is crucial irrespective of the potential costs involved.

Regarding the need for a new boiler, the engineer will evaluate if the existing appliance can be repaired. Factors such as the age of the boiler, the severity of the malfunction, and the availability of replacement parts can influence this decision. If the condensate pipe is a part of the problem, this could be a straightforward fix or a sign that the boiler needs replacing.

Engaging a Gas Safe Engineer is non-negotiable when dealing with gas appliances to ensure adherence to safety standards and prevent potential hazards. Their expertise will aid in determining the best course of action—be it fixing existing issues or advising on the installation of a new boiler.

How much does it cost to fix the Vokera boiler red light?

Determining the cost to fix a Vokera boiler red light hinges on diagnosing the specific issue triggering the fault indicator. The red light on a Vokera boiler signifies varied malfunctions, each with its unique resolution path and associated cost.

For simple resets or basic troubleshooting that homeowners can do on their own, there may be no cost involved. However, when engaging a professional heating engineer, the cost spectrum widens based on several factors.

Common Issues

Estimated Cost Range

Diagnostic Fee

£50 - £80

Ignition Repairs

£100 - £200

Fan or Pump Replacement

£150 - £250

Condensate Pipe Blockages

£70 - £150

Replacement of Diverter Valve

£200 - £300

Labor typically falls between £40 to £80 per hour, which should be considered when calculating the total expense. Prices may fluctuate depending on the regional cost variances and the urgency of the repair. Additionally, necessary spare parts will influence the final bill. It's imperative to seek quotes from certified professionals who will provide genuine parts and warranty for their service.

In pressing scenarios, like a failure in the heat exchanger or significant internal faults, costs may escalate, with replacements sometimes amounting to over £500. It's crucial to remember that a persistently active red light should be addressed without delay, as it signals to the user that the boiler's safe operation may be compromised.

To mitigate unforeseen costs, regular maintenance is advised, not only to keep the boiler in optimal condition but also to provide peace of mind regarding both functionality and financial outlay in the long run.

Do I Need a New Boiler?

Deciding to replace a boiler is a significant household decision. When a Vokera boiler displays the red light, it may indicate that a new boiler could be considered, particularly if recurrent faults or inefficiencies are experienced.

New Boiler Advantages

Energy Efficiency: A new boiler, especially one with a high-efficiency rating, can lead to substantial savings on energy bills. Modern boilers operate more efficiently than older models, making them eco-friendlier and less costly to run.

Reliability: As boilers age, they may encounter more frequent breakdowns. Investing in a new Vokera boiler ensures peace of mind with a more reliable central heating system and fewer interruptions.

Warranty and Support: New boilers come with manufacturer warranties that provide cover for certain issues over a given time frame, which can save money on future repairs.

Performance Enhancements: With technological advancements, the latest boilers offer better heating control, leading to an improved central heating system performance and comfort within the home.

The decision to replace a boiler often hinges on its current state. Persistent issues with the condensate pipe, for example, or a boiler that consistently requires resets or repairs can be signs that it's time for a new unit. When considering boiler brands, it's essential to select one that is reputable and known for producing reliable and efficient boilers.

New Vokera boiler models have been designed with the latest in heating technology, ensuring that they are both energy-efficient and capable of providing ample heat and hot water. This is not only better for the environment but also reduces the running costs for households.

Moreover, integrating a new boiler can streamline the central heating system, utilising modern condensing technology to recover more heat that would otherwise be lost, thus, ensuring that the property is heated more effectively.

When making such a decision, it's crucial to consult with a qualified heating engineer who can provide tailored advice on whether a new boiler is required for your specific situation.


When addressing the red light issue on a Vokèra boiler, efficiency and reliability are of paramount importance. The red light often signals a safety lockout, indicating the boiler has detected a problem within the system. This feature is designed to prevent further damage to components and ensure the safety of the household.

A boiler in lockout mode often points to a range of potential issues, from pressure irregularities to component malfunctions. Should the red light illuminate, the first step is to consult the boiler manual. This resource provides an initial troubleshooting guide, which is cost-effective as it may alleviate the need for an immediate engineer call-out. If the manual suggests a simple reset or pressure adjustment, the homeowner may be able to resolve the issue swiftly.

It is vital, however, not to undertake any actions that could compromise the boiler's safety. For more complex faults linked to the red light indication─such as issues with the fan, flue gases, or sensor errors─a certified engineer should be contacted. Utilising the services of a professional not only restores the boiler to its efficient working state but also ensures any fixes are reliable and uphold the manufacturer's warranty.

In summary, while a red light on a Vokèra boiler demands attention, the response should be measured and informed. Effective troubleshooting can be both cost-effective and efficient, preserving the longevity and reliability of the boiler. Expert intervention may be necessary for certain scenarios, assuring homeowners of a safe resolution.


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iHeat New Boiler Costs-

Boilers can be a daunting purchase for many people as they’re an appliance with a lot of responsibility, providing heat for you and your family is something you want to get right. Boilers aren’t exactly a quickly disposable item either, potentially lasting you a decade.

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Here at iHeat, we want to remove all of this undue stress and make the decision making process of upgrading to a new central heating system, as easy as possible.

Boiler costs can vary depending on a number of factors including their brand, model, fuel, output, warranty, labour and installation type. Typically a new boiler will cost between £1,845 and £3,500, below is a list of average boiler installations offered by iHeat (guide only).

Installation Type

Price (inc VAT)

Combi to combi swap


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the red light on my Vokera boiler?

The red light on a Vokera boiler typically indicates a fault. It could signify anything from a pressure drop or a sensor fault to a more serious internal malfunction.

How do I fix the red light on my boiler?

When the red light on a Vokera boiler illuminates, refer to the user manual to diagnose the specific error code. Resolving the issue may involve resetting the boiler, topping up pressure, or cleaning the condensate trap.

How do you reset a Vokera boiler?

To reset a Vokera boiler, locate the reset button on the control panel. Press and hold it for a few seconds until the boiler shuts down and subsequently restarts.

How do you reignite a Vokera boiler?

Reigniting a Vokera boiler requires checking the pilot light and, if it's out, following the manufacturer's instructions to relight it safely. Ensure the gas supply is functioning correctly before attempting to reignite.

Why is my Vokera boiler not firing up?

A Vokera boiler might not fire up due to issues such as low pressure, blocked condensate pipes, or electrical faults. It may also be a sign of a failed component within the boiler system.

How do I fix my boiler not firing up?

Fixing a non-firing boiler involves a series of checks, including verifying the pressure gauge, assessing electrical connections, and ensuring the condensate pipe is free from blockages. If these checks do not resolve the issue, a Gas Safe registered engineer should be consulted.

How do I reset my Vokera combi?

Resetting a Vokera combination boiler typically follows the same procedure as other models: pressing the reset button. Ensure the boiler has cooled down sufficiently before attempting a reset.

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Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.