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Last updated: 10th March, 2024


Alpha Boilers Reviews

Alpha Boilers Reviews

Key takeaways

  • Alpha Boilers provides a cost-effective and reliable range for 2024.
  • The brand is recognised for its quality within the UK heating market.
  • Enhanced customer support and warranty offerings feature in the latest range.

Alpha Boilers have ascended to notable esteem in the UK heating market, with a focal ethos of delivering reliable and energy-efficient boilers.

Alpha Boilers has been a prominent name in the heating industry for years, known for offering a range of boilers that balance affordability with performance. As energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness become increasingly important to homeowners, the 2024 range of Alpha Boilers continues to attract attention. 

Their inclusion in the Immergas group hints at a blend of Italian design quality with an understanding of British heating needs, honed over decades.

The company’s latest offerings in 2024 focus on delivering both reliability and value for money, which is particularly appealing for those looking to replace or upgrade their home heating system without breaking the bank. 

Consumer surveys and industry feedback indicate that while Alpha Boilers may have previously been considered a lesser-known entity in the UK market, they are swiftly gaining recognition for their dependable boiler solutions that don't compromise on quality.

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Exploring Alpha Boilers

Alpha Boilers have ascended to notable esteem in the UK heating market, with a focal ethos of delivering reliable and energy-efficient boilers. The Immergas Group, a venerable name in heating, backs Alpha, imbuing the brand with a strong heritage in heating innovation.

The 2024 Alpha Boiler range proffers a portfolio inclusive of combi, system, and regular (heat-only) boilers, tailored to meet various heating demands. A key hallmark of Alpha is the integration of stainless steel heat exchangers, a testimony to Alpha's commitment to quality.

Combi boilers, favoured for their compactness and convenience in delivering instant hot water and heating without the need for a separate tank, lead the line-up. Among them, the Alpha E-Tec models stand out due to their high performance and robustness. By incorporating a high-efficiency Grundfos pump, these combi boilers exemplify forward-thinking technology.

Boiler Type

Special Feature


No tank required, instant hot water


Works with a separate cylinder


Traditional, requires a cold water tank

An engineer can appreciate Alpha's design for ease of installation and maintenance, with accessible components and straightforward interfaces. Moreover, the brand has a positive standing for engineer support and customer service.

With the energy efficiency agenda gaining traction, Alpha has maintained stride with the zeitgeist. Rigorous energy standards dictate the market, where Alpha Boilers hold their ground. Every model's specification, carefully curated, lays emphasis on sustainability matched with heating performance.

Alpha Heating Innovation reflects through their 2024 boiler range as a blend of reliability, technical finesse, and thoughtful cost-effectiveness, thereby upholding their status in the competitive landscape of heating solutions.

2024 Alpha Boilers Range Overview and key features

For homeowners and installers in 2024, Alpha Boilers continues to offer a versatile range of heating solutions, from cost-efficient combi boilers to robust system and regular varieties. The latest line-up is engineered for energy efficiency and includes innovative controls and accessories, as well as the E-Tec boiler series.

Alpha Combi Boilers

Alpha's combi boilers, designed to provide heating and hot water without the need for a separate tank, are a staple in homes looking for an efficient and space-saving solution. The E-Tec Plus model comes in 28kW, 33kW, and 38kW outputs, catering to a range of household sizes and hot water demands. Prominent in this category is the E-Tec Plus 28kW combi boiler, praised for its compact design and advanced features like a stainless steel heat exchanger and a high-efficiency Grundfos pump.

Alpha System Boilers

System boilers from Alpha, such as the ProTec Plus, are a solid choice for homes with multiple bathrooms as they work with a separate hot water tank. They facilitate a constant supply of hot water to different taps simultaneously, contributing to a highly efficient central heating system.

Alpha Regular Boilers

Regular, or heat-only boilers, are part of Alpha's offerings for 2024, suitable for homes with a traditional central heating system. These require a separate hot water cylinder and cold water tank, making them an ideal fit for properties with an older heating system.

The Emergence of Alpha Hybrid Solutions

Alpha recognises the changing energy landscape and has introduced hybrid solutions that pair gas boilers with air source heat pumps. This forward-thinking approach aids households in achieving lower energy bills and reducing their carbon footprint.

