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Last updated: 7th March, 2024


Navien Combi Boiler Costs

Navien Combi Boiler Costs

Key takeaways

  • Navien's combi boilers offer efficient heating and hot water solutions for diverse household needs.
  • The energy efficiency of Navien boilers can contribute to household savings and a smaller environmental impact.
  • The costs and installation processes of Navien combi boilers in 2024 are integral for consumers to consider.

Navien combi boilers have secured a competitive edge by providing both central heating and hot water in a single compact and efficient unit.

In the dynamic landscape of home heating solutions, Navien has emerged as a significant player, particularly with their range of combi boilers that are gaining attention in 2024. Combi boilers, known for their compact size and efficiency in providing both heating and hot water without the need for a separate cylinder, are a modern necessity in many UK homes. 

Navien's offerings in this category have notably expanded, bringing a series of models tailored to varying household requirements and preferences.

With energy costs and sustainability concerns at the forefront for consumers, Navien combi boilers are designed to cater to these issues, providing energy-efficient options that could lead to potential savings on utility bills and a reduced environmental footprint. The installation of these systems has also evolved, with emphasis on ease and flexibility of integration into different home heating systems. 

As the market fluctuates, understanding the costs, performance, and reliability of Navien's latest models becomes essential for homeowners considering an upgrade or new installation.

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Overview of Navien Combi Boilers

In the dynamic landscape of home heating, Navien combi boilers have secured a competitive edge by providing both central heating and hot water in a single compact and efficient unit.

Understanding Combi Boilers

Combi boilers, short for combination boilers, are a popular choice for modern homes due to their dual functionality — they efficiently produce heat for radiators and instantaneous hot water for taps. Unlike conventional boilers, which require separate cold water tanks and hot water cylinders, combi boilers streamline the process, heating water directly from the mains when a tap is turned on.

Benefits of High Efficiency Ratings

Navien combi boilers are heralded for their high-efficiency ratings, a testament to their design's capacity to reduce waste and energy costs. These boilers use condensing technology, which captures heat that would otherwise escape through the flue, to preheat incoming cold water. The high efficiency also translates into a reduced carbon footprint, aligning with the growing demand for green technologies in the UK.

Navien's Place in the Boiler Market

Navien has established itself as a frontrunner in the boiler market through a consistent emphasis on innovation and value. Their combi boilers, such as the NCB 300, garner attention for their affordability without compromising performance. With options suited for varying demands, from small apartments to larger homes, and features like stainless steel heat exchangers for durability, Navien is recognised as a reliable provider for central heating systems that perform exceptionally and offer tremendous efficiencies.

Model Specifications and Key Features

The Navien NCB combi boiler range stands out with its high-efficiency condensing technology, providing both heating and domestic hot water. These combination boilers are designed with a focus on energy saving, compact dimensions, and consistent water heating performance.

NCB700 ON Gas Condensing Combi Boiler

The NCB700 ON model, recognised for its advanced energy efficiency, delivers a substantial heat output suitable for larger homes. It features:

  • Heating Output: Up to 36kW

  • Water Heating: Integral to its design, ensuring stable temperature control

  • Dimensions: Slim build for ease of installation in limited spaces

NCB500 ON Gas Condensing Combi Boiler

With the NCB500 ON, one finds an optimal balance between size and performance. This unit offers:

  • Heating Output: Comprehensive range up to 33kW

  • Water Heating: Enhanced for high demand environments without fluctuations

  • Dimensions: Configured to fit seamlessly into modern homes

NCB300 Gas Condensing Combi Boiler

The NCB300 serves as a more compact alternative, presenting:

  • Heating Output: Scaled to 20kW, ideal for the average-sized household

  • Water Heating: Implements next-generation technology for consistent heat distribution

  • Dimensions: Designed to integrate into smaller spaces without compromising on power

Across the series, Navien's boilers maintain a slender profile and robust manufacturing, offering households a reliable source of warmth and hot water.

Installation Essentials

When contemplating a Navien combi boiler investment, homeowners should weigh the initial installation expenditure, required preparatory measures, and post-installation considerations. The process ensures a seamless integration into the central heating system and maximises the boiler’s efficacy.

