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Last updated: 23rd February, 2023


Manchester Boiler Installation

Manchester Boiler Installation

Key takeaways

  • The average cost of new boiler installation in Greater Manchester is £2,500, this is below national average.
  • You can upgrade a current boiler to a combi, even if the existing system is different.
  • iHeat stocks trusted and reputable brands, lower budget boilers may end up costing you in the long run.

If you live in the Greater Manchester region, or anywhere in the North West for that matter, here at iHeat we present the simplest and quickest way to upgrade your old, broken boiler to a new and efficient one!

If you live in the Greater Manchester region, or anywhere in the North West for that matter, here at iHeat we present the simplest and quickest way to upgrade your old, broken boiler to a new and efficient one!

In this article we will be exploring the easy process of getting a new boiler in the Manchester or wider Manchester area, including what types of boiler installation are available, their average costs and time estimates.

Types Of Boiler Installation

Installation Type

Combi to combi swap

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System to combi conversion

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New boiler install

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Back boiler to a combi

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Back boiler to system

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Many installations are replacing an old, inefficient boiler with a modern and energy efficient model, this can not only keep your home heated, but can also save you money by reducing energy bills!

An antiquated back boiler for example can actually be converted to either a combi or system boiler, systems can work out cheaper in terms of the conversion due to a lot of the pipework remaining the same. 

However, most people opt for the combi conversion as an upgrading of the entire system could be more efficient in the long run, and may ensure less future faults, reducing repair or maintenance costs.


Boiler installation costs often factor in the time an engineer spends on the job, we advise for a straight same style boiler swap to allow up to 1 full day, and for a conversion or relocation to allow for up to 2 full days.

Average UK New Boiler Costs

Boiler Type

Average Cost







Manchester Boiler Costs

The generic average cost of a new boiler installation in Greater Manchester is in the region of £2,500, this is slightly below national average.

The most expensive Manchester postcode on average for boiler installation costs is M16 and the least expensive is M6.

The unit cost and installation fees of any type of boiler, anywhere in the country depend on several variables including:

Manufacturer Brand

Some brands are considered more premium than other ‘budget brands’ and will have a higher average cost for their products, don't be put off by this though as often the price is indicative of what you're buying - a premium boiler that will save you money in the long run.

Fuel Type

Oil boilers for example tend to be more costly in terms of overall price when compared to a new gas condensing boiler.


A boiler relocation will often take more time as complications with surrounding pipework must be dealt with.


A boiler conversion also takes additional time compared to a standard like for like model swap, therefore the price will be slightly increased.

Additional Purchases

Smart thermostats or filters can also increase the price of a boiler installation.


With every combi boiler iHeat installation carried out by one of our expert Gas Safe registered engineers, each customer is provided with a FREE EHP Combipack 4 as part of their install bundle (also includes - magnetic filter, system chemical flush and standard flue kit).

How iHeat Are Different

As an online boiler installation company, Instead of carrying out potentially disruptive and delaying location assessments, at iHeat we aim to make the quotation process as quick and efficient as possible.

After answering some simple multiple choice questions regarding your current home heating system, our iHeat quote software algorithm rapidly and accurately determines which boilers would be ideal for you - completely FREE!

With our fixed, price match guarantees there's no need to worry about confusing cost changes or miscommunication, the iHeat process couldn't be any clearer.


Average Price

Combi Boiler Replacement


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Back Boiler Conversion


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Regular/System Boiler Conversion


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We also offer 0% APR on selected boilers and up to 10 year finance options.

What Brands Does iHeat Stock?

At iHeat we want our customers to receive only the best boilers available, that’s why we stock an eclectic range of models from industry big hitters and award winning innovators alike.

With delivery as quick as the next day, now might be the perfect time to upgrade your home’s heating!