Alpha Boiler Controls and Accessories

Alpha equips its boilers with a range of controls and accessories to enhance their functionality. Smart thermostats provide users with intuitive temperature management, while features like frost protection safeguard the system during cold spells.

Alpha E-Tec boiler Series In-Depth and key features

The E-Tec series, including the standout Alpha E-Tec Plus 33 NX Combi Boiler, boasts a 94% A-rated efficiency. It integrates premium components such as a thermoplastic moulded stainless steel heat exchanger for longevity and a compact form factor for fitting in space-constrained areas.

Special Features in Focus

Additional features like the GasSaver and FlowSmart technology help make Alpha boilers even more economical and eco-friendly. These systems work to reduce gas consumption and enhance hot water delivery, translating to sustained cost savings.

Fuel Efficiency and Emission Standards

The 2024 Alpha range emphasises high efficiency and being A-rated in energy performance, aligning with stricter emission standards. This commitment ensures that every new boiler from Alpha not only keeps the home warm but also contributes to a smaller carbon footprint.

Quality and Durability

Alpha Boilers in the 2024 range have been appreciated for their use of robust materials and their reliable performance. The brand competes closely with established names like Worcester Bosch and Viessmann, maintaining a focus on innovation in boiler efficiency.

Materials and Design

Alpha Boilers employs stainless-steel heat exchangers in its models to mitigate the risk of rust and ensure longevity. The use of stainless steel is integral not just for durability but also for maintaining boiler efficiency over time. For instance, the Evoke 28kW and 33kW models are designed with this durable material, reflecting the company's commitment to quality construction.

Reliability and Performance

The TrustPilot ratings for Alpha Boilers, with over 5,000 reviews, stand testament to their reliability. Performance is foundational, with an emphasis on maintaining high boiler efficiency across all models. Their heat exchangers are central to this reliability, ensuring that heat is transferred effectively without frequent breakdowns, resulting in consistent performance that homeowners can trust.

Comparison with Competitors

When placed alongside competitors like Worcester Bosch and Viessmann, Alpha Boilers hold their own, particularly in the mid-range market. While these brands may be known as the 'best boilers' by some criteria, Alpha provides an affordable option without compromising on quality.


Alpha Boilers

Worcester Bosch


Stainless-steel Exchanger


Select Models


TrustPilot Rating (2024)




Price Range

£750 - £1,200







Boiler Efficiency


Very High

Very High

This comparison highlights that Alpha Boilers might present better value for those who require a balance between cost and quality.

Installation Insights

Securing an efficient and properly installed boiler is critical for any household's water heating needs. This section provides a detailed look at the steps involved in the installation process, factors influencing costs, and the importance of hiring a certified professional.

Boiler Installation Process

When installing a new Alpha boiler, the initial step involves removing the old unit, if applicable. The appointed heating engineer then conducts a thorough assessment of the site to align with safety protocols and fit the new boiler correctly. These processes include checking for adequate ventilation, connecting the boiler to water pipes, and establishing electrical connections for the unit's control systems. Throughout the installation, adherence to the manufacturer's guidelines and UK building regulations is mandatory.

Determining Installation Costs

The installation costs for an Alpha boiler can fluctuate widely based on several elements. The type of boiler and the complexity of the installation play significant roles; installing a combi boiler may differ in price compared to a system or heat-only boiler. An online quote can provide a preliminary figure, yet a specific estimate requires a professional's assessment. In general, new boiler costs, minus installation fees, range from £625 to £1,925.

Choosing a Certified Engineer

Opting for a Gas Safe registered engineer is not only a recommendation but a legal requirement for any gas boiler installation in the UK. Verifying the credentials of the engineer ensures that they have the necessary competency for safe and effective installation. A professional certified by the Gas Safe Register will guarantee compliance with the latest safety standards and deliver quality workmanship. Homeowners are advised to request proof of Gas Safe registration before any work begins to secure their peace of mind.