Installation Costs

The financial commitment for installing a Navien combi boiler is dependent on several factors, including boiler size and complexity of installation. Prices typically range from £500 to £2,500 for the unit itself, while installation fees may add an extra £500 to £1,500. Visualised, the costs might look something like this:

Boiler Size (kW)

Price Range (£)

Installation Cost (£)

20 - 24

500 - 1,000

500 - 1,000

25 - 29

1,000 - 1,500

800 - 1,200

30 - 36

1,500 - 2,500

1,000 - 1,500

Preparation for Installation

Prior to installing the new unit, an assessment of the existing central heating infrastructure is crucial. This may involve:

  • Ensuring compatibility with existing radiators and pipes.

  • Upgrading pipework or radiators to accommodate the new system’s requirements.

  • Clearing the installation area.

All necessary adjustments are performed to accommodate the high-efficiency attributes of Navien boilers, which promise a synergy with modern central heating demands.

After-Installation Considerations

Once the Navien combi boiler is installed, it is imperative to:

  • Register the appliance for warranty purposes.

  • Schedule annual maintenance to extend longevity and maintain efficiency.

  • Familiarise oneself with the operational manual to maximise the boiler's potential benefits and troubleshoot minor issues.

These practices cultivate an environment where the boiler operates optimally, providing consistent heating and hot water to larger homes.

Cost Analysis

Evaluating the economic impact of the Navien combi boiler range requires a thorough analysis of the upfront costs and potential long-term savings. This section provides insight into the initial financial outlay involved in purchasing and installing these boilers, as well as an examination of their cost efficiency in comparison with other models on the market.

Initial Purchase and Installation Costs

The Navien Combi Boiler models come with varying power outputs and prices to match a broad spectrum of heating and hot water needs. Typical costs for a Navien NCB 300 combi boiler hover around £570, graduate upwards depending on the power output and specifications required. Installation costs can significantly affect the overall price, with estimates around £1,650 when including professional installation services. Such figures cater to various household sizes, acknowledging that homes with higher hot water demands may gravitate toward more powerful — and subsequently pricier — units.

Long-Term Savings

Investing in a new Navien combi boiler is not solely an upfront cost consideration. It can also affect the monthly energy bills. These modern boilers are designed for heightened efficiency, which implies that fuel consumption — whether it be gas or oil — is optimised. This technological efficiency mitigates energy wastage and can lead to noticeable reductions in energy bills over time. Furthermore, the extended manufacturer-backed warranty of up to 7 years provides homeowners with added security against unforeseen repair costs.

Comparative Cost Efficiency

When comparing Navien's system boilers to other competitors in the market, an analysis must consider energy consumption against output. This indicates how much fuel is used to produce a certain level of heating and hot water. Given that Navien boasts a range of boilers with outputs from 20kW to 40kW, they offer competitive options geared towards a diversity of household needs. Cost efficiency also factors in durability and the longevity of the boiler's optimal performance, which ultimately informs the long-term value of the initial investment.

Performance and Reliability

In analysing Navien combi boilers' performance and reliability, key elements such as efficiency output, long-term dependability, maintenance ease, and manufacturer support take centre stage.

Efficiency and Output

Navien combi boilers deliver a compelling mix of high-efficiency rates and diverse output options. With models ranging from 24kW to 34kW, they cater to a broad spectrum of domestic energy requirements. For instance, a typical Navien NCB 24kw model delivers ample heating and hot water for a small property, efficiently maintaining a cosy environment.

Reliability Factors

The backbone of Navien's reputation is its reliability in providing consistent heating and hot water. Users can expect robust boilers constructed with quality components that are built to last. Influential to this reliability are the next-gen heating technologies Navien incorporates, such as the advanced combustion system that ensures steady operations.

Servicing and Maintenance

Regular servicing is pivotal for maintaining a boiler's performance. Navien combi boilers are designed with this in mind, featuring accessible internal structures that facilitate smooth servicing. By adhering to the recommended annual maintenance, the longevity and efficiency of these boilers are significantly enhanced.

Warranty and Support

Navien offers a robust 7-year manufacturer warranty on its gas-powered system boilers, reassuring customers of their commitment to quality support. This comprehensive warranty indicates a strong confidence in their boiler's performance and reliability, assuring homeowners of assistance in the unlikely event of a system fault.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impact

Navien Combi Boilers of 2024 present a stride in energy efficiency and a reduced environmental footprint. They mark a significant step in the direction of eco-friendly heating solutions for modern households.

Energy Efficiency Ratings

Navien combi boilers have received impressive Energy Efficiency Ratings. They comply with stringent EU guidelines, often achieving an A grade – the highest efficiency level designated by the Energy Saving Trust. The boilers are engineered with state-of-the-art condensing technology, which ensures that most of the energy is converted into heat, with minimal waste.

  • Typical Navien Energy Efficiency Ratings:

    • A-rated: over 90% efficiency

    • High performance: Seasonal efficiency of up to 93%

Reducing Energy Wastage

Navien's commitment to Reducing Energy Wastage is evident in their product design. These boilers are designed to reduce energy consumption while maintaining optimal heating and hot water performance. Features like smart controls and weather compensation work together to minimise energy usage further, only heating water when needed.

  • Key Features:

    • Weather compensation: Adjusts boiler output relative to outside temperature.

    • Smart controls: Offer user-friendly interfaces for monitoring and adjusting settings to optimise energy use.

Overall, Navien combi boilers are at the forefront of energy-efficient and environmentally conscious home heating solutions, promising reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint for UK households.

Advanced Features and Technology

Navien boilers integrate advanced technology to enhance energy efficiency and performance. They are specifically designed to meet the demands of modern homes while keeping utility bills and environmental impact to a minimum.

Condensing Technology

Navien boilers incorporate condensing technology, which utilises a larger heat exchanger or sometimes two, to extract more heat from the gases it burns. This results in higher efficiency ratings, as they’re able to recover more heat which would have been lost in a non-condensing boiler.

  • High Efficiency: Achieved by converting more gas into usable heat.

  • Reduced Waste: Emissions are lowered due to better energy utilisation.

Innovative Features of Navien Boilers

The innovative features of Navien boilers set them apart:

  • Dual Stainless-Steel Heat Exchangers: Offer a longer lifespan compared to traditional copper.

  • Low NOx Emissions: They surpass strict European standards for pollutant emissions.

  • Modulating Burners: Adapt the boiler output to the precise heating demand for more efficient operation.

These elements contribute significantly to the boiler’s advanced nature and its impressive efficiency.

Control Systems and Connectivity

Navien boilers are equipped with smart control systems that optimise boiler operation and user experience. Features like remote access controls and compatibility with smart thermostats mean that these systems offer both convenience and advanced functionality.

  • Remote Access: The ability to control the boiler from a smartphone or tablet.

  • Connectivity: Compatibility with various third-party smart home systems allows for a centralised control point.

These control systems reflect Navien’s commitment to innovation, providing users with intuitive and energy-efficient heating solutions.

Material and Build Quality

Navien commits to high standards with regard to material selection and build quality. Their combi boilers are designed not just for performance but also for a long-term service life.

Build Materials

Navien combi boilers utilise stainless steel components, including stainless steel heat exchangers, which are pivotal for both heat conduction efficiency and corrosion resistance. This choice of materials ensures that each unit can maintain its functionality over time while minimising the risk of deterioration caused by constant exposure to water and heat.

Component Durability and Lifespan

The durability of Navien combi boilers is a testament to their design ethos. Beyond the robustness provided by stainless steel, these boilers are engineered to combat wear and tear from regular usage. Durability finds its manifestation in the lifespan of each component, which is expected to endure the rigours of daily demands without compromising the boiler's overall performance.

Sizing and Selection Guide

The accurate sizing and selection of a combi boiler are pivotal in ensuring efficient heating and hot water supply for homes of varying sizes. The guide below steers homeowners through the process of evaluating heating needs and choosing the most appropriate Navien model for their specific requirements.