Customer Support and Warranties

Alpha Boilers have uphold their reputation through attentive customer service and robust warranties, giving users the assurance of knowing they're investing in a reliable heating solution. Their responsive technical support and warranty offerings reflect a commitment to customer satisfaction and service quality.

Understanding Boiler Warranties

Boilers are a significant investment for any household, and the importance of a comprehensive warranty cannot be overstated. It ensures that, should issues arise, the financial implications are significantly mitigated. Alpha Boilers offer warranties that span up to 10 years, providing homeowners with long-term peace of mind. Affordability doesn't compromise the cover; instead, it serves to highlight the value Alpha places on customer assurance.

Boiler warranties typically cover:

Homeowners should note that warranties require regular servicing, ensuring their Alpha Boiler is maintained according to manufacturer instructions.

Alpha Boiler Error Codes and Troubleshooting

Should an Alpha Boiler exhibit issues, the immediate resource at a customer’s disposal is the system's error codes. Alpha's error codes are designed to communicate specific problems succinctly. Having these codes on hand simplifies the process of troubleshooting and allows for faster rectification, whether by the homeowner or a professional engineer.

A hypothetical example of error code formatting is as follows:

Error Code



Low water pressure


Overheating due to lack of water flow


Flame detection failure

For more complicated issues, Alpha's customer service can be consulted. They can offer targeted advice and if necessary, dispatch trusted traders or technical support for on-site service. Ensuring customer satisfaction, they rapidly address any boiler service needs, from routine to urgent.

Having access to reliable customer service and a solid warranty can significantly impact the user experience of owning an Alpha Boiler. This emphasis on post-purchase support aligns with the positive feedback noted on platforms like Which?, pointing to strong customer satisfaction levels.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

In exploring the cost-effectiveness of Alpha's 2024 range of boilers, one must consider not only the upfront investment but also long-term operating efficiencies.

Alpha Boiler Prices and Value Proposition

Alpha boilers are positioned in the market to offer a blend of quality and affordability. Their combi, system, and regular models range from £750 to £1,200, exclusive of installation costs. While the E-Tec Plus range tops the price bracket with its premium features, their regular units are significantly more budget-friendly. Below is an overview of the price expectation:

  • Combi Boilers: £750 - £1,000

  • System Boilers: £900 - £1,200

  • Regular Boilers: £750 - £850

The value proposition is enhanced by the balance between cost-effectiveness and reliable performance that Alpha boilers offer.

Operating Costs and Savings

Running costs are a pivotal factor in assessing the benefits of any boiler system. Alpha's boilers champion high efficiency and eco-friendly credentials, which translates into lower energy bills. Consumers who switch to an Alpha boiler can anticipate a reduction in their monthly expenditures due to the high-efficiency design, often rated A according to the ErP Energy Label.

Here's a quick glance at potential annual savings:

Current Boiler Efficiency

Approximate Annual Savings (£)







Note: The above figures are estimates based on average UK energy prices.

Investing in an Alpha boiler can therefore prove financially prudent in the long run, as one of the main benefits is cost savings on energy bills due to their efficiency.

Technical Specifications and Features

Alpha Boilers, a prominent name within the UK boiler market, has recently updated its range for 2024. Its models boast superior output and flow rates, are designed with the modern home in mind, and feature a variety of technical enhancements that ensure both performance and durability.

Analysing Performance Metrics

The Alpha boiler range particularly stands out in terms of output and flow rate. These boilers are capable of delivering high heat output while maintaining efficient water flow, ensuring that both heating and hot water demands are met promptly. Boiler engineers commend the range for its:

  • High Output: Ample kilowatts to heat medium to large homes effectively.

  • Optimised Flow Rate: Maintaining consistent water pressure even with multiple taps in use.

Alpha's combi and system boilers have been rigorously tested to meet high-performance standards. They feature a combined condensate and pressure relief valve connection, streamlining the installation process and ensuring safety.

Design Innovations and Usability

Alpha Boilers has integrated several design features that cater to both engineers and users:

  • Compact Design: Ideal for small spaces, such as kitchen cupboards, without compromising on power or capacity.

  • Frost Protection: A standard inclusion that safeguards the system against the UK's chilly winters.