Assessing Home Heating Needs

Evaluating the heat requirements of a home is the initial step to determining the correct boiler size. Small homes, typically with fewer rooms and one bathroom, demand less heating power and can often function effectively with lower output boilers. In contrast, medium to large-sized homes with multiple bathrooms and larger living spaces necessitate boilers with higher heat output to meet the increased hot water demands.

To quantify a home's heating load, British thermal units per hour (BTU/h) serve as a benchmark; this unit measures the energy needed to raise the temperature of a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. This assessment, conducted by a qualified heating engineer, accounts for factors like insulation quality, number of radiators, and hot water usage patterns.

Selecting the Correct Model

When selecting a Navien combi boiler, it is essential to match the unit's heating output with the home's demand to guarantee efficiency. Navien provides a series of gas-powered system boiler models that offer varying power outputs, ranging from 20kW to 36kW. For smaller homes, a 20kW model may suffice, while larger premises with greater hot water consumption might require a system up to 36kW.

A noteworthy point is that Navien combi boilers are designed to cater to the needs of homes with different heating and hot water demands. The selection should be based on accurate BTU/h calculations rather than mere estimations to avoid underperformance or excess energy usage. Moreover, buyers benefit from a 7-year manufacturer-backed warranty, giving them confidence in their investment.

Note: All costs and specifications noted are reflective of the  market and should be cross-checked with official Navien resources or authorised dealers for the most up-to-date information.

Heating System Integration

When installing a Navien combi boiler, homeowners find that integrating the system with the current heating infrastructure can be both seamless and beneficial. This integration allows for a more efficient use of energy and enhances the comfort of the living space.

Integrating with Existing Systems

A Navien combi boiler can be integrated effortlessly with existing heating systems, including a variety of radiators and traditional pipework. It works by directly heating water on demand, which means that it doesn't require a separate hot water cylinder. However, the specific details of integration depend on the complexity of the existing system and might necessitate some adjustments to pipework to ensure optimal efficiency and performance.

Zonal Heating Capabilities

With a Navien combi boiler, users have the ability to create up to three heating zones. This is particularly useful in larger homes where different areas have distinct heating requirements. With zonal heating capabilities:

  • Each zone can be controlled independently, allowing for temperature customisation according to individual preferences.

  • Energy usage is optimised, as only the required zones are heated, leading to possible reductions in energy bills.

By employing the advanced features of the 'Combi Crossover' series from Navien, such as the NCB700 ON, homeowners get a system that supports high water demands without sacrificing consistent temperature output – a critical feature when supplying several radiators across different zones.

Market Considerations

The landscape for combi boilers is shaped by the manufacturer's market position and evolving industry standards. Attention to energy efficiency and brand presence is vital for informed selection.

Navien's Market Position in 2024

Navien, an established boiler manufacturer with origins in Asia, has made significant headway into the UK market. In 2024, Navien UK continues to cement its reputation as a reliable provider of energy-efficient heating solutions. Their combi boilers, recognised for their ERP A+ energy efficiency rating, stand out in a competitive landscape, notably for their performance and advanced technology that suits larger homes with higher hot water demand.

Industry Regulations and Standards

By 2024, industry regulations have become more stringent, prioritising environmental sustainability and efficiency. ERP A+ ratings have become a benchmark for top-tier products, indicating superior energy performance. Navien's compliance with these standards ensures that its boilers are not only cost-effective but are at the forefront in reducing carbon footprints. Consumers and installers alike are urged to consider these criteria, as adherence to such standards is now essential for any new installation.

Ownership and Operating Insights

When considering the ownership of a Navien combi boiler, it's important to focus on the operating costs, the factors influencing the boiler's lifespan, and the customer experience underpinned by warranty conditions.

Understanding the Operating Costs

Navien combi boilers are recognised for their energy-efficient performance, which is a significant factor in managing energy bills. Average running costs are notably influenced by the boiler's kilowatt (kW) rating, with a range of outputs available, such as 20kW, 23kW, 28kW, and 33kW, to cater for various demands in space heating. As kW ratings correlate with heating output, a correctly sized boiler for one's household can lead to substantial savings in the long term.

Maximising Your Boiler's Lifespan

Ensuring a boiler operates efficiently over time involves regular maintenance, adhering to service guidelines, and understanding usage patterns. Properly maintained Navien boilers can exhibit enhanced durability, with life expectancies often exceeding the lengths of their 7-year warranties. Additionally, selecting a model that meets one's specific heating and hot water needs prevents unnecessary strain on the system.

Warranty and Customer Experience

Navien extends a reassuring 7-year warranty to consumers, which reflects their confidence in the reliability and longevity of their boilers. This warranty covers essential boiler components, offering peace of mind and support. Customer experiences often highlight the importance of having accessible customer service from the manufacturer, should any issues arise during the warranty period.

Pros and Cons of Navien Combi Boilers

Navien Combi Boilers present a series of advantages and limitations that potential buyers should consider before purchasing. These boilers are designed to offer a combination of heating and hot water in a single unit, and analysis shows they carry specific benefits and drawbacks.

Evaluating the Advantages

Cost-Effectiveness: Navien Combi Boilers are often perceived as a cost-effective boiler replacement option. With upfront costs for the boiler alone around £570, they are positioned as an attractive choice within the sub-£1,000 market for new boilers. Installation prices for a Navien NCB 300 can be approximately £1,650, which lines up with other budget-friendly condensing boiler options.

  • Space Saving: These boilers are a boon for homes with limited space, as they eliminate the need for separate hot water cylinders.

  • Energy Efficiency: Known for high energy efficiency, Navien Combi Boilers can reduce household energy bills by using less fuel to heat both the home and water.

The advantages extend to the range of output options available, catering to homes with varying demands for heating and hot water. Their system boilers, including models like the NCB-CE, are apt for larger homes and are found with outputs from 20kW to 36kW.

Considering the Limitations

While Navien Combi Boilers offer numerous advantages, they may not be without their limitations.

  • Flow Rate: One potential limitation is the flow rate, which might be restrictive in homes with multiple bathrooms.

  • Upfront Cost vs Long-Term Savings: Despite the initial affordability, the long-term value needs to be weighed against the initial outlay. Prospective buyers should consider the balance between upfront costs and potential energy savings over time.

Boiler replacement with a Navien unit could come with a lengthy warranty, but it's important for customers to be aware of the precise terms and coverage. Understanding these limitations is essential for making an informed decision about whether a Navien Combi Boiler is the correct choice for an individual's specific residential needs.

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Installation Type

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Navien a good combi boiler?

Navien combi boilers have gained recognition for their efficiency and technology. They often come with a manufacturer-backed warranty which affirms the company's confidence in their product's durability and performance.

Who makes Navien combi boilers?

Navien boilers are produced by KD Navien, which is South Korea's largest boiler manufacturer and a leader in advanced boiler technology. The company brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the heating market.

How efficient is a Navien combi boiler?

Navien combi boilers are designed to be energy efficient, with many models offering high energy efficiency ratings. This efficiency can translate into significant savings on energy bills for homeowners.

Is Navien a good product?

Navien's range of products generally receives positive feedback for their innovative features, which include energy efficiency and user-friendly controls. The brand's commitment to quality often makes it a competitive choice in the heating industry.

How reliable is Navien?

Navien boilers tend to score well in terms of reliability. The boilers are backed by comprehensive warranties, which can offer reassurance to consumers about the longevity and performance of their investment.

What country is Navien from?

Navien originates from South Korea and is known for introducing highly efficient heating solutions worldwide. The country of origin reflects an emphasis on advanced technology and engineering expertise.

Why choose Navien?

Consumers choose Navien for their combination of energy efficiency, technological advancements, and the positive reputation of their after-sales support. The company's commitment to developing eco-friendly and high-performance boilers often makes them a favoured choice.

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Gas Safe registered and FGAS certified engineer with over 20 years experience in the heating and cooling industry.