  • User-friendly Interface: Straightforward controls and clear displays facilitate ease of use and monitoring.

The boilers' internal components are strategically arranged to allow quick access for maintenance, substantially reducing the time spent by engineers on repairs and servicing. This design philosophy reflects Alpha's commitment to combining practicality with advanced technology.


Alpha Boilers have established themselves as a commendable choice within the heating market for 2024. Their range, featuring combination, system, and regular boilers, caters to diverse household needs. Price points fluctuate between £750 and £1,200, suggesting a commitment to affordability without compromising on quality.

Installers' opinions weigh in favourably, highlighting Alpha's stainless steel heat exchangers and substantial warranty terms. Indeed, such features bring peace of mind, underscored by an impressive TrustPilot rating of 4.6 from over 5,000 reviews. Testimonials speak to both product reliability and aftercare responsiveness, citing service excellence and proactive issue resolution.

Statistics reveal that Alpha doesn't lead in satisfaction rates, yet a solid majority of their clientele report contentment. It is noteworthy, though, that they fall slightly behind the industry average satisfaction mark. Despite this, rapid service responses and thorough annual service provisions substantiate a commendable level of customer support.

In weighing their offerings, prospective buyers are advised to appraise Alpha Boilers with balance: weighing cost against performance, warranty against user feedback. While not the unrivalled leader in the market, Alpha's boilers present a reputable option for those seeking a harmonious blend of cost-effectiveness and dependable performance throughout the chilly months.

iHeat New Boiler Costs

Boilers can be a daunting purchase for many people as they’re an appliance with a lot of responsibility, providing heat for you and your family is something you want to get right. Boilers aren’t exactly a quickly disposable item either, potentially lasting you a decade.

Effectively, new boiler cost can be split into two segments: the first is the actual boiler itself (unit price), and the second is the cost of the boiler being installed (set up) in your property by an expert engineer. 

Here at iHeat, we want to remove all of this undue stress and make the decision making process of upgrading to a new central heating system, as easy as possible.

Boiler costs can vary depending on a number of factors including their brand, model, fuel, output, warranty, labour and installation type. Typically a new boiler will cost between £1,845 and £3,500, below is a list of average boiler installations offered by iHeat (guide only).

Installation Type

Price (inc VAT)

Combi to combi swap


Get a quote

System to combi conversion


Get a quote

New boiler install


Get a quote

Back boiler to a combi


Get a quote

System to system


Get a quote

Frequently Asked Questions

How good is an Alpha boiler?

Alpha boilers are regarded as a solid mid-range option. They are praised for their stainless steel heat exchangers and the provision of strong warranties, which denote a confident assurance in product reliability and performance.

How long does an Alpha boiler last?

An Alpha boiler, with proper maintenance, can typically be expected to last between 10 to 15 years. This aligns with the industry standard for boiler longevity, contingent upon regular servicing and optimal installation.

Who manufactures Alpha boilers?

Alpha Heating Innovation manufactures Alpha boilers. They are a part of the Immergas Group, which is based in Italy and is recognised as a leading European heating technology manufacturer.

What is the difference between Alpha and Worcester?

The main difference between Alpha and Worcester boilers lies in brand reputation and range. Worcester Bosch is often considered a premium brand with a wider range of boiler options and typically comes at a higher price point. Alpha, on the other hand, positions itself with a focus on budget-friendly options and has been gaining traction with a growing customer base.

Are Alpha boilers OK?

Alpha boilers are considered to be a satisfactory option for those seeking affordable yet dependable heating solutions. They consistently receive positive reviews for their efficiency and are backed by good customer ratings and warranties.

Which boiler brand is the most reliable?

Determining the most reliable boiler brand can be subjective; however, brands such as Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, and Viessmann are frequently cited for their reliability and quality. These brands often lead in industry surveys and customer feedback.

What is the best combi boiler on the market?

While 'best' can vary based on individual requirements, the Alpha E-Tec series, particularly the E-Tec 28kw combi boiler, is highly regarded for medium-sized homes due to its compact nature and high efficiency. However, brands such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant also offer combi boilers that are recognised for their performance and innovation.

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Stephen Day | Co-founder
Